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Chapter 1

Harry was reminding himself not to feel guilty that his biggest problem right now was choosing an alias. To be Henry or Holden Black, that is the question? He knew he wanted to keep the H for some reason, sentiment maybe, but Harry Black was just a little too obvious. He knew Americans had been fairly oblivious to the War even more so than the British muggles had been, so we wasn't expecting recognition, but he could never seem to get Moody's voice ringing 'constant vigilance' out of his head. Ugh, he couldn't decide, maybe he'd just let the goblins figure it out. He didn't really care either way, might as well let it be a surprise.

Harry had also recently decided that the goblins were now his favorite people in all of Britain, or er creatures? Either way they were fantastic. Sassy little guys who didn't take shit from anyone and got things done like nobody's business. They also didn't give a rat's ass about the ministry, which Harry highly appreciated and enjoyed. Fortunately for him the respect was mutual, apparently saving their arses from Voldie and holding some significantly large accounts made them fast friends.

Harry owled his manager asking him to prepare the documents however he thought fit as long as Harry would be able to leave the country in the morning. With that done Harry set about shrinking and packing all his belongings and settled in for his last night in Grimmauld Place for hopefully a very very long time.

No one but Harry bloody Potter would attempt striding into Gringotts in muggle clothing. The goblins would certainly throw you out if not at least refuse to help you. But, being who he was he was quickly greeted by a young goblin who directed him to Griphook's office without so much as a questioning glance.

"Good morning, Lord Potter. You will be pleased to hear that everything is in order for your departure" Griphook stood from his desk and smiled brightly.

"Excellent, and good morning to you as well, Griphook, and thank you so much for all you have done. Truly I don't know what I would have done without you." Griphook beamed quickly before returning to his professional demeanor.

"It is us who will be forever in you debt and service Lord Potter, or should I say Mr. Black, please remember to call upon us whenever you should be in need of assistance." Harry ducked his head shyly, he had been trying to get the goblins to stop calling him Lord Potter for over a month now but his pleas have been falling on deaf ears. At least his new identity didn't have a lordship thrown in, well technically it did as well, but it won't in America that's for sure.

"Of course, Griphook. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have such wonderful support here from the goblins, and remember that should you ever need my help the offer goes both ways." Griphook nodded gravely barely containing the smile in his eyes.

"Well Mr. Black here are your documents. You have both an American and British Passport as well as a California drivers license. Your living arrangements should be as we have previously discussed but of course should anything be amiss, contact me immediately. In your new home there should also be more documents and information waiting for you especially in regards to your schooling." Harry weighed the thick pouch in his hands, literally his whole life was in there and it was somewhat of a heavy realization. Harry shook the pouch and smiled at Griphook upon hearing the jingle of keys. Goblins really thought of everything. "Now if you are ready the portkey should deposit you to your doorstep."

"Alright, thank you again, Griphook. I shall honestly miss you and I do hope we maintain correspondence." Griphook nodded and smiled handing Harry a small emerald ring and then the pulling behind his navel began and Harry held his breath, waiting for his new life to start.

Harry found himself plopped down in a bed of delicate orange flowers and winced. Half for smushing them and half for his bruised bum, he will certainly never get used to portkeys. Harry stood and surveyed the pouch in one hand and the portkey ring in the other before slipping it on. It was a beautiful ring so Harry assumed it was another parting gift from the goblins. Looking up Harry was rendered speechless. It wasn't a particularly large home but it was certainly beautiful. A narrow but long two story Victorian with a small garage underneath. Figures he would land in the tiny four square feet of yard he had and smash his only flowers, but with a wave of his hand they were reaching for the sun once more. Despite being extremely excited to see the vintage car he had chosen with Griphook's advice, that was sure to be waiting for him in that little garage, his body had other requirements. Making his way up the stairs to the door he noticed a rainbow flag waving proudly from its perch on the porch but dismissed it, it did seem rather cheery anyway.

Harry shook his keys out of the pouch and made his way inside in search of the loo, but had to stop short marveling again. He was greeted by a round oak table in the foyer with a beautiful vase of snow white lilies beaming before him and he couldn't help but smile. Damn goblins think of everything. Next to that was a stack of mail, mostly from the goblins, one letter from Andromeda that the sight of made Harry's chest clinch just a little bit, and a large packet from his new school that would be starting in a few weeks.

"Welcome home Mr. Potter, sir. Dobby has been getting everything perfect for Mr. Harry's move, sir." Harry was so shocked he nearly crashed into the door behind him but still held his wand at the ready. Some instincts never fade. "I am so sorry for frightening you, Mr. Harry Potter, I did not mean to, so sorry, sir."

