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Chapter 10

Dean was almost to the point of hopelessness. He really should have expected this; he was allowing himself to become far too easily distracted. He needed to be ahead of this situation every step of the way. Right now, not only were Sam and his family being hunted, but now Henry and his family as well. And what had he been doing since he'd found all this out? Not enough, that's for sure. Another surety was that his Dad would definitely rip him a new one for it, as well as being so goddamn easy to find completely unaware, and in the middle of a damn hissy fit on the front yard no less. Dean had his pride, but more than anything he wanted to bury his head in the stupid fucking perfectly manicured and magically sustained grass beneath his feet.

"Hello, boys." John was smiling like he hadn't a care in the world and nothing could make him happier than seeing his two boys in that moment. Sam was torn between being too stunned to move, let alone make a sound, and wanting to throw all his weight behind a fist in his father's face. He unconsciously settled for opening and closing his mouth like a defective goldfish.

"Dad." Dean finally spoke up once the silence was beginning to get even more uncomfortable than the present situation. "It's good to see you…" John nodded in agreement, his smile still present. "Sammy's almost grown into his paws, huh? Damn sasquatch." A laugh rumbled out of their father's chest and Sam was jarred from his state.

"Shut up, Dean." Sam finally met his dad's eyes and couldn't help but smile a little at the surprising fondness he found there. "Hey, Dad." The next second his father's arms were wrapped around him and his own eyes were clenched shut to deny any moisture the chance to give itself away.

"It's good too see you, boy. It's been too long." Dean may or may not have been holding back a manic grin.

"Yeah." Dean glanced around behind him looking for a sign of the wizards. He really didn't have any kind of expectations on how this confrontation was going to pan out, but the display Henry and Severus had just given did make him a little more concerned for his father than he would like. Henry was leaning against the doorjamb with a stupid little smile on his face and wet eyes that Dean could see from thirty feet away and couldn't resist smiling back.

"Come on, guys, let's go inside." John and Sam's embrace had ended and they were back to standing somewhat awkwardly and trying not to just stare at each other when Dean turned back around. They nodded eagerly.

"Nice place, Sammy. How'd you score this?" Sam shifted uncomfortably, he hadn't really even come to terms with accepting charity on his own and wasn't thrilled about announcing this to his Dad either.

"It's my friend's place, actually. We were roommates in the dorms both freshman and sophomore years." There, that was a perfectly decent answer.

"This Henry then? They guy you were telling me about, Dean?" Sam's eyes flicked to his brother's in question but the slight shake of Dean's head made it clear their father was only referring to their demon problem and nothing personal in Dean's life. John had to have noticed the communication but respectfully didn't say anything, apparently he was trying to get back into Sam's good graces. Damn straight, Sam thought.

"Yep, uh Dad, this is Henry." Dean got out as they reached the door were Henry was waiting, and was pleased to see his Dad extend his hand. "Henry this is our Dad, John."

"Mr. Winchester, such an honor to finally meet you, Sir. I've heard so much about you." Dean smirked at the ridiculous polite host Henry was being, freaking English people.

"Hello, Henry. John is fine." John might have been a little impressed that Henry's handshake was just as firm as his own and in a package practically half the size.

"Alright then, John. Please come inside, your visit is certainly a surprise but I must say not entirely unexpected. I'm sure we will all appreciate having you here." Dean and Sam shared a look before trailing in after the other two and mutually rolling their eyes.

Dean audibly groaned when he saw Snape sitting in the living room drinking his damn tea. He'd mistakenly assumed the guy had tucked tail and run when John showed up, but then again the guy had just made a big show about how not worried he was so…balls. Sure woulda been nice to at least settle in for maybe five seconds before shit hit the fan though.

Teddy got up from his spot on the couch and ran to his grandmother's side, glaring at the person he didn't recognize. Dean smiled fondly, kid had some sense, but he didn't want him to be scared either, so he quickly walked over and picked him up, settling him on his hip.

