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Prompt: Swan Queen gets caught in bed by Red Snow, Regina and Mary Margaret lose their tempers in a heated argument.

Snow White and Red have been together for over a year. Snow still shared an apartment with her daughter, and still taught at the school. When the curse broke, the only thing that happened was everyone got their memories back. There was no Fairytale Land; there was no magic…

Snow had been at the diner waiting for her girlfriend, and of course helping the best she could without getting too distracted by Red's still scantily clad body. Snow took Red's hand as they entered the apartment. She kissed along each of Red's knuckles before the groan was heard.

Snow dropped Red's hand as she turned and looked upstairs, "Did you hear that?" Red opened her mouth, but Snow began talking again, "That groan… did you hear it?"

"Are you sure it wasn't a moan?" Red had a hint of smirk gracing her smile and was in no way subtle about what was on her mind.

"Red!" Snow gave her a disgusted look, "That is my daughter!"

"That doesn't mean she doesn't get any, Sweet Pea. Just because you were pure as snow—pun intended—doesn't mean Emma is…" Snow looked offended, "What?" Red shrugged, "So what? Your daughter's not a virgin! Who cares? Lord knows I don't… If I did, then I'd still be Ruby, and you'd still be Mary Margaret, and the entire town would still be in the dark about who we all really were… But because she's not a virgin, and because she's in love, the curse broke… somewhat and we're all the less ignorant now…"

Another groan.

"That doesn't sound like she's in pleasure." Snow was concerned and began ascending the stairs.

"Honey!" Red started, but knew Snow couldn't be stopped, so she begrudgingly followed.

"Emma?" Snow asked the closed door. The only response was yet another groan. "Emma?" She asked again.

"OH! Yeah!" Was heard from her daughter and Snow began turning the knob.

"No! Honey! That wasn't an 'Okay, come in!'" Red tried to stop her girlfriend, but Snow just pushed the door open after giving her a glare.

"Oh my gods!" Snow cried and covered her eyes.

She couldn't unsee the image that she just saw: Her daughter, spread eagle, on the bed, everything on display. Regina, head between her daughter's legs, angry eyes connected with her—the intruder, then the smirk came as she stuck her tongue out to lick—

"Oh shit! Mom!" was heard from further in the room.

Oh how she wished she had listened to her girlfriend… it's understandable when a child walks in on their parents, but the other way around is just wrong!

"Sorry Emma!" Red said, pulling Snow from the bedroom, "We'll just… go to the kitchen…" She shut the door behind her.

Snow was staring into her kitchen sink. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that her daughter and her… evil stepmother were…

"Mom?" Emma said, sounding like the child she never got to raise.

Snow looked up to see her very grown daughter covered—thank gods—with a tank top and some cut off flannel pants. She then saw Regina, in a cotton robe that barely covered her ass running her fingers through her hair, and that gods forsaken smirk still in place.

"Regina will you please leave and never come back while I talk to my daughter?"

Regina raised her brows and looked up in thought, "No." She shook her head simply, obviously enjoying this.

"I need to talk to Emma alone." Snow said in an overly hard-ass-mama-bear kind of way.

"No you don't." Now Regina was just having fun.

They both, well Red too, looked to Emma to see who would win this one. Emma forced a smile and a small chuckle as she snapped her fingers and hit her fist with an open palm, "Come on… Aren't we all adults here? Can't we all get along? Heh heh…"

"No, darling, I don't think we can… Not since your mother walked in on you and her sworn enemy fucking like rabbits in heat…" Regina's tone was perfectly innocent despite her words. She saw the rage in Snow's face, and laughed her evil queen laugh.

Without thinking, Snow grabbed the largest kitchen knife that her Cutco stand had to offer and ran at her stepmother, screaming, "Ahh! I should have your head!"

Regina charged as well, even though she had no weapon or way of protecting herself.

Emma and Red immediately took to taking their women by their waists as they launched at each other.

"So this is going well." Red said in a huff to Emma as she disarmed Snow who was still kicking in the air, trying to run at the oldest brunette in the room.

"Better than I could have hoped!" Emma huffed back as she picked Regina up and turned them to face the opposite direction.

"SHE IS MY DAUGHTER, YOU WITCH!" Snow yelled across the room.

"SHE'S MY LOVER!" Regina retaliated.

"Yes Regina, yes mom…" Emma was still fighting a little with Regina as she sat her in a chair and sat on top of her so she could not move, "You both are right… for the most part…" She looked up at the other couple as Red pinned Snow in the kitchen corner and wouldn't let her out, "Except, mom… Regina is just a bitch here… She doesn't have any magic…"

Regina ignored the fact that Emma called her a bitch and started in on Snow again, and added Red in as well, "Yes and that both of YOUR faults!" She tried to jump up, but Emma let her body slack and become complete dead weight to her lover so she couldn't move.

Red turned around, still holding Snow back, "How is it our faults?"

"If that pixie-cutted, sunshiny-faced, double-crossing tramp had just stayed with Charming, we'd all have magic and we'd be able to get out of this hole!" Regina tried again but to no avail. "But no! You had to follow your daughter and become a pussy pleaser!"

Snow's mouth hung agape for about thirty seconds before she responded, "Well if you hadn't cast the curse at all, we'd all be back home still! But you couldn't handle life alone! So instead of trying to find love again, you ripped out your own father's heart and cursed us all to this place!"

Regina finally pushed Emma off of her and started for the other two. Emma, on the ground, grabbed Regina's passing ankle, causing her to fall to the ground. She wrestled her lover for a minute before getting into a position that she could potato sack her and held her still… as still as she could for a wiggling woman.

She turned to her mother and her mother's lover slightly, making sure not to show them the bottom of Regina's bare ass, "I think we all need to take a breather, so Red? If you could take mom away… just for a little while… we can all cool off and reconvene at another time… say, a time when all of us are dressed completely?" Emma asked as she began ascending the stares to her room.

"Put me down!" Regina said, "That is an order!"

"Yeah, yeah." Emma rolled her eyes.

"You aren't a queen anymore anyways! Your orders mean nothing! NOTHING!" Snow screamed as Red pushed her out of the door.