Try to forget the past.
Some things remain . . .
And others never last.
Just by this minute,
Why don't we finish
What we started long ago?
You can't say "No" . . .

I got a secret.
I'll only tell if you want.
Nobody's got to know,
Oh no!
Nobody's got to know!
I got a secret.
Can you keep it?
Nobody's got to know,
Oh no!
Nobody's got to know!
Yanni, Secret (2011), lyrics by Chloe Lowery

Somewhere in Tōkyō . . .

"Arigatō, minna-san. This contribution to the 'Keep Tariko Fed' Fund is appreciated."

Of course, the four Yakuza kōbun couldn't reply to the strange woman's words; she had knocked them out with powerful energy blasts when they had got too fresh with her. Not that she really had reason to dislike the idea of having sex with men these days. In the six months – as she perceived time – since that ugly night at her family home when her whole life was destroyed, too much had been changed.

Once, she would have LOATHED violence with every fibre of her being.

Once, she would have HATED causing people to die or be permanently maimed.

Once, she would have done almost ANYTHING to keep the one she loved at her side.

Once . . .

But no more.

Too much had been ripped away from her.

Her innocence.

Her life.

Her very sense of self-identity.

Her humanity itself.

And now . . .

Taking a deep breath, the woman calling herself "Moroboshi Tariko" – and who, in another universe, had been born a boy named "Moroboshi Ataru" – moved to walk out of the alley, heading to the nearest subway stop on the final leg of her journey.

Destination: Tomobiki.

The Saga of Coyote and the Tempest
by Fred Herriot

Based on Urusei Yatsura, created by Takahashi Rumiko

Including characters and situations from Love Hina and Mahō Sensei Negima, created by Akamatsu Ken; Azumanga Daiō, created by Azuma Kiyohiko; Men In Black, created by Lowell Cunningham; Sweet Valley High, created by Francine Pascal; the Harry Potter series, created by Joanne K. Rowling; Ranma 1/2, created by Takahashi Rumiko; the Suzumiya Haruhi series, created by Tanigawa Nagaru; and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon.

Also including characters and situations from the fanfic series Urusei Yatsura - The Senior Year, created by Mike Smith and Fred Herriot

WRITER'S INTRODUCTION: This is a "What if?" story concerning what might have happened if Ataru had actually left the care of his parents at a very young age and was somehow forced back into Tomobiki just in time to face Lum in the Tag Race. In lieu of using either the Sagussans or Avalonians (whom I introduced in The Senior Year), I used a race of metahumans I call the Yizibajohei, which are based on the Levramites created by Jim Valentino for his normalman series between 1983-86. I've always been intrigued by the concept Valentino postulated concerning a race of honest-to-goodness superheroes – without "normal" people living amongst them – so I came up with the Yizibajohei.

Of course, characters from other book series, television shows, movies and OVAs will also appear in this series. Included amongst them are concepts from The Senior Year.

Writer's notes will be contained at the end of each part of the story.

Tomobiki (in the city of Nishitōkyō, west of Nerima), an hour later . . .

"I just really had this black, evil feeling . . . "

The star "couple" of Tomobiki High School's Class 2-4 were heading home, one walking, the other floating off to his side. To onlookers, this was normal.

"And then I was taken this really dark place . . . "

Another thing that was normal to the onlookers was the sight of Redet Lum pouring her heart out to Moroboshi Ataru as she held the back of his school gakuran jacket, with him acting totally indifferent to her, his eyes darting to and fro.

"It was so scary! But I was glad it was just a dream . . . "

And there he went . . .

"Huh? Darli- . . .?"

"Can I get your address and telephone number?"

As people smirked on seeing Ataru try to hit on a passing pretty girl – with Lum shuddering in outrage nearby, she holding his gakuran jacket as it was now wrapped up in a discarded piece of tree trunk – the onlookers could only grin.

All was normal in Tomobiki.

As it should always be.

But the people watching this even, of course, were ignorant of things.

Their sense of complacency was more vulnerable than they could ever imagine.

And now . . . it would be forever shattered.



Before Lum could unleash her "divine punishment" on her would-be husband – by Oni tradition, they were already married; by local Terran law, they had yet to visit the local Family Registrar to declare such a marriage as Ataru was still legally underage – a bolt of white-hot energy raced at her from a side street to slam into her, burning most of her own seifuku away as she was flung by the impact force into a nearby stone fence. As Ataru's head snapped around to allow him to gape in shock at his would-be wife being fried herself with a blast of what appeared to be heavy ki energy, the latest target of his girl-hunts ran away as fast as she could go, yelling that someone was trying to kill Lum. He ignored her; it was child's play to ensure such news didn't get to the wrong ears and the girl's attack had to be halted as quickly as possible.

He could SENSE the powerful tint of meson in the attacker's ki blast.

She could only have come from ONE world.

And he wasn't ready to reveal THAT secret right now.


The attacker – who was dressed in loose jeans and a halter-top blouse, running shoes on her feet – paused before she glared at the man who had shouted out to her. On seeing him, she then smirked on realising that she had caught the Oni warlord's daughter and her would-be husband just in time. "You're here!" she snapped as she pointed at him. "Good! We do this quick, you'll probably save a few billion lives!"

Ataru stopped . . . and then he blinked as his eyes got a clear look on her face. She was quite pretty as girls from Japan his age went, with dark brown eyes on a rather expressive face that wasn't either cold or perfect in shape. But it was the hair – short and shaggy, styled in the very way HE wore his hair! – that caught his attention.

"You're me," he then stated.

She blinked, and then relaxed herself as she lowered her arms. The hands were still glowing with power, which made the few onlookers who had frozen in shock on seeing LUM get zapped with an energy attack turn VERY pale before they finally regained what little common sense they had and fled for their lives. He ignored them as he glanced briefly at the burnt and dazed Lum; she was now badly hurt and now down to just her "one good outfit" – an energy-resistant tiger-fur strapless bikini with calf-high boots made of the same material – thanks to the energy that had slammed her into a wall. Noting that she was still alive, he sighed as he looked at the attacker. On sensing that, she sighed. "Yeah, I am you! From six months in the future."

He didn't blink on that. "Temporal displacement casualty," he said as he reached down to pick up his gakuran top and school bag. "Why did you come back in time?"

"To prevent the mass slaughter of innocent people on a few worlds," she answered.

He hummed. "Oh! A sort of local cluster version of the Mother of All Fight Scenes."

A nod. "Yeah! I . . . "

Dramatic pause.

"How the hell did you know THAT?" she eeped as she stared wide-eyed at him.