"Dad, this is Teddy, Henry's godson." Teddy tucked his head into Dean's neck and gave John a skeptical glare from his one visible eye. Henry walked over to join them and let a hand rest on Teddy's back.

"You have a Dad?" He asked, only loud enough for Dean and Henry to hear him.

"Yep, that's me and Sammy's Dad, his name is John. Do you want to meet him?" Dean felt the shake of his little head against his neck and held back a chuckle before turning to Andromeda who was just barely rising from her chair. "Mrs. Tonks, this is our Dad, John Winchester. Dad, this is Andromeda Tonks, Teddy's grandmother."

"Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Tonks, that's an adorable boy you've got there." She smiled pleasantly and met his hand in greeting.

"You as well, and thank you, Mr. Winchester. He somehow manages to get everyone wrapped around his finger." She winked at Dean who absolutely didn't blush at all, but Sam definitely did snort.

"Yes, I can see that." He let out a soft amused chuckle and Henry could hear exactly where Dean got his from. "But then again I've never met a kid that didn't take an instant liking to Dean, or vise versa, and please, call me John." She smiled demurely in agreement. After that all eyes shifted to the only other person in the room, who was looking completely unaffected by all the introductions going on.

"John, this is Severus Snape, a professor of mine from back in Scotland, he now holds a minor position in the government and has been our liaison over there." Dean snorted and received a set of matching glares from both Henry and Sam.

"Huh." Both John and Severus were appraising the other slowly, neither having extended a hand. "So are you like an Auror or something then?" While the three boys hadn't yet caught up, Severus didn't miss a beat, scoffing at the ridiculous notion.

"Hardly." John raised an eyebrow seeking further explanation but Severus raised his own in response. The term 'unspeakable' was fairly self-explanatory. "Your children are under the impression you were ignorant to our reality but it is a relief that that isn't the case. Coordinating our efforts and consolidating intelligence will be less tedious than anticipated."

"Wait, Dad-" Sam started but John cut him off, ignoring the stunned and quite possible furious faces of his sons.

"Would you boys give me and Mr. Snape here a minute, please?" But of course, Sam was never one to be denied answers.

"No! What the hell, Dad! You can't just show-"

"Sam, please." Both Sam and Dean who was about two seconds away from protesting himself turned to look at Henry with equally stunned faces. He seemed to sense the betrayal they felt and gave them each calculated looks before grabbing each of their sleeves and nodding towards the stairs. "I really think we should give them a minute. Feel free to use the study if you need more privacy."

Henry ignored Snape's smirk and the brothers' scowls before using almost all of his strength to drag them up the stairs after Teddy was set back down and returned to his cartoons. As soon as the door to the upstairs library closed behind them Henry was bombarded with furious whispers all coming together in one breathy shout. He groaned and walked to fireplace while muttering a spell to force them silent. Might not have been the best way to be earning Dean's trust at the moment but he wanted to explain before Snape and John had a chance to start talking.

"If you two will calm the fuck down for two fucking seconds. This fireplace is connected to the one in the study below us. I can open it up and if we are silent, we can hear everything they are saying. Now I don't know about you two but I sure as hell would like to know what your father has to say to Severus that he doesn't want us to know, especially after his roundabout little announcement that he bloody well knows about wizards!"

Henry took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, appreciating that his two towering companions seemed to be doing the same. "Now nod if you're not about to fly of the handle and I can remove your silencing charms so we can eavesdrop before we miss all the good stuff." They both nodded, still with heat in their eyes but Henry could handle that.

Henry opened the floo connection so the sound could travel through and levitated the couch right in front of it so they could all sit and listen comfortably. No reason to batter their knees on the stone hearth in his opinion.

"-yes, thank you, Dobby." Severus was apparently receiving a beverage from the house elf and all three boys on the couch lifted an eyebrow. John Winchester wasn't being eased into anything by the sound of it.

"Would you be liking anything, Mr. Winchester, Sir?" The three of them waited with baited breath.