"Dobby it's quite alright, I just wasn't expecting you… at all. What are you doing here, Dobby?" Harry was utterly confused. Last he heard Dobby was still working at Hogwarts after the re-opening and he certainly had no idea he would be here.

"Goblin Griphook did not tell you, sir? I thought you had asked me to come. I am so sorry Harry Potter, if I am not welcome I will go at once." Dobby looked like someone had just served him his puppy for dinner and there was no way Harry could stand to see one of his last living friends in such a state.

"Of course not Dobby, I would love for you to be here. I don't know why I didn't think of it myself. Actually I am so happy to see you. How are you, Dobby?" Harry was planning on living a muggle life to a certain extent but it's hard to deny the convenience of a house elf, especially when Dobby is a friend and a companion in this new life would be more than welcome. Plus, Dobby was positively radiant, how could you say no to that little face?

"Most excellent Mr. Harry Potter, sir. Thank you very much for asking, sir. Dobby is even more excellent now that you are home and Dobby is most happy to be taking care of Harry Potter, sir." Dobby stared up at Harry ringing his hands.

"As am I Dobby, it will be wonderful to have a friend here, but first thing's first. Here in America my name is not Harry Potter, Dobby and we should both get used to it alright?"

"Oh of course! Goblin Griphook told me but Dobby did not remembers, sir. So sorry Master Black, Dobby shall not forget!" Harry winced at the new title.

"Dobby, you know you are a free elf now, you don't need to call me master. Please, just call me Henry, we are friends are we not?" Harry smiled and in turn so did Dobby.

"Yes, of course, Mr. Henry." Well at least that's a start. "Would you like Dobby to put your things away, sir? Lunch will be ready soon, Henry sir."

Harry smiled and pulled his trunk out of his pocket and enlarged it for Dobby to magic away up the stairs after thanking him.

After using the facilities and enjoying some lunch, it really was going to be beyond convenient having a house elf, Harry set about opening his mail starting with the letters from Griphook. The first was about his home and the different phone numbers and names of the different utilities and maintenance companies he was apparently paying for as well as insurance agents for his home and car. The second was about Dobby, which would have been more useful if he had gotten it before almost cracking the stained glass pane in his door. The third was about all of the wards and protections set up around the house and guaranteed his safety. Harry made a note to write to Griphook later to thank him again. The letter from Teddy's grandmother was much needed and Harry had to squeeze his eyes shut a few times to clear them away before continuing to read.

She told him of how much Teddy will miss his godfather but also how much the wily little wolf loved running around the countryside and has never been happier. She too of course would miss him greatly and thanked him again for the beautiful cottage he had restored for her to raise Teddy in while he was young. It really wasn't much trouble though as it was a Black family summer home in France and he'd inherited it just like everything else, he really felt it more belonged to her than him anyway.

Finally making it to the white packet with the big red Stanford seal Harry let his excitement build. This is why he wanted to move to America. Start over, be a completely average 20 year old man with too much homework and drunken one-nighters where no one thought they knew everything about him from once glance at his forehead. He was all too excited to go. This lovely home in San Francisco was wonderful but he did miss the dormitories as much as he hated to admit it. He would have a roommate and classes but the school would be positively huge compared to Hogwarts. Okay maybe not the campus but population wise it would be. As of yet his major was undecided but he couldn't give a damn. He'd figure it out eventually. He was honestly just going to get one hell of an experience.

Over the next two weeks Harry and Dobby fell into a comfortable routine. Dobby would have breakfast and tea ready in the mornings while they read muggle newspapers or watched muggle news in the sitting room. Dobby would read the Daily Prophet but Harry would pointedly not look in his direction; he was staying as far away from wizarding affairs as he possibly could. He'd spent the last three years cleaning up the mess of the war and it was finally time for him to have some bloody peace.

Obviously Dobby had to keep a low profile, muggles weren't exactly used to seeing a strange wrinkly creature grocery shopping but he somehow managed to keep the kitchen stocked and Harry simply let him be. Dobby always did have his ways. During the day Harry would walk or drive around the city, it wasn't as large as London but was still very beautiful. He re-accustomed himself with muggle transportation and got used to using the debit cards the goblins had made for his Gringotts accounts. He hadn't been fully in the muggle world since he was eleven and it wasn't like he had any money then, especially not American money and certainly not his own credit cards.