"I can tell you're actually a synthezoid created in the Doll House. Battle Doll," he stated. "No doubt given some sort of ki control power by the Infinity wherever you came from. That proves you've also crossed dimensional barriers as the Infinity HERE would never do that to me. As for how I know of Yiziba . . . " He smirked as he winked. "Why, for the vast majority of the last ten years, I've lived there."

She blinked a few more times as her mind took that in, and then she sighed. "Damn! So that's what Tami meant when he said I'd be sent to a 'different stage!'"

"Tami Ugadese was the Infinity in your dimension?"

A nod. "Hai."


Growling, the newcomer levelled a hand at an oncoming figure in white-and-red. "GET LOST, YOU USELESS EXCUSE OF A PRIEST! GO MOOCH OFF SOMEONE ELSE!"

A howling scream of pain marked Sakurambō Sakura's flight into the sky thanks to the impact of energy on her. "Nice shot," Ataru then critiqued. "Need to work on the follow-through, though." He then sighed as he waved the newcomer down the street. "C'mon. I assume you know where the house is. Let's get this somewhere private."

"You call your bedroom 'private?'" she snarled.

A smirk. "Lum's propensity for putting listening devices in my clothes, you mean," he stated. "Don't worry about it. My iPhone was modified by the Academician; I can shut down every piece of non-Terran electronics within ten kilometres of me if I wanted to. I've also got the house specially warded to keep all the riff-raff out when I need to."

"Oh? What about Baka Aho Kā-san and Baka Aho Tō-san?"

"They're grow old and die alone, of course," he said, winking.

She blinked, and then she smirked. "Who ARE you?"

A wink. "Coyote!" he hissed before waving her down the street.

She gaped, and then laughed as they headed off . . .

Arriving at the Moroboshi home some minutes later, the two people – Ataru had learned that his dimensional counterpart called herself "Tariko" now, using the kanji for "child from outside the village" in her name – paused at the front gate as he stabbed a thumb into a hidden switch in the wall, thus causing an energy field to form around the whole property. "Never had real cause to use this before," he admitted as he and Tariko walked inside, slipping off their shoes in the genkan before they headed upstairs, ignoring the hard-working Moroboshi Kinshō in the kitchen as her husband and Ataru's father Muchi had yet to return from work. "The idiot norms and sames in this town have never really threatened me before and I've always hoped Lum would come clean on a few things before I revealed what I really was to her. But given that you clearly came from a universe where Lum's people are either severely depleted in numbers if not extinct totally, I think it's high time to finally blow this stage and go home."

"No, they're not extinct," Tariko replied, the sound of her voice making Kinshō gasp in confusion as she walked out of the kitchen to see some strange girl following Ataru into his bedroom. "But they are, for the most part, enslaved by the Ipraedies and the Seifukusu. Thanks to the Yizibajohei unleashing Mother of All Fight Scenes II on Uru and destroyed their fleet and their time-travel tech to prevent them from . . . "

The door to Ataru's bedroom was slid closed. Stunned to see that a girl OTHER than Lum had WILLINGLY followed her idiot son into his bedroom, Kinshō – a meat cleaver in hand – stormed upstairs, reaching for the handle to yank the door open and . . .



A smoking ruin of a middle-aged woman crashed onto the floor.

Inside, Tariko – who had been allowed to take up the seat at the work desk while Ataru assumed a cross-legged position A METRE ABOVE THE FLOOR – turned to gaze at the door. "I take it you also proofed the room against the morons we were born from, right?"

"Naturally," he replied, smirking at the thought of his selfish mother being zapped by thousands of volts of electricity for a change. Given that for nine of the past ten years, he had lived on a planet three hundred light-years away from Earth virtually on his own – and that for the first seven months of the last thirteen, he had been both psionically and magically brainwashed to keep his memories and powers suppressed – Ataru utterly felt NO love for his parents. Yes, they had allowed him to exist and raised him for the first six years of his life, but he had learned late in that period that his parents didn't care for him as other parents did for their children. It was because of the feelings of indifference – personified by Kinshō's often-spoken lament, "I wish I never had him!" – that persuaded a young Ataru to accept the offer given to him by a traveller to another world to leave Tomobiki once and for all time.

It had only been very bad luck that brought Ataru back to Tomobiki when agents of the Men In Black had been looking for him to prepare him to participate in the Tag Race.

Of course, Ataru's parents still believed they had him under their control.

More fool them.

"When I was about to be forced to marry Lum after our encounter with Elle, Infinity came to destroy the chapel and trap everyone – including Lum – inside when I got clear of the main doors," he explained as he reached towards the small refrigerator he had placed in one corner of the room. The door flipped open and two cans of ice coffee floated out. One drifted into his hand while the other went into Tariko's. "I was taken back to Yiziba and had the brainwashing taken out of me by Infinity and Soul Searcher," he said as he popped open the can and drank. "Naturally, I was upset at a few people. The idiots who also live in this house and Miyake being three of them. Not to mention the idiots from the Men In Black who were so scared of a Mother of All Fight Scenes being unleashed on either Earth or Uru that they couldn't conceive of simply ASKING me to take it easy with Lum while still beating her in the Tag Race. But since I spent nine years helping people across the planet get Gifts so that there would be enough metas on Earth available to deal with any alien invasion, I decided turnabout is fair play and I let them all believe that they still had control over me."

"But you won't live here for much longer, I take it?" she asked.

"Of course not," he said. "I owe the idiots that I was born from nothing at all. Thanks to Infinity, I had two months to ensure that any attempts by either of them to get hold of whatever inheritance Obā-chan left me – not that I would desire such a thing – or any sort of money Komeru-ojichan might have set aside for me were stopped. Atop that, I have the law on my side; I can't legally get married until I'm eighteen."

"Hence their pushing for Lum and you to marry on Uru under their laws," Tariko noted as she slowly nodded in understanding. "I didn't honestly know about anything left behind by Obā-chan or Oji-chan in my universe. By the time I just wanted out of the whole damned scene, Tomobiki had been turned into a charnel house thanks to al-Qā'idah going after Megane and his idiots for whole space-taxi thing. They also nailed Mendō and most of the others in our class with a dirty nuke bomb at school that wiped out a lot of the city's population, including my parents." A sigh. "By then, whatever good feelings the idiots here in town might have had for me for making an agreement with the Yizibajohei to yank the aliens off the planet had worn off. They were too much in love with the Oni and seeing her whole race get smashed down by people I had called onto their heads because of the whole Yaminokuni business had hurt them badly. And since Megane and his dolts had protested their innocence from the start, as far as the survivors were concerned, I had made a deal with bin Lādin's fighters to kill off all of Lum's friends on Earth." A sigh. "Lucky for me that when Lum tried to stop me the night Destructo came to offer me a Gift as a way to drive the aliens off the planet and save Earth – after that bitch Benten nearly shot me dead to prevent him from helping me – Infinity transformed me into this." She wigged her fingers in emphasis.

