A/N: Since Natasha wouldn't agree to go to a safe house if Clint is ever compromised again, he come us with another id of how to protect her. Takes place a couple days after the last chapter.

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Once Pepper and Natasha had left for their shopping trip, Clint gathered the other Avengers in their main area.

"So, what are you trying to hide from Natasha, and do you really think you'll get away with it?" Tony asked before Clint could say anything.

"Are you about to ask us to hide something from her?" Bruce asked.

"I'm not trying to hide it from her. I just wanted her to find out about it after the fact, not before," Clint answered. "Loki told her that he'd make me kill her in the way that would hurt her most. Then he'd let me come back to myself enough to realize what I'd done before he killed me."

Tony let out a low whistle. Banner closed his eyes. Steve clenched his fists. Thor's eyes and expression turned sad and regretful.

"That is why I need each of you to promise me something. If I'm ever… compromised again, I need you to promise you'll keep Tasha safe."

Seeing they were all about to agree, he held up his hand. He know they hadn't really considered what that meant – what he was truly asking.

"That will mean keeping her safe from me… which will probably mean killing me to protect her. You'll be promising that if you have to kill me to protect her, you will."

"There's a problem with that," Bruce said quietly.

"A problem? As in one? There's a lot more problems than one, Bruce," Tony said, then turned his attention back to Clint. "The main one being that Black Widow will kill whoever kills you, Barton. Killing you is suicide."

"Not if it's one of you. Trust me on that. And I'm not keeping this secret from her. She'll know I made you promise to take me out to protect her. Look, I'm not trying to be suicidal here. I'm hoping I'm never compromised again, and that you never have to worry about keeping this promise… But I feel better knowing you guys won't let me kill Nat."

"How close was it this time?" Bruce asked. He'd heard enough to know they'd fought, and that Natasha had hit Clint on the head hard enough to cause 'cognitive recalibration' as she called it, and end the mind control; but he hadn't heard how close things had gotten.

"Too close. I had a knife at her throat," Clint admitted.

The others all shared looks. None had realized just how close they'd come to losing Natasha.

Tony made a mental note to hack the security records and watch the fight.

Steve spoke next. "Clint, Iron Man can grab you and get you away from her without killing you. Hulk wraps a hand around you, you aren't moving. Thor can use his hammer to knock you into next week without killing you, or Hulk can do it with his fist. I'm strong and fast enough to stop you without killing you. We won't let you kill Natasha, but we won't kill you."

"He's right," Bruce said.

"He is," Thor agreed.

Clint considered it. "Okay."

"I assume you have safe houses that SHIELD doesn't know about?" Tony said.

Clint nodded.

"If it ever looks like I could be a danger to Pepper, I want you to take her to one of those safe houses."

"Of course," Clint agreed. "Same for Jane," he added, looking at Thor.

"Thank you," Thor replied.

A/N: I hope Clint didn't seem OOC for going to 'kill me to protect her' I figure he's still suffering from PTSD (not that he'd ever admit it)… And in his line of work, he's used to thinking in terms taking out a threat by killing it, not using less extreme means.