"No thanks, I'm alright… actually, do you think Henry would mind if I helped myself to a bit of that whiskey over there?" Henry was very fond of his drink carts.

"Of course, of course, Dobby can get it for you."

"No, no, that's alright. I can, uh, manage. Thank you… Dobby."

"That will be all Dobby, you may go." Severus must have picked up that John wasn't entirely comfortable with the elf. There was a heavy sigh followed by the tinkling of crystal as John perused the selection. "Mr. Winchester, I must say meeting you now explains the very faint magical essence I noted in your youngest. It's just a bit stronger in you. I'm I correct in assuming you have a magical heritage that seems to have burnt out over the generations?" Three mouths dropped open but no one could quite speak.

"Yup. My mother was a squib, and her paternal grandparents were squibs too. I don't think there's been a full-blown witch or wizard less than four generations back. As far as I know, my kids and me don't have any kind of magical ability… but Sam. I'm not really sure what it is about Sam." There was another deep sigh and the drop of an ice cube.

"Yes, I know what you mean, there is something else I can't quite place, it's almost as if there is the potential for something but I don't think it's Wizarding magic, exactly, at least that's what I've discerned from the diagnostics I've discretely performed."

"I do know one thing. This demon, Azazel, the night he killed my wife, Mary, she was trying to protect Sam. He was interested in him for something, I know our magical bloodline is just a fraction more potent in Sam than in Dean, but I don't know if that's what appealed him to the demon or why he's still after Sam now."

"What has you convinced he's still interested Sam, assuming that was what he was interested twenty years ago." Henry could hear the skepticism in Snape's voice but he was too enraptured to give that a second thought. All three of them were completely stunned and listening silently.

"I've been tracking this demon for twenty years, learned his patterns, all the signs. I've found at least six other kids whose mother's all died the same way my Mary did and all on the child's six month birthday. From the few low level demons I've managed to interrogate, Azazel's planning something, looking for the strongest kid to lead some kinda demon army. I'm worried that's Sam's magical predisposition may put him ahead of the curve so to speak."

"I would think the opposite, demon compulsion and wizarding magic are like polar magnets. They cannot exist within the same host at the same time."

"Yeah that sounds great and I hope it's true but from what I've managed to gather from a few other demons is that he isn't planning on using Sam as a vessel like that, he already altered him physically, back when he was a baby. And seeing how he's grown up perfectly healthy, clashing mojo doesn't seem to have been a problem. Not to mention they fact that the demon has brought wizarding folk into this. As far as I can tell, the other kids I've found don't have his attention like Sam does."

"Assuming for now these demon sources are somehow reliable, why is it that you've never told your children about this? Or even just about their magical heritage? It is not as if they are unaware of the supernatural, you've raised them to be hunters, and in a way completely rebelling against their origins and your own."

"I don't really think that's any of your business. I'm here to help you guys get all your wizarding people out from under Azazel's thumb and put that son of a bitch down, not discuss my parenting methods."

"Yes, fair enough, but you may want to come up with something to tell your sons. I doubt they will accept that answer."

"Look, I don't want them to know all of the details, I've been protecting them from the truth of this for a long time, they don't need this hangin' over their heads. We take care of Azazel and it's a moot point anyway." Snape snorted.

"And when they start asking why this demon is so hell bent on seeking out your family?"

"Let me deal with that when we get there."

"I'm afraid you're going to have a lot to answer for, Mr. Winchester. Your sons are not going to appreciate all of this subterfuge in the slightest, but I thank you for your candor. I must be getting back to the Ministry for a debriefing. It was a pleasure," Snape couldn't have sounded less sincere or more devious, "and I'm glad I won't be here to witness your swift destruction, as it is currently barreling down the stairs. This is a magical home, Mr. Winchester, you should know that nothing is truly private, especially to the owners."