He winced. "Destructo . . .?" he trilled. "So that one emerged from the Crystal in your universe, eh? How did that happen? In my universe, the population on Yiziba never dropped THAT low to force the Crystal to bestow THAT Gift of someone."

A sigh. "The Nameless were all slaughtered by Doctor Death," she explained. "They had found the crystal holding the Gift of the Weaponeer within it and realised that she had been right all along about where the Show was leading the whole race to in the long term. Of course, the Doctor didn't take too kindly to THAT being let loose . . . "

"Oh, I remember that. You said Tami Ugadese was Infinity in your universe."


"Here, Tami sacrificed his life to put Doctor Death down and save the Nameless since they constituted nearly three-quarters of the population of the planet at the time," he explained. "My past-self was involved in that and died because of it. But he was lovers with one of the Nameless at the time – her name was Ayone Katabarbe – and his Gift was preserved in a crystal like the Weaponeer's was. She searched high and low for someone to take the Gift . . . and eventually found me here on Earth."

A snort. "Lucky you."

Senshōbu-jinja (Sakurambō Sakura's shrine), that moment . . .

"Lum-chan! Lum-chan! Sakura-nēchan, what happened to Lum-chan?"

A teary-eyed Redet Ten – who had heard the loud explosions of energy all the way from Lum's scoutship a kilometre above the Moroboshi home – flew into the private apartment Sakura lived in, and then stopped on seeing the horrible burns on his beloved cousin's body, all of which were being tended to by the Shintō shrine maiden and part-time school nurse. Also present was Sakura's uncle, Sakurambō Hayao, who was often better known as "Cherry." "Lum-chan . . .!" the Oni child then gasped before he floated over to gazed at her partially-burned face. "What happened to her, Sakura-nēchan?"

"A dark kami attacked her, young Ten," Cherry gravely answered. "And one who was quite intent on hurting her in the worst way possible. All in support of Ataru, it seems."

"We don't know that yet, Oji-san!" Sakura snapped. "All we do know is that this girl attacked Lum with a heavy ki blast when she tried to punish Moroboshi for another of his girl-hunts!" A sigh. "She got me, too, but since I can defend myself against such an attack, I was able to get back to where Lum had fallen and bring her here."

"Who would attack Lum-chan?" Ten then fretted. "Elle?"

A shake of the head. "No, it wasn't Queen Elle. This girl looked very much like Moroboshi himself. A twin sister, I would say. Which is impossible since he only had a twin brother who died shortly after their third birthday." As Ten gasped in shock on hearing that, Sakura finished with the salve on Lum's face. "But there was a very alien power within her. And she was not afraid to use it on Lum. I NEVER felt such feelings of hate and rage – even BETRAYAL! – than I felt from that girl! And it was all focused on Lum!"

"But why . . .?" Ten whispered.

Cherry sighed. "Perhaps it is the sense of overwhelming doom I've picked up over the last day or so. Far more overwhelming than I've ever sense since Moroboshi Ataru returned from wherever he lived at to be with his parents a month before young Lum came to this world." As Sakura and Ten both gaped in shock at him, the elderly Buddhist cleric then hummed. "Perhaps it had something to do with the Men In Black . . . "

"Oji-san, what do you mean?" Sakura then demanded. "Moroboshi actually was NOT living with his parents here in town until a month before the Tag Race?"

"Yes, my niece," he answered. "It was ten years ago when this happened. One day in February – it was Valentine's Day, I recall – young Ataru disappeared from his family home without a trace. His parents – whom, as you know, do not really care for him – never put in a missing child report; it was Shinobu's parents who put in the report. But he could not be found. Two months later, he appeared at his parents' home, alive and well. On being asked what had happened, he had said he had gone to a very dry and hot place full of pretty women. About two months after that, he disappeared again . . . " His dark eyes then narrowed. "And he was never seen again for nine years."

The others blinked. "Where did he go?" Ten asked.

A sigh. "That, young Ten, I cannot answer you," Cherry admitted with such honesty, it made Sakura gape at him; the elderly monk often always liked to tease people into holding their breath in dire anticipation before letting out some nonsense answer to questions like that. "But from what I sensed when he came back, Ataru was made to forget wherever he was living at by the hand of the Men In Black. Until six months ago at the cathedral outside your planet's capital city. You all remember that, don't you?"

"When the roof collapsed on all our heads and we wound up spending a month in hospital recovering from that," Sakura answered as Ten shuddered. "You don't think . . . "

"That whoever had taken Ataru away from Tomobiki and a loveless home ten years ago caught up to him . . . and THIS TIME, made very sure he could not be made to forget them again," Cherry finished for his niece. "But if that is so . . . "

"Why did he come back to live with his parents if he hates them?" Ten asked.

The others hummed . . . and then perked as a pained groan escaped the patient on the diagnostic bed nearby. "Lum-chan!" Ten screamed out as he floated over to her side as her eyes fluttered open. "Lum-chan! Are you okay? What happened to you?"

A groan. "Ten-chan, don't shout so . . . AAAGH!"

"Don't move, Lum!" Sakura stated as she moved to force the shuddering Oni teenager back onto the bed. "You've got second- and third-degree burns over a good third of your body. Whoever that girl was that attacked you, she meant to hurt you badly. If you move, you could expose your rib bones or your hip bones to air and they'll get infected by bacteria. You don't want to face any sort of amputation of your skeleton, do you?"

Lum blinked, and then she moaned as the part-time nurse helped her relax. "No, not really . . . " she groaned. "Who was that girl? Was Darling hurt . . .?"

Sakura tried not to smirk on hearing that question. It often amazed her that two such opposite personalities as Redet Lum and Moroboshi Ataru could actually live together like they did. One person always pressing for a marriage – almost to the point where some people would call it "spousal abuse" – with all the advantages she had . . . while the other denied it to his last breath, doing all sorts of outrageous things – though he never did anything that was blatantly illegal or permanently harmful – to keep his would-be "wife" at bay. And yet both would be there for the other in the blink of an eye. Even if saying they loved each other was pushing it, one couldn't deny they were truly the best of friends. "No, Moroboshi's alright. The girl who attacked you clearly wanted to protect him from you. I take it he was hitting on a girl?" As Lum nodded, the older woman sighed. "The person that attacked you clearly saw you as a monster threatening someone she cared for. Given how similar she looked to Moroboshi, I wonder if she's a relative of his. She clearly doesn't like you . . . but doesn't hate you to the point where she would try to kill you." As Lum's eyes went wide, Sakura shrugged. "We don't know, Lum. But we will find out. Right now, you need to rest and heal up for a bit."