Early the first week he made it to Union Square to update his seriously lacking muggle wardrobe. He owned maybe a few pairs of scruffy pants and shirts that he'd been given while still living with the Dursleys and in the years since he'd only needed robes. Once he'd told a very eager sales clerk that he essentially needed an entire wardrobe, and it didn't really matter how much everything cost, the young man could barely contain his excitement. He introduced himself as Derek before scurrying around the store and dragging Harry to a private dressing room holding armfuls of merchandise. Harry knew right then that it was going to be a miserably long day.

"Well you just have the brightest green eyes so I made sure to pick up plenty that will just make them pop" Derek practically gushed "and you obviously take care of yourself so you must want to show that off a bit." Harry was slightly uncomfortable with all the attention but not as much as he thought he would be. It was actually a little nice for someone to be scrutinizing him for completely mundane reasons as opposed to the usual fawning adoration from complete strangers. It soon became obvious that Derek was interested in helping Harry for more than mundane purposes however if the predatory glances and stroking of clothes over his body were anything to go by. Harry was a little shocked that he didn't give a damn. If this guy thought he was hot for being just plain 'ol Henry Black then he sure as hell wasn't going to complain and Derek wasn't exactly unfortunate looking himself. Harry eyed the young man with sandy blonde hair and sun kissed skin as he helped him step into a pair of tight black jeans. He couldn't help but flush at the somewhat provocative sight the man made looking up at him with focused blue eyes and full lips slightly parted.

Another aspect of living in America he might even be most looking forward to was hopefully being able to date blokes. The savior of the damn wizarding world would have given them a nasty shock if he were to have come out. Rita Skeeter might have even combusted from too much excitement at the news, which actually would have been quite alright. However it wasn't like he could find someone over there that just wanted to date Harry Potter and not one of his million hyphenated titles. But Derek simply saw a young guy with decent abs and an unlimited credit card. As shallow as that may be Harry found himself positively giddy and determined that maybe this long day of shopping didn't have to be miserable after all.

After hours of poorly disguised groping and some serious eye-fucking on both their parts Harry left with several thousands of dollars worth of new clothing and Derek with a sizeable commission and Harry's phone number, or Henry to him. Even with the exchange rate of galleons to dollars being somewhat laughable Harry still hadn't expected to spend quite so much, but in the end it was worth it for a fun afternoon, and with plans for an even better evening after Derek got off work.

Over the course of the week Harry enjoyed getting to know the city with Derek's guidance. The young blonde was somewhat dismayed to find out that Harry wasn't of legal drinking age but got over it quickly as hardly anyone attempted to ID him; with a face and an accent like that no one would dream of turning him away. Harry hadn't had so much fun in years, possibly ever. Running around the city with Derek and his friends, drinking, dancing, and simply enjoying anonymity for the first time in almost ten years. He could go to a club and dance like a drunken loon surrounded by beautiful men and not worry about blasted reporters or cameras flashing at every turn, it was beyond refreshing.

As much fun as Harry was having there was always that bit of guilt he could never fully extinguish and he didn't really want to either. His friends whom had passed would always be a part of him and he never wanted to forget them or their sacrifice. He wished with his whole heart that they could be here with him especially Draco, who would absolutely love San Francisco. No one knew of Harry and Draco's affair. Not even Ron or Hermoine, it was just too private for either of the boys to share. Not to mention Lucius would have murdered his own son rather than let it continue and neither were willing to give each other up. They allowed their guise of schoolyard enemies to continue to keep up their cover but would retreat to the room of requirement every chance they got.

Harry still remembered the first time he and Draco finally slept together before the end of fifth year and can't help but think of him every time he has let Derek inside him over these last two weeks. Yes he was having fun and the anonymous pleasure has been much needed but Harry has long doubted that he will ever feel for someone as he felt for Draco. Watching Draco's pale grey eyes grow vacant, unable to save him, nearly destroyed Harry. Ron and Hermoine had already been killed and Draco was the only thing keeping him together, keeping him sane. In the end the blind rage and having nothing left to lose brought about Riddle's demise and concluded the final battle.

Harry shook his head and buried it in the pillow. Now was not the time to be thinking about Draco, he was not one of those pansies who cried during sex. There was a hot sweaty body pushing into him from above and he was going to enjoy it for all it was worth.

"Harder…" Harry demanded while pushing his ass up to meet Derek's thrusts. The man above him grunted as he fulfilled the request. "Oh gods, yes" Harry groaned as Derek's fist reached around stroked him in time with his hips that had begun to angle themselves just so. Less than a minute later Harry spilled over unto the sheets followed by Derek soon after. Derek pulled out gently relishing in the slippery sound before flipping Harry over and claiming a wet and sloppy kiss that was all tongue and hands and sated moans. Twenty minutes later both boys were passed out on Harry's king size but bed barely touching. Derek had learned the first night that Harry was definitely not the cuddling type.