By that point Sam, Dean, and Henry weren't still sitting vigil at the fireplace but swiftly descending on the study, much like Severus assumed. He passed them on the way out, not daring to meet a single pair of Winchester eyes but Henry sent a grave glance his direction that Severus instinctively returned. He may be superficially glib about the upcoming confrontation, but the information John had shared was grave indeed. Quickly he made his way to the back porch and apparated away with a familiar crack.

Henry really had no idea how he should be responding to this situation, it was much like one he's all too familiar with, but usually he's the one who's been kept in the dark about his own life from the people he should be able to trust most. He was so completely outraged he didn't even know what to do with himself, it felt like his magic was pushing against his skin from the inside, begging for an outlet. With John Winchester so close and having committed such an egregious sin against his own sons, he was making himself an easy target. The only thing that let John keep all of his limbs was the sight of his friends. They looked much like Henry assumed he must, stunned and horrified, but with the added hurt of betrayal written plainly across their features. A feeling Henry remembers all too well.

Sam's face was pained like the whole thing was one big pinched nerve while his arms hung lose at his sides, fists warring between clenched fury and slack hopelessness. Hopelessness, that seemed to be what Dean resigned himself to. It was like all the faith he had been harboring for his father, despite a lifetime of Sam's contrary opinion, was evaporating the longer all four of them stood staring at one another in the study without a word being spoken. He started out furious but has apparently processed all the ramifications of these secrets and more than anything he doesn't want them to tear his family even further apart. Henry ached to reach out and assure Dean that he wouldn't let that happen, but he didn't want to be the first person to break the silence, and somehow he managed to remember that his father didn't know about them. But really, who the hell knows what John Winchester knows, guy's fucking chalk full of surprises.

Infuriatingly, John looked more defiant than ashamed or even apologetic. He had his hands on his hips and his eyes narrowed, daring them to challenge him, if anything he just looked pissed that he was in this situation at all. Henry supposed that at least made sense given he spent the last twenty years avoiding exactly this.

Unsurprisingly, Sam was the first to break the stalemate, and Henry was only a little surprised with the point he decided to start with.

"Were you raised knowing about magic then?" He didn't even sound angry, maybe a bit tense.

"Did Mom know?" Dean followed up with quickly. John sighed and looked between the two of them before gesturing for them to sit down. He looked over at Henry with a raised eyebrow that possibly suggested 'this is a family discussion, get the fuck out' but this was Henry's home and he did possess a modicum of respect. Dean responded to the gesture first.

"Henry stays." It was low and firm, offering no room for argument and Sam nodded in solidarity. John just sighed again and didn't press it. Apparently the guy knew when to pick his battles.

"Yeah, I knew about it. My Dad had bailed before my mom told me, but it comes from her side anyway. There wasn't much for her to tell, she could barely use her magic, it really only worked if she was super worked up over something and even then it was light stuff. She didn't have a wand or anything." Henry nodded in understanding; after all he had a magical education and knew what squibs were capable of. John glared lightly, like he'd accepted that Henry was going to sit there but he hadn't agreed to him being a part of the conversation. Henry glared right back. John huffed almost in amusement. "And no, your mother didn't know. There really was no need, I don't have any magic and neither do either of you."

"But their children or children's children could still turn out to be full wizards, it doesn't matter how many generations go on without one, magical children are born to full blooded muggles all the time. The fact that it's in your blood, even minutely, only ups your chances." Henry couldn't help but speak and honestly he didn't give a fuck about what John found comfortable right now. Plus the rebellious smirk he could see creep over Sam's face made it more than worth John's stink eye.

"Look boys, you can yell at me over my decision, that as a single parent I had every right to make, and we could argue until we're all blue in the face but the truth is we got bigger problems right now. What's done is done." Henry could practically hear Sam's eyes rolling even over his indignant scoff.

"You don't see anything wrong with this do you? You're unbelievable, you actually don't think you've done anything wrong." Dean groaned and roughly ran a hand over his face while Sam paused for a breath, but it said something for how upset he was as well that he didn't even try to stop his brother. "Putting aside for a moment the whole 'demon altered my fucking body somehow when I was a baby and I'm the reason mom is dead' you denied us our heritage, our culture. In fact you turned it against us and taught us to think everything supernatural needed a bullet in the chest. I just… I can't even… this is just so fucked up I don't even know where to start."