Lum blinked, and then she nodded. "Alright . . . " she breathed out.

"Did she say anything when she attacked you, Lum-chan?" Ten demanded.

The Oni warlord's daughter blinked, and then her eyes went wide. "Wait . . . " she breathed out. "She called me a 'same' . . .!" As Ten gasped in horror, his skin turning a very sickly grey, on hearing THAT word, Lum gazed at him. "Ten-chan . . . isn't that what people from the Scary Place call people like us?"

Ten nodded as he tried desperately not to soil himself at the thought of THEM entering their lives. "'Same?' 'Scary Place?' What are you talking about?" Sakura nodded.

Lum breathed out. "Ten-chan, you tell . . . her . . . alright . . . "

Her eyes closed. Sakura and Cherry blinked, and then gazed on Ten . . .

The Moroboshi home . . .

"Yuki told me right away that something was going on in Tomobiki," Suzumiya Haruhi stated as she gazed on Ataru from her computer in the room used by the SOS Brigade at North High School in Nishinomiya, just east of Kōbe. Ataru was gazing at her image through his iPhone screen. "So we got us a temporal and dimensional displacement casualty who was you in that universe before Destructo came along and your would-be 'wife' freaked out when the other you tried to make a deal to drive the Oni off the planet. It exploded into a Mother of All Fight Scenes." A sigh. "Well, at least we've now confirmed one way that can trigger the emerging of Destructo from the Crystal."

"Yeah, that's true, Haruhi," Ataru said as he glanced at a now-sleeping Tariko in his futon, a relieved smile on her face. "I think we'll have to do the bomb removal right now. No doubt, the instant Ōgi's morons get a hint that 'They Who Must Never Be Named' are now on Earth, they'll panic and hit the self-destruct button."

Haruhi sighed. "Fine. I'll do it right away. Call you back."

And the screen went dark. Gazing at it now before he tapped the home screen button to bring back up all his options – it often made him laugh whenever he sensed Lum or his own mother trying to break into the cellular smartphone to learn all of Ataru's secrets but couldn't do it; he had a "none of your damned business" probability field built into his phone that would stop anyone, even the very powerful psionics in town like Cherry and Sakura, and make them turn away from learning things they shouldn't – he then tapped the icon for the address book.

Instantly, icons of different descriptions came onto his screen. He tapped the white lemniscate insignia that was his first contact, then brought up text messaging . . .

Tōkyō, Nakano Ward (eight kilometres southeast of Tomobiki), minutes later . . .

"Hey, Ōsaka!"

The woman born Kasuga Ayumu blinked before she looked over. "What?"

"Cell phone's ringing," Inoue Chihiro, one of the Wakayama-born student's classmates in Azuma High School Class 2-3, said as she looked at the other girl.

Ayumu – known as "Ōsaka" to everyone in her class to the point where NO ONE seemed to remember her real name – blinked before she reached into her skirt pocket to pull out the device in question, a simple Panasonic flip phone. Opening it, she noted that a text message was flashing on the screen. "Arigatō," she said to Chihiro before tapping the function to bring up the message, and then she read. A second later, a serious look crossed her face as her mind interpreted the coded message, and then she nodded. She then closed up the phone before turning and walking out of the room.

"Ōsaka-san!" Aida Kaori – known as "Kaorin" to all her friends – called out as the other woman left. "Hey! You're part of class clean-up! Come back . . .!"


The half-dozen students who were involved in afternoon clean-up screamed out as a sudden gust of wind blew through the classroom for a moment, and then – once the wind had faded – opened their eyes before looking around. "Holy!" Ōyama Masa'aki, one of the smarter boys in the class, then gasped. "How'd the room get cleaned up?"

The others blinked in confusion while in the hallway beyond, a determined Ayumu was sprinting for the nearest private place so she could change . . .

Senshōbu-jinja, that moment . . .

"A world . . . of metahumans?"

For Sakurambō Sakura and her uncle, what Ten had just revealed to them truly showed that the Kami of the Universe really had a weird sense of humour.

Ten rapidly nodded. "Yeah! There's not a single 'norm' – that's people like amost everyone here in town – anywhere on the Scary Planet! And there're no 'sames' – that's people like mine and Oyuki-chan's people – there! Everyone's got a metahuman power! Some are super-strong! Some are super-fast! Some can resist bombs up to anti-matter devices! Some are a MIX of the whole lot! And there are psychics and magicals and reality-warpers and energy-projectors and all sorts of creepy stuff! And they LIKE it that way! Every time someone's tried to make them calm down, they go out and beat 'em all up in what they call 'Mother of All Fight Scenes!'" He then gulped as if even hinting at such a planet and a race would cause havoc. "That's why they're so scary!"

The two priests nodded. "A race mired in total anarchy," Sakura then stated. "Now that I think of all the things Moroboshi's done since I first met him, that he could be one of this race makes a world of sense!" As Ten gasped and Cherry gazed at her, the Shintō shrine maiden took a deep breath. "One: He LOATHES any talk of being married to Lum or any other girl. Two: He CHAFES at anything we would see as 'right' and 'proper.' Three: Given what you just revealed about him, Oji-san, it's clearly obvious that he was FORCED to remain on Earth by the Men In Black to eventually face Lum in the Tag Race. And if that's so . . . and if he HAS recovered those memories . . . " She then got up and headed into the heiden of Senshōbu-jinja.

Ten and Cherry followed her, pausing at the side entrance to cleanse themselves before stepping into the hall of offerings within the shrine grounds; this was the closest place people outside Sakura herself came to confronting the kami enshrined in Senshōbu-jinja. Seated in the middle of the dark space was a raised platform with a crystal ball located there. Sakura was kneeling beside it, drawing out her ōnusa to wave over the ball as energy began to billow inside it. "Oh Kami of the Land!" she intoned. "A great power from beyond this world has come to us and possessed a child of this land! Show us the distant land which so frightens others from beyond this world!"

The crystal seemed to darken for a moment . . .