Dobby had also learned to make himself scarce whenever Harry brought guests home but still managed to have breakfast and tea waiting in the kitchen once the young master woke up. Dobby knew after his nighttime exertions that he would certainly be hungry and in need of replenishing his energy. He'd also taken to putting silencing wards up on his room off the kitchen. He of course did not judge Harry Potter but he did absolutely respect the young man's privacy.

Derek woke up the next morning knowing it would be the last day he saw Henry Black. He still couldn't believe his luck. He'd literally found his dream guy but the bastard was moving away to school the next day. Sure, Stanford was only an hour away but he knew they weren't serious enough to try and keep in touch, or at least he knew Henry wasn't interested. It was pretty clear this gorgeous, brilliant, foreign and not to mention filthy rich guy was only looking for a bit of fun before starting school in a new country. Derek wanted to be upset about being used like that but he was honestly just glad that he got spend these two weeks with the young brit, chances are Henry could have easily found someone else to do the job. Knowing that Henry would be supremely uncomfortable with a mushy goodbye he thought it would be best to leave with a note and a kiss to his sleeping face before slipping out of his life. He doubted he would ever see Henry again but couldn't help but hope as he took one last look at the beautiful home and made his way down the sidewalk.

Harry couldn't have been more thankful for the way Derek departed but did feel his chest clinch just a little as the man softly kissed his cheek. If he was going to attempt to sneak out Harry was in no way going to stop him, despite it being nearly impossible to sneak anything past Harry. He was bloody well trained for war, shit didn't go down without him being completely aware, but he pretended to be asleep nonetheless. It would be easier that way and it let Harry fall back asleep for a few more hours as well. That is until a flurry of wings and an extremely well known and annoying voice roused him again.

"Hot night, kid?" Gabriel chuckled around his lollipop. Harry groaned and turned away.

"Go away, Gabe. I love you but I'm sleeping. Piss off," Harry grumbled around his pillow.

"Harry, baby, we need to talk." Something in his angel's tone caused Harry to lift his head and send a raised eyebrow Gabriel's way in question. "Nothing too serious I just have to tell you a few things before you go off to college like a big boy, okay?"

"Ugh fine, want some breakfast?" Harry swung his legs around the side of the bed but stopped short realizing he was still completely naked. "Um, would you go ask Dobby to get something started, I'll be down in a few I just need a quick shower." Gabriel smirked but nodded.

"Yeah I bet you do. See you in a bit, jailbait." Gabriel disappeared with a flurry of wings again and Harry chuckled at Dobby's surprised shriek from downstairs. Walking into his bathroom Harry shook his head at the nickname. Sure when Gabriel first revealed himself to Harry he'd been jailbait but he'd obviously outgrown that. However, Harry reasoned that when you're thousands, hell millions, of years old everyone else is basically a baby.

Harry settled in at the end of the table between Gabriel and Dobby, eyeing Gabriel's chocolate chip pancakes skeptically. Harry had never been one for breakfast sweets, but he thanked Dobby for preparing everything regardless.

"Alright, what's going on then?" Harry asked while sipping his Earl Grey.

"I'm just here to warn you about a few things those grubby golden nuggets might not have prepared you for is all. You know how I worry about you." Harry rolled his eyes but nodded for the archangel to continue. "Have you heard of 'Hunters'?" Harry's eyes narrowed at the seriousness of Gabriel's tone. Gabriel was hardly ever anything but cheeky and playful. They'd gotten along famously right off the bat because of their mutually mischievous ways. Finding out he was an archangel's charge certainly could have gone worse, Harry reasoned, and he knew Gabriel really had come to care for him. He was like the raunchy but lovable uncle he never had.

"'Hunters?' Since I'm assuming you're not talking about the obvious, I can't say that I have." Gabriel sighed dramatically before going into detail.

"For the most part they're bigoted, self-righteous assholes with sawed offs." At Harry's confused look Gabriel sighed again. "In America there's all kinds of nasty supernatural shit, different strains then what you guys have over there in the old world. Plus their magic tempers most evil side effects" Gabriel grinned. "You know, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, all that kinda stuff. Over here it's all just ape shit and so there are people who call themselves 'hunters' and they go around the country killing them all." Harry was absolutely horrified. Killing creatures? Evil creatures? Why the hell hadn't he heard about this?