"Well you seem to be on a roll already." Dean's head snapped up and gave their father an outraged glare that finally seemed to have an affect on the oldest Winchester. Apparently Dean, for all he was trying to stay out of this for now, didn't appreciate how lightly his father was treating all of this. Not to mention giving Sam shit was beyond unacceptable at this point.

"I'm sorry. What I was trying to get across earlier was that I already know all the arguments you could be making right now, and I can fully understand why you're upset, but now is not the time."

"Are you saying you have a lead then? Cause unless you've got some information for us or somewhere we can be headed then what the fuck else should we be doing right now." Dean sounded all too eager to be on the road hunting down this demon.

"I found something that can kill it."

"Kill a demon? Like dead and not just sent back to hell?" Dean lit up like it was goddamn Christmas morning and John's self-satisfied mug proved that it was a shared sentiment.

"Well what is it? Do you have it?" Dean asked.

"It's a colt made by the Samuel Colt, it can kill anything and everything." Henry snorted before he could stop himself. A gun. Seriously?

"Are you kidding? You're gonna kill a demon with a gun?" Apparently Sam was on the same page.

"Yeah, but another hunter has it, Elkins over in Colorado, I'm supposed to be there in a few days."

"And then what? You're just gonna hop on over to England and hunt him down? He has almost a hundred witches and wizards watching his back over there, not to mention lesser demons." Sam was getting frustrated, he was reminded all to easily why he and his father never really saw eye to eye.

"You've got the resident wizard, so I'm here. We've got the 'what' now we just need the 'how', and I'll admit I can't get this done on my own. Now, who's got ideas?"

"Well… the Ministry is technically responsible for these kinds of things over there, and Professor Snape or Mr. Snape is who you should be coordinating this with." Henry knew he would be getting involved if it became necessary. Sam is probably the most important person in his life and Dean is quickly leveling up. As much as he absolutely does not want to go back to England and get caught up in another war, there is no way his conscience would allow him not to. On his bad days he wishes he'd let the sorting hat put him in Slytherin. Certainly would have made things with Draco a bit easier, but that's completely irrelevant.

"Your government? You want us to work with the government?" John spoke with the driest, most dead-pan tone but no, that wasn't a joke.

"It's not like here, it's a government for supernatural people and creatures, obviously they are aware of situations like this, well sort of. I don't think demons are all too common anymore." Henry sounded more exhausted than anything.

"Right… but Snape said he wasn't an Auror or whatever."

"I guess you could compare him more to a 'covert agent' of sorts, he's been a spy for over twenty years, so not exactly just a cop. Without him there's no way the wizarding world in Europe would still exist, if anyone can help take care of Azazel it's him." Dean had angled towards Henry was watching him almost suspiciously.

"I thought you were the hero of the last war, Sammy's read like a dozen biographies about you by now. Why do we need Snape's help?" John's eyes widened fractionally while both brown rose in question as well. Sam, to his credit, gave his brother an un-amused glare.

"Look, those books are ridiculous and I've already told you my side of the story, Dean. Most of the time I had lots of help and the others I was just really fucking lucky. Besides it's not like I went seeking out danger, well not exactly, it was quite literally thrust upon me by some stupid prophecy!" Sam gently splayed a massive paw over his shoulder to calm him down while Dean flushed sheepishly.

"I know. I know, I'm sorry okay. There's just something about that Snape guy that doesn't sit right with me." Henry scowled in his direction, crossing his arms across his chest.