. . . and then a planet similar to Earth save for different continental formations then appeared. Struck by the beauty of such a place, Sakura remained spellbound as the ball's eye view zoomed in on a large city on the northern polar continent, revealing a vast metropolis the size of Tōkyō or New York City with the same level of technology as what existed on Earth these days, but was clearly a city that was under the grip of a dictator given the obvious repeated symbols of authoritarianism that were really no different than what had haunted Germany in the days of the Nazis decades before. Other cities were then displayed showing different – yet similar – scenes.

"A world oppressed by monsters," Cherry hissed out.

Suddenly, the imposed order was destroyed when people – men and women alike – seemed to come out of nowhere to assault the guardians of this society with powers that were truly beyond mortal understanding. As the oppressed people fled the city, the dictator and his supporters were quickly killed off by the attacking metahumans, leaving behind a burning city and mountains of corpses. Such scenes happened everywhere.

"The oppressed were freed and overthrew the oppressors," Sakura whispered.

A world of total desolation then appeared before them. Cities ruined, the countryside scorched, millions dead from starvation and war. The metahumans who had killed the dictators and overthrew their regimes found themselves wondering what to do next. At that moment, three people – all women wearing martial art gi-like uniforms marked with academic-like insignia on them – got together in a great dome to create machines of complex technology to unleash them on a bleeding world to heal it.

"The Circle of Thought . . . " Ten whispered in both awe and fear.

Soon, a world was made whole again. A world where robots manned farms and provided all the basic means of life to all who lived there. Natural vistas restored to pristine conditions. The skies and seas cleansed of all pollution. And the metahumans – including thousands of people wearing simple robes without any form of decoration or design – elected to live in a society without any form of structure.

"A virtual Utopia . . . " Cherry breathed out.

But soon enough, new battles began. Metahuman powers didn't chase away normal human ambitions. Soon enough, massive fights unleashing destruction of a scale no war on Earth could ever equal rocked this strange world yet again. But fortunately, the "circle of thought" that Ten just spoke of had anticipated such a thing, ensuring that repairs could be made and the battling metahumans could continue to fight while those who wished nothing further to do with fighting could live their lives in peace.

"A world that lived in eternal anarchy," Sakura stated.

The capital city of that world, years later. An Oni-Urusian woman similar to Lum in looks on one of the main streets, a handsome man standing behind her.

"When we tried to invade the Scary Place!" Ten said, pointing. "That's Lady Danu!"

The Tag Race begins . . . and ends in the blink of an eye as the local champion – who could fly! – tags Danu's horns within seconds of the starter's gun firing. She is shocked by that, but then blushes as the person chasing her – a fellow in a sky-blue uniform with flocks of birds on his arms and legs – behaves like a perfect gentleman to her and congratulates her for a good effort. Danu accepts it with a nod of thanks.

"Clearly a sportsman-like culture," Cherry noted.

Darkness then descent on that world. A growling Oni warlord – looking like a mix of Lum's father Invader and her ex-fiancé, Seq Rei – threatening invasion. The man who had tagged Danu glared at the leader of the "invasion" . . . before he and dozens of his friends wrecked the Oni ship and sent the crew fleeing back to Uru with their proverbial tails tucked between their legs. Danu was left behind, abandoned . . .

. . . but not alone.

As the three witnesses from 250 years in the future and a world 300 light-years away watched, the man who had tagged Danu came back down and welcomed her into his home so she could relax and recover from being left behind when her countrymen abandoned her on a world that was far more frightening than she could ever imagine. How the man guided her over the planet to meet with many of his friends. How she was accepted with both openness and clear fascination, no doubt because she was "normal" in the eyes of this race even if she could fly herself . . . though not as fast as her new friend could.

"They fell in love," Sakura commented.

Scenes of tenderness then followed. Quiet nights in the countryside where two people would just stare at the stars and enjoy each other's company. Intimate times which made Ten blush and look away . . . before Cherry's gasp made him turn to see the man then cover Danu's horn-buds with his hands yet again, making her cry with joy.

"They got MARRIED?" Ten cried out.

And then a dark cave. Where Danu faced a wall of pure crystal, glowing with a power even the gods would tremble at. When she touched it . . . and was absorbed into it for a moment before she emerged, now wearing a grey jumpsuit with lightning ball insignia on it. How she and her lover then faced an old man on a mountainside in a quiet ceremony to affirm their relationship before many of Danu's now-adopted people. How even the males of this race were driven to tears at the thought of their peer doing something that hadn't really been done on that world for over a millennia.

"She became one of them," Sakura mused.

"We never knew . . . "

Both priests gazed at Ten. "What do you mean, lad?" Cherry asked.

"Oji-san!" Sakura gasped.

They turned back to look . . .

"Hey! Lady Danu went back to Uru!" Ten cried out.

And sure enough, Danu had returned to her family on the world of her birth. How her parents had been overjoyed to know that their daughter was alive and well . . . and then how they became horrified of the idea of Danu actually getting married to a native of a planet that had repulsed the Oni so easily. A night later, she is stunned by security troops and dragged off into a laboratory to be experimented on.

"Buddha! That poor child!" Cherry nearly croaked.

But rescue came right away: Danu's husband burst into the laboratory when they were about to kill her and then physically ripped apart the scientists and security troops in the wink of an eye. Coming with him were about twenty others, both men and women. One of them was a slender man in a grey uniform with a white lemniscate insignia on his chest; on seeing him, Sakura and Cherry quickly sensed the sheet POWER contained within his body. As Danu's husband comforted his weeping wife, the others who had come with him to Uru looked around . . . and then an unholy rage overcame them all as they no doubt recalled their own world's dark past. A rage that unleashed a firestorm on Uru.

"The Mother of All Fight Scenes . . .!" Ten whispered.

"Now you know the truth."

Everyone jolted, and then they turned . . .

"Moroboshi!" Sakura gasped.

Ataru smiled as he pushed himself off the wall he had been leaning on when he had come to Senshōbu-jinja to walk into the heiden, hands in his pockets as he came to a stop close to the two priests who – for good and ill – had done their best to ensure the dark spirits that they believed haunted his life remained out of it. Of course, even if they had no idea of what Ataru really was, he wasn't angry at them at all. Priests were driven by their beliefs to bring help unto others, so what Sakura and Cherry had done had been quite understandable in the end. Even AFTER Ataru remembered what he had become ten years ago and decided to play along with it until certain issues were dealt with. "I apologise for intruding," he then stated before he gazed on a now wide-eyed Ten. "So now you know the truth about the Mother of All Fight Scenes, Jariten. What will you do with that knowledge? Keep it to yourself . . . or let people on Uru learn the truth finally? Maybe make them think for a change and stop supporting the idiots my past-self and his friends put down two hundred-and-fifty seasons ago . . . " A sigh. "Only to allow a new generation of idiots to take over your planet even after that very pretty Aruka Syl tried to get the people of your world to wake up finally."