"Why am I just hearing about this now, Gabriel?" Harry ground out.

"Dude, take your wand outta your ass, I doubt most of your people even know about the way things are run over here. It's not like muggles or whatever know about you guys. Anyway that's not really what I was trying to warn you about." Harry scoffed.

"It's not?"

"Nope. Over here muggles can practice witchcraft but it's purely dark. Like sacrificing virgins and eating babies kinda dark. Basically these psychos get their power or their magic or whatever from selling their souls to demons. I know I know it sounds stupid. Who the hell would be dumb enough to do that right? But, believe me if anyone is, it's these Americans. So I guess what I'm trying to say is watch your back. Hunters tend to shoot first ask questions later so don't let on that there's anything different about you." Harry was still sitting there holding his tea speechless and Dobby's sniffles could be heard from across the table. "I mean obviously if something were to go wrong I would just bring you back but dying really sucks. If anyone would know it would be you. You've died like how many times now?"

"Right. So just tell me do I need to be worried? Was coming here a mistake?" Gabriel could see the desperation in his beautiful charge's eyes. Poor kid had only been here a couple weeks but it was obvious he'd grown attached and has no intention of leaving.

"Of course not! I just know how much you hate to be uninformed. All I'm saying is not to get complacent, ya know? You may be thousands of miles from home but you're still fuckin' Harry Potter no matter what you change your name to. We both know shit just has a way of landing on your doorstep and lighting itself on fire." Harry smiled weakly. It's true he does hate to be out of the loop so it's better that Gabriel told him and it's obviously better to be aware of any possible danger. "Besides, most hunters are idiots, sure there are a handful of real bad asses but I doubt you'll come across any in that schmancy school of yours and I know you can take care of yourself anyway." Harry noticed that Gabriel looked a little nervous regardless of the assurances.

"Gabriel is something else wrong?" Damn kid doesn't miss a thing.

"No, not wrong. I guess I should let you know I may be out of ear shot for a while, my damn dad has to talk to me about something but I should be back in praying distance within a couple years, four or five tops." Harry gaped at him. Here he was warning him about hunters when his best friend was going to be leaving to talk to his asshole father for possibly five bloody years!

"Are you shitting me, Gabriel?" The archangel couldn't help but chuckle.

"No, baby, I wish I was. Apparently there's some shit going down with the fam and Dad needs my help. Unfortunately time works differently back home but you can bet your bubble butt I won't be up there one second longer than I have to. You know how much I loathe the family drama."

"Exactly! What's so important that you have to fly on up there now? You've avoided that bullshit for thousands of years!" Harry was standing now. Gabriel and Dobby were really all he had left and while he loved Dobby, Gabriel is his best friend and his family more than anyone ever has been.

"Harry, honey. I know, and I hate to do this to you, especially when you're starting out over here but I know you're gonna do great okay? You're gonna go to that school, study your ass off and go to parties and have hot sex with 'curious' frat boys, and everything will be as it should be. I promise to make it for your graduation, okay?" Harry's eyes softened slightly at the archangel's sincerity but he still didn't get an answer to his questions. It wasn't like Gabriel to keep things from him so Harry knew the angel must not be allowed to say. Besides, he would be leaving whether Harry threw a hissy fit or not so he decided he'd rather keep his masculinity intact if possible.

"I'll bloody miss you, you scheming prat." Gabriel's eyes twinkled and he swept Harry off the ground and twirled him around in a hug. After some squirming and protesting he finally released his charge but still held him gently and ran a small but sure hand through his black bed head.

"You have no idea how much I'd rather be keeping my eye on you Harry, but I know you will be perfectly fine without me for a while. It's like you're really growing up." The archangel snorted at Harry's scowl but looked over to Dobby menacingly. "Dobby you better look after this kid or your ass will be mine when I get back down here. Understood?"

"Yes, yes, Gabriel, sir. Dobby always look after Harry Potter, sir." Dobby nodded fervently. Harry slapped Gabriel's arm in retaliation for threatening the elf. Poor thing already took too much upon himself.

"Alright so I'll help you move into your dorm room tomorrow so you look like every other kid and his dad and then we'll both be off on new adventures, alright?"

"Oh please you just want to scope out the freshman or play a few pranks or terrorize my roommate. Don't pretend you're going to help me for my sake, we both now you won't bloody well lift a finger."

"Haaaarry that's just mean! You know I love you, besides don't you want to see me before I have to go? Hmm?" Harry huffed his acceptance and buried his face in the crook of his guardian's neck. His masculinity had fled with that twirl anyway.