"I wouldn't be here today a dozen times over if it weren't for him so if that doesn't sit right with you then you can just bugger off!" Dean seemed surprised by the reprimand, he hadn't been Snape's biggest fan all week and Henry hadn't said anything. Once again it was like the wizard was a freaking mind reader cause he just kept going, also Dean sitting there in silent defiance probably wasn't helping his case either. "I have indulged your petty animosity towards him till now because I thought it was just misplaced jealousy that you would get over soon but I've had enough. He is twice our age and was in love with my mother for Merlin's sake! Not to mention he is a hardened war veteran who deserves your respect and will probably be saving all our lives more than we can count in the near future so if you could just stow your crap that would be absolutely lovely!" Henry panted, catching his breath, and letting his brain catch up with everything he just said as well. Dean was bright red and avoiding his father's eyes. Fuck. Thankfully John seemed to decide all of that never happened.

"Alright well Snape just left to debrief the Ministry. Is he going to come back?" John was looking Henry in the eye and Henry would be damned if he shirked away now.

"I'm sure he will, he doesn't like to admit it but when I'm in danger he's very thorough." Henry chanced a glance at Dean who had moved passed the initial shock and embarrassment and was now in the confident defiant stage. He had his head held high with his arms crossed and his eyes firm and steady, daring his father to disapprove.

"And you don't want to get involved? Is that what I'm getting from all this?" John's tone was blatantly condescending, like he was trying to make Henry out to be some sort of coward. Sam looked ready to pounce on that but Henry needed to stand up for himself or John would only be more assured of his conclusions.

"No. That's not at all what I'm saying. I was telling you that the most capable person in this situation simply isn't me, however if I'm needed I'll be there. Both of your sons are very important to me, not to mention the lives of dozens of witches and wizards I have already spent six years of my life trying to protect. If you're looking to paint someone a coward, Mr. Winchester, I'm afraid you're in the wrong house. I wouldn't be surprised if my house elf has faced down greater dangers than even you have seen so don't begin to presume you know anything about my life." John looked torn between murderous and impressed but Henry didn't want to hear anything else he might have to say. He stood abruptly and looked down at the gruff man who had sprawled himself over Henry's couch. "If you'd like to stay for the night you are welcome to, you're basically family after all. Dobby will set you up in one of the guest rooms if you call for him. Goodnight, John." Henry let a hand run across Dean's shoulders on his way out and left the Winchesters to themselves.

Dean thought that maybe he should be a little pissed off or more freaked out at basically being outed to his Dad, but his memory wasn't that short. He was still all too aware that their father had kept the fact that they could have been born freaking wizards from them for over twenty years, as well as the horrifying detail that a demon had altered his baby brother in some unknown way to lead a fucking demon army! Yeah. So if his Dad wanted to have a freak out that he was dating a guy he could damn well shove his complaints up his own ass. That thought may have made Dean snort to himself and then both his brother and father's attention shifted to him. He recovered with a raised brow and a shrug before speaking casually.

"I can't believe he offered to let you stay here after all that, supposedly calling a Gryfindor out on their honor is just asking to get yourself bitch slapped." Sam snorted in agreement. "So, please feel free to get a motel somewhere." Dean gave his Dad a blatantly fake smile, John just smirked.

"He did say we're basically family… whatever the hell that means." John looked pointedly at Dean but Sam was the first to respond.

"He was talking about me. He and I have lived together since we started here and other than Teddy and Andromeda out there, who live in France, I'm the only family he's got." John nodded like he knew that part already.

"Did you know he was a wizard the whole time?" Sam shook his head and John nodded again, expecting that answer.

"He didn't know I come from hunters either until recently. It's been a crazy couple weeks, especially finding out I'm a demon's number one choice to lead hell's army. That's really just the icing on the cake, Dad. I had a right to know, we both did." John sighed and pressed his palms into his eyes before running thick fingers through even thicker hair for a moment.