"You're a demon!" Cherry snapped.

"Oji-san!" Sakura barked out.

"Oh, don't mind your uncle, Sakura-san," Ataru then stated as he gave the Shintō shrine maiden a knowing look. "He's rather too set in his ways to accept new forms of thinking. That's the curse of the elderly. You, on the other hand, seem to be quite the trailblazer in your own right. A shrine miko AND a school nurse? Isn't it one of the basic tenets in Shintō that shrine miko are NEVER to have contact with blood?"

Sakura gaped at him – some of the students at Tomobiki High School were wary of the fact that she was both a shrine miko and a school nurse for that very reason; it was that reason that the school had two nurses, one of whom was the full-time first-level caregiver, Chikamatsu Fusae – and then she peered at him with her own mage-sight for a moment before she gaped. "You're a kitsune!" she gasped as she pointed at him.

Ataru blinked, and then he laughed. "Kitsune?" After a moment of chuckling, he then took a deep breath. "Well, even if I'm not a true kami as you would see it, I do share some aspects with kitsune. But in truth, I take a different name. On Yiziba . . . "

A frightened scream. "DON'T SAY THAT NAME!" Ten shrieked out.

Ataru sighed as he snapped his fingers. Ten blinked, and then he drifted down to the floor as a gentle snore escaped him. Sakura and Cherry blinked before they turned to gaze on the young man they thought they knew so well . . . yet now were realising they knew NOTHING of. "Sorry about that," Ataru then stated. "Forgot that most of the races living close to Yiziba hate hearing the name of the planet, much less the name of my adopted race: 'Yizibajohei.' He's just resting now; he was getting tired from all the panicking he's been doing because of what happened to Lum." A sigh. "Anyhow, as I was saying, my previous-selves took inspiration from a similar legend to what the natives of North America often believed about trickster spirits. On Yiziba, my line-name would be 'Tuyuki.' When I gained my Gift ten years ago, I adopted the English name 'Coyote' since – even if I am Yizibajohei – I was born on Earth. And given how much my parents had stopped caring for me back when I was a child because I'm not my twin brother Kaeru, I refused to take up the Japanese name 'Kitsune' as my line-name."

Sakura blinked, and then she giggled. "The Trickster God of native American myths. Sometimes attributed as being the one who created the world. Sometimes a messenger of the gods. Sometimes a clown. Sometimes a fool. Sometimes the hero . . . " Her voice then trailed off before she gaped at him. "Like the way you've always acted . . . "

"Even in the seven months my memories of my life on Yiziba were suppressed thanks to the Men In Black and their magical friends in the International Confederation of Wizards. They could suppress my POWERS, but they could never suppress my SOUL! Now you understand, Sakura-san," Ataru finished, clearly unbothered these days by what had happened to him. "No doubt, some precognitive sensed the Oni coming to this world, sensed I could make sure it didn't turn into an invasion, then urged people to go out to find me. At the time, I was here in Tomobiki seeking out Miyake Shinobu so I could entice her to go to Yiziba to get a Gift." He snorted. "Which I won't do again," he then muttered. "They caught me, nailed me with a neuraliser to stun me and my mind was probed. When they realised what I truthfully was, they called in some magical friends to suppress my powers and put a disguise field around me. Hence, no one from Uru or other worlds could sense what I really was. I was dumped off with my useless parents, Miyake agreed to be my girlfriend . . . and a month later, Lum came back into my life. The rest is history until we encountered Elle and I was rescued from the attempted 'wedding' those selfish idiots I was born from tried to force on me to get around the laws here stating I had to be eighteen before getting married . . . but then I learned of some things Lum was forced to keep secret from all of you, so I decided to act as if nothing happened to me while I worked to make sure this planet will remain safe."

Both priests blinked. "From the Oni, you mean," Sakura stated.

"And other races. One of which – for some truly bizarre reason – now view Lum herself as a living goddess." As Sakura and Cherry gaped, he added, "And because I don't 'bow' to her like those sycophants Mendō and Megane do, I'm seen as the 'great evil' in their 'theology.'" A dark look crossed Ataru's face. "Yes, I can hurt people. Yes, I can kill. But I will not stand idly by when people who don't know me USE me for their own purposes. NONE of my kind tolerate that sort of thing. I've already dealt these fools a very nasty blow four months ago, just before I came back to live here in town from my time back on Yiziba. The other part of it will happen . . . " He then drew out his iPhone to gaze on the time there. "In about a minute."

"Eh?" both Sakura and Cherry gasped . . .

. . . before a slight quake jolted the shrine under their feet, instantly waking Ten up. "Eh? Oh! Earthquake!" Instantly, he rose into the air. "Where's the quake?"

"Outside, Jariten," Ataru said as he waved the others with him out of the heiden.

As the four headed outside, Ataru then turned to point towards the town Ginza about a half-kilometre away. The others looked . . . and then gaped as a five-floor office building seemed to blast off from the ground and rocket into the sky. As shocked and angry shouts echoed from all around them, Ten then blinked. "Gee! I didn't know you made your buildings into anti-ship missiles!" he naïvely declared.

"No, that's not done here, Jariten," Ataru stated. "But in this case, thanks to the people who are ready to kill – AND HAVE killed! – in Lum's name, that building is going to be not just an anti-ship missile . . . but a missile that will wipe out the so-called 'Army of Lum' with one clean blow! Look into the sky!"

Ten – who gaped in stunned shock on realising that Ataru knew about THEM – then looked up . . . and then gasped. "Hey! A space-warp!"

"One opening to space close to Phentax Twenty," Ataru affirmed. "See the station?"

The others looked. "That looks like a starbase from Star Trek!" Sakura stated.

"In fact, it's the main fleet anchorage of the Army of Lum. Which is the popular nickname for the Space Fleet of the Union of Phentax Two," Ataru explained. "Three thousand combat ships, including five hundred Kashin-class battlewagons like what Lum's father commands." A smirk. "But it'll all be turned into scrap in about . . . "

A bright flash of light then blinded almost everyone in Tomobiki!

"Now," Ataru calmly declared.

