Jaryn bans Miss Aubrey from Penthaus!

Jaryn banned Miss Aubrey from the Penthaus during the last round of dance battles.

The older Glitterati twin doesn't want her brother hanging out with other woman on his own, and with Miss Aubrey's flirtatious reputation, she wasn't taking any chances when she wasn't at the Penthaus with Kerith.

Jaryn is believed to have not been a fan of Miss Aubrey since she was romantically linked to Brodie several months ago.

A source told us "Jaryn doesn't want woman near him unless she's there - even back up dancers! The face that Miss Aubrey was linked to Brodie probably doesn't help."

However, it's not Just Miss Aubrey that Jaryn is jealous of. She is also said to have ordered him to leave a party in the Penthaus last week after he spent too much time with other people instead of her.

A source said, "Jaryn was all over Kerith at the start, but when he started to mix with other people, she had a stern word and took him away from the party."

Jaryn grunted in disgust and threw the offending newspaper at the wall, and she could hear Kerith chuckle on the couch beside her.

"Did you hear that? We're related! Why would I be jealous of Miss Aubrey flirting with you? And WHY would I ever care if she had a fling with Brodie?" Jaryn spat out, exasperated.

"And you know how often we throw parties at the Penthaus." Kerith added in, rolling his eyes.

"And what was that about 'I had a stern word with you, and then -took- you away from the party? What does that even mean? Do they even know us?" Jaryn spat.

Kerith laughed again at his sisters disgust.

Glitch leaned back in his computer chair, smile on his face, he never thought Mo teaching him how to hack a computer would come in handy, but the thought of the look on those primadonna's faces when they saw the paper this morning was worth every second.

Glitch laughed to himself triumphantly.