"Maybe you're right, who the hell knows. But I'm also your father and I did the best I could, trying to protect you boys. It's not like I've known about this your whole life. It's only been since you left and Dean's gone his own way that I've really been able to start pressing demons and finding out more about yellow-eyes. You left us, Sam. You wanted nothin' to do with hunting, you made that perfectly clear. I thought I could take care of him before it became an issue, but if it did I woulda told you. Tell me, Sam, what good would it have done if I called you up and made you worry your ass off over here all by your self. Would you have dropped out of school, come hunting this thing down with us again? Huh?" Dean wasn't saying anything and Sam was trying not be annoyed by that. Dean had always tried to stay out of things between him and their Dad, not wanting to pick a side. Sam could understand and respect that, but didn't Dean feel just as betrayed right now?

"I don't know what I would have done, but it still would have been my call to make." John sighed loudly again and gave a placating nod.

"Well I guess we'll never know then and I'm here now… so I guess I'll go find a room. I think I saw a motel a few miles away. Can you give me a call when Snape stops by?" John was looking at Dean now, waiting for an affirmative.

"No, Dad, it's fine. Dean was kidding, this is a huge house and even if it weren't Dobby could magic a room into existence if we needed an extra. Just stay and then when Snape shows up in the morning you'll already be here." Dean was glaring at his brother. This house was one of the only places he's ever felt comfortable and he did not want his Dad to ruin that, especially when he could do with a stiff drink right about now, and maybe a good fuck as well.

"I don't want him freaking Teddy out, he's been through enough lately and he didn't seem to take to Dad that well." Dean was proud of coming up with that on the spot, plus now that he'd said it, it was true anyway.

"I've been driving for two days I'll just hit the sack and won't even leave my room until Snape gets here. Deal?" Dean narrowed his eyes and nodded once.

"And we'll know if you leave you room so don't get nosy." John snorted and shook his head, half in fond amusement and half in exasperation.

"Jesus, Dean." Sam laughed but didn't argue. "Hey, Dobby?" Sam called.

"Yes, Mr. Sam, Sir?" Dobby gave Sam a blinding smile and Dean had to look away. Everyone always liked Sam best and now even little creepy elf creatures picked favorites, not that Dean was jealous. Dean clomped out of the room after his Dad smirked at him like he knew exactly what he was thinking.

Dean peaked in the living room and found Teddy curled up in Henry's lap, still watching Cartoon Network and smiled. His Dad may be in the house but he was through trying to prove anything to that guy and his current two favorite people were waiting for him on the world's comfiest couch. He walked right over and plastered himself to Henry's side, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and pulling four skinny legs across his own, and providing both their owners with a kiss to the temple. Teddy was unfazed, eyes still glued to the television, but Henry hummed contentedly and turned for a brief chaste kiss before resting his head along Dean's arm.

It has been a constant worry for Andromeda, as each year she grows older and more frail, that Harry won't be enough for Teddy but in this moment she has never felt more relieved.

Contrarily, Henry was silently struggling. Curled up with Dean and Teddy he wanted to feel nothing but content, however the only thing on his mind was Gabriel. Gabriel had said something big was going on and he was needed upstairs, as well as explicitly instructing him to steer clear of hunters. Was his best friend being primed to lead hell's army big news? Probably. Henry was beginning to feel desperate. He didn't know who to turn to, the Winchesters, however brave and impressive, were essentially just muggles. Sure they always seem to make it out alive but this was bigger than anything they'd faced before and it was infinitely frustrating to know that if Gabriel were here he could just flap right over to Azazel and smite him with a smack to the forehead. Well, Azazel's probably using some angel warding sigils if he's smart but Gabriel is also impossibly sneaky.

He also knew the longer he waited to tell the Winchesters about the angels the more upset and betrayed they would be once they knew. It truly isn't his secret to tell and when an angel makes you promise you bloody well keep it. Plus, Gabe made him pinky promise and breaking one of those might just destroy the fabric of the universe or something. He reminded himself that Severus knew of the angels and would be able to account for them in his plans without outing them and Henry had faith that Gabriel would return to him before things got truly serious. Not that dozens of witches and wizards essentially being held hostage wasn't serious but he also knew this was only the beginning. Henry reflexively pulled Teddy tighter against his body and angled them further into Dean's warmth.

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