As cries of horror and awe escaped people around them – that mixed with shrieks of pain and agony; Ataru had no doubt that such were now coming from natives of Phentax Two who had hidden themselves in their "holy city" so they could observe their "goddess" and her "holy company" up close and personal – he blinked his eyes to allow his vision to come back to him, and then gazed through the space-warp that had been opened up in the skies over Tomobiki. Through that warp, he could now see that the station – which reminded him of the command base that had been portrayed in a fan-created technical guide released in the 1970s based on Star Trek – was now ripping itself to pieces, wrecking and crushing the vast number of ships within it. As he sensed a horrified croak escape Ten – as the young man was the nephew of a senior military leader on Uru, he probably knew a lot about what happened in space, especially when ships blew up in space – Ataru then sighed. "No one's died, Ten. Relax."

The others gaped at him. "Why?" Sakura breathed out.

A shrug. "Death scenes are too depressing to me," he admitted. "Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm going to look in on my newly-acquired 'sister.' Maybe making her the new Matriarch of the Moroboshi Clan will stick a nice shank into Baka Aho Kā-san's hopes of stealing money that rightfully belongs to me. Don't worry about Lum, Ten; I had Infinity heal her wounds. But stay on Lum's ship for the time being, okay?"

And with that, he walked off, leaving three gaping people behind . . .

To be continued . . .


1) This story begins at chapter #354 ("Boy Meets Girl Part I: Pitch Black") of the Yatsura manga. For fans of the anime, this is the first part of the fifth movie, The Final Chapter. Time-wise, it is a year after the first Tag Race as depicted in the first manga chapter ("A Good Catch") and the first television episode of the anime series ("I'm Lum The Notorious"). The events of the first movie, Only You, occurred six months after the Tag Race. All peers of Ataru will be in the second year of high school (for people in Japan), the equivalent of sixth year of studies at Hogwarts.

2) Translations: Kōbun – literally "foster child"; Senshōbu – A combination of the terms "Senshō" (good luck before noon with bad luck after lunch) and "Senbu" (bad luck before lunch and good luck afterward), taken from two of the Rokuyō ("six weekly days"), which are also known as Rokki ("six brilliances"), which is where Takahashi-sensei got the name Tomobiki (days where bad things happen to one's friends); Jinja – A Shintō shrine; SOS Brigade – English translation of the Japanese phrase SOS-dan, which is short for Sekai o Ōi ni Moriageru Tame no Suzumiya Haruhi no Dan (literally "Save the World by Overloading It With Fun Suzumiya Haruhi Brigade"); Heiden – The hall of a Shintō shrine where offerings to the kami are made; Ōnusa – Wand with shide (paper streamers) attached to it which is used by Shintō clerics in purification rituals; Kitsune – Japanese fox spirit, often depicted as a being with nine tails.

3) Yizibajohei (pronounced "yih-zee-bah-whoa-hey") terms: Norm – Sentient being without any form of metahuman power; Same – Sentient being who is part of a race which shares the same type of metahuman power (the Oni ability to fly, for example), which is also used in a psychological sense to indicate people who dress and act alike; Stage – Place where one lives; Mother of All Fight Scenes – A "fight scene" (battle between metahumans or between a metahuman and normal/same people) at a planet-wrecking scale; Gift – The power and life-experience of a deceased metahuman on Yiziba which is then bestowed on a non-meta Yizibajohei through the Great Crystal of Power (the literal core of Yiziba); Nameless – People on Yiziba who do not adopt a "battle name" (i.e. Infinity, Soul Searcher) after they are Gifted; Season – Yizibajohei year; Death Scene – When someone dies, usually quite traumatically and in public.

4) Note that all names used here for the Yatsura characters that weren't shown in the manga or anime are my invention or (in the case of Urusian house names) are derived from Lew Burton's fanfic stories Just A Dream and Still Dreaming. The names of the two AzuDai girls depicted in the scene with Ayumu are taken from the first panel of the manga episode "Health First!" (depicted in the first volume of the AzuDai manga).

5) Moroboshi Kaeru is a character from The Senior Year, he appeared in the story "My Darlings United." The favoured of the twins to Muchi and Kinshō, he suffered a bad accident when he was a child and would have died . . . though his body mysteriously disappeared from the hospital shortly afterward. In TSY continuity, which this story is based on, he was taken by two natives of the planet Nagussa to be healed, where he remains to this very day. Since Ataru (in the timeline of this story) has no desire or cause to learn what happened to his brother due to his sense of abandonment by his family, he wouldn't care that Kaeru is still alive.

6) The incident on Valentine's Day that Cherry speaks of was Ataru's departure for his short visit to the planet Sagussa as shown in the TSY story "Spirit-War Tomobiki."

7) North High School in the Suzumiya Haruhi series was based on Nishinomiya North High School in the city of the same name, so I used that here. The location of Kasuga Ayumu's high school and its name was never indicated in the AzuDai manga; both are my invention.

8) Chikamatsu Fusae is my name for the school nurse depicted in the manga episode "A Flying Start" (manga story #33). I mention her here since, as Ataru himself mused, it struck me as a little odd that a school nurse who was also a shrine miko (who are forbidden by tradition to have any dealings with blood) would be allowed to work alone at a high school.

The Book of Pretty Girls, Entry 0:

also known as TUYUKI)

The Trickster of the Show

Generation: 22nd
Age at Gifting: 6 years, 1 month (Earth-time)

Real Name: MOROBOSHI Ataru
Relatives: MOROBOSHI Muchi (father, relationship not acknowledged), MOROBOSHI (née YAMAGUCHI) Kinshō (mother, relationship not acknowledged), MOROBOSHI Kaeru (twin brother, presumed deceased), MOROBOSHI (née HANA) Nagaiwakai (paternal grandmother, deceased), MOROBOSHI Komeru (paternal uncle, relationship not acknowledged), various adopted cousins (relationships not acknowledged), REDET Lum (fiancée by Oni-Urusian mating traditions, no marriage by Japanese law due to being legally underage; Listed in The Book of Pretty Girls, Entry 2)
Affiliation: Self, self's fiancée, all those who received Gifts because of self
Base of Operations: Private cabin on the northern polar continent, Yiziba (for the previous thirteen months, the Moroboshi home in Tomobiki District, City of Nishitōkyō, Metropolis of Tōkyō, State of Japan, Earth)
Alignment: Neutral/Anti-face
Identity: On Yiziba, publicly known; on Earth, known to the general public in the Kantō region of Japan, but his being a Yizibajohei is unknown
Race/Culture of Birth: Terran/Japanese
Place of Birth: City of Wakkanai, Sōya Sub-prefecture, Hokkaidō, State of Japan, Earth
Gender: Male (can morph into female if desired)
Height: 172 cm (5' 8")
Weight: 74.75 kg (165 lb) (as boy) 52.1 kg (115 lb) (as girl)
Eyes: Brown

Reality Warping: Coyote has the power to alter reality to a limited extent, usually when it is within very close range to his body. Usually, this power gives him the ability to negate the natural laws of physics in a way that would allow him to escape any form of confinement he is forced to endure. He also uses this power to give him superhuman speed, with the ability to race at sonic speeds for short bursts. Other expressions of this Gift are possible, but Coyote doesn't use them in a way that would either scare or intimidate others as such goes against his personal beliefs.
Gender Morphing: An extension of the above-mentioned capability, which allows Coyote to morph himself to the DNA level into what he could have been if he was born a girl. As the current incarnation of Tuyuki would have been female had a normal Gifting occurred, Coyote developed this power so that he could spend "girl days" whenever the mood struck him. This power also allows him to morph his clothing to appropriate forms of dress for the culture and exact social situation "she" might find "herself" in.
Broadcast Telepathy: A limited range telepathy that allows Coyote to communicate with people within ten kilometres range to strangers or fifty kilometres to friends.
Empathy: A limited form of empathic sensory which allows Coyote to gauge the mood of people close to him, usually within a kilometre range of his person.
Ki (Life Energy) Manipulation: Coyote has the ability to manipulate his personal ki to allow several effects. Such allows him to increase his body's ability to perform at high normal levels of stress for days at a time or metahuman levels of stress for quick bursts of up to about ten minutes. With this, he can run for long periods of time, jump almost a kilometre distance in Earth gravity, resist high levels of physical or energy impacts (which he only uses at times when such would not be noticed by others he wishes to keep his powers secret from) and recover from considerable injury. He also has the ability to create a ki-mallet he calls the "Ultimate Idiot Basher" with which he could strike down people on the head. Coyote is loath to do this to a woman, though he can do it if he is in female form (though under very dire circumstances).
Enhanced Personal Health: Coyote's physical state of health is that of a non-Gifted Yizibajohei who engages in intensive exercise revolving around long-endurance events such as marathons. He can use his reality-warping powers to deflect any attempts at poisoning, intoxicating or drugging him, but normally doesn't do this unless he senses such an attack is meant to hurt or kill him by people who would wish him permanently crippled or dead. He doesn't use his powers to resist his fiancée's bio-electrical shocks, though he can recover from such shocks quickly. He also could resist attempts by his fiancée's maternal cousin Redet Jariten to burn him with his flame-breath, but doesn't do that as such risks revealing his true nature to Jariten . . . and thus to Lum and others. He can also resist attempts by his fiancée's childhood friend/rival Aruka Ran to use her empathic vampirism against him (to literally "suck his youth" out of him), but Coyote has not had real cause to use that sort of defence against Ran.
Self-Disguise Field: Thanks to the events that led Coyote to live on Earth in his estranged parents' home since shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Coyote now has a mixed magical/technological disguise field around his person which hides his true nature from any form of magical, psionic or technological scan. After he recovered his memories of his life on Yiziba, Coyote (with the help of Infinity, see Entry 1) adopted the field to ensure none could detect his true nature as such serves his purposes.


In effect, Coyote lives for the enjoyment of the moment, uncaring at all for anything that he views as being a waste of his time. He has simply no care at all for any set "normal" social structures as such – thanks to both his personal life before his Gifting and the memories passed down to him from previous incarnations of Tuyuki – and will resist any attempts at forcing him to conform to such structures. He loathes the concept of marriage, though he does acknowledge love as something that would allow two people to live together as a couple (such as what his fiancée desires).

Because of that, Coyote initially found himself conflicted when it came to Redet Lum and her place in his life. On one hand, he was quite grateful to have her as his one true friend while living on Earth (until his memories were restored and he could communicate with all of his other friends across the planet). On the other hand, his own beliefs and the example of his estranged parents (who live very dull lives in his eyes) makes him balk at the idea of formalising a relationship with Lum in the way she herself desires. He will, however, defend Lum's freedom of choice to the death if required (as witness his interfering in an "engagement party" Lum's father set for her sometime after they began living together, not to mention his actions after his memories were restored against Lum's "most faithful" on Phentax Two, culminating in the destruction of the colony of Phentax Twelve, the liberation of the Avalonians and the later destruction of the "Army of Lum" with the help of the Weaver, see Entry 416).

Coyote has a deep hatred of any form of child abuse (as witness what he did for the Warlock; see Entry 321), though he will respect anyone's desire to try to deal with such on their own (as he has done for Carcajou, see Entry 100). He is very attracted to females of any hominoid species, considering such beings as "pretty" . . . and because of his desire to protect his birth-world from possible alien invasion, he has gone out of his way to locate females of his age group to bring before the Great Crystal of Power to be Gifted (during the time his memories were blanked out, this desire was warped into forms of lechery that were described by him as "girl hunting," usually in open defiance of the many things Lum did to try to make him acknowledge their "marriage" under Oni traditions). He does acknowledge the choice to refuse a Gift and has chastised people in the past for forcing Gifts on other people (as witness the Dominatrix's recent actions concerning the current Manacle, see Entry 854 and Annex Entry 854-A).

While Coyote can be quite forgiving when it comes to those who have hurt him either intentionally or by accident, he has his limits. His estranged parents' inability to properly be parents to him due to their grieving for his lost twin brother Kaeru guaranteed that Coyote would not live on Earth for nine years before bad luck had him trapped in his parents' home in Tomobiki for over a year. His former childhood friend Miyake Shinobu, who participated in Coyote's effective capture and imprisonment on Earth, is also one that he does not wish to help anytime in the future. Child abusers such as the maternal relatives of Warlock and their home community of Little Whinging in County Surrey, England have faced Coyote's wrath for over seven years, a state of affairs that will not abate unless they all face their own shortcomings and own up to their mistreatment of Harry Potter . . . which, given the Dursley family's maniacal desire to be seen as "normal" people, may never come.

And above all else, there are the Niphentaxians (especially members of the so-called "One True Church of Lum"); their actions concerning the Avalonians as well as the atrocities they have committed in Lum's name (and could have committed as well, as witness the presence of a starbase self-destruct device/annihilation bomb that was placed in Tomobiki shortly after Lum began to reside full-time on Earth) have marked them as a race that will soon endure a lot of pain for the hubris of their leaders.

In effect, if you're on Coyote's good side, you have a friend for life.

If you're on his BAD side, though . . .!