In case you couldn't tell I decided to go back and edit this chapter. FYI I haven't abandoned the story. In all honesty I stopped adding new chapters for two reasons. One I started college, two I got pissed off at the story. Does every freaking character in the story need some sob story background? Really? Why not someone who's just a dick? Or a random joe? Anyways I decided to start writing again this week.

"Gather round and shut up brats." The unforgiving tone cut through the chatter of the students instantly silencing the room. The room in general was quite spacious compared to their last classroom. No chairs filled it instead the bare concrete floor was covered in designs and strange symbols in complex patters. Standing in the center of the largest circle was the teacher for this class period. A man with brown hair and average height stood impatiently staring at the group. A rifle sized device was resting on his shoulders lazily held in place with one arm. The device held what appeared to be chalk on one end with a blade running on the side. A strange device, at least in Rin's eyes. How was chalk going to be useful in a fight? You couldn't exactly stab someone with it and expect them to die instantly. The blade looked useful though. His thoughts on the matter though were stifled when the man continued speaking.

"You're all here to find out if you have the talent for summoning and taming demons. Being able to summon a demon to fight for you is a rare skill but highly valued. We often are some of the first sent in in a fight. After all, if your summon is killed they are easily replaced with another summon. Their lives are never more valuable than a human." The man sneering at this as if condemning anyone who considered the concept of demons being equals in anyway was revolting. Bon nodded smirking in full support of what the man was saying. "But taming is a rare talent. Summoning isn't at all that difficult. The trick is in doing so and not dying. Not being possessed by the summon and instead binding it to your will. That part is what's rare."

When Rin took a step forward hear better the man barked "Don't step on the drawing! If you do, the magic circle is broken and it loses it's effect." Rin spun his arms and backpedaled. "Today we're going to be testing your ability in a controlled environment. Those of you who can tame will continue these classes. For the rest of you I refuse to waste your time. And more importantly MY TIME by explaining things to you. All you need to know will be covered here today" Taking his vaguely rifle shaped weapon and running his hand along the blade he let the blood fall upon the circle. "The son of Typhoeus and Echinda, answer my call and come out!" The circle darkened and the blood spread to grow bigger. Once it stopped spreading it buckled for a moment until a creature crawled out of it. It was a humanoid thing with several small mouths over it's head and no eyes, it reeked of rotting flesh. Is crouched on his haunches is handles helping it balance on the ground in a position not quite unlike a dog sitting waiting for commands.

"What is that?" asked Rin in a strained tone. He was as usual, clueless. He shifted his feet, the whole thing felt… unpleasant; he couldn't shake the feeling of danger. That and rage. Instinct told him to strike but logic warned against it. The feeling was strong though and he couldn't help twitching periodically as he forced himself to stand still.

"Teacher, Neuhaus. Is that a Naberius? It's the first time I've seen one" asked Bon as well. The teacher nodded. Continuing on the teacher said, "Yes it is. Excellent job on identifying it. It's of the kingdom of Astaroth, King of Rot. My specialty lies in summoning from this kingdom. Now to summon a demon three things are required. First is blood, for life is in the blood and to give a demon life in this realm a price must be paid. Second a series of symbols to help guide them here and shape their form. Lastly is the spell prayer or chant that calls them." The demon sniffed the air looking around before it settled on the students. Specifically, Rin though it wasn't completely obvious. Letting out a please growl is started forward, "Stop." Instantly the Naberius froze it's growl changing from pleased to angered but it sat back down. "Demons will only obey those whose will is greater than theirs. If your willpower wavers and becomes less than the demon you've summoned, they will instantly turn on you. A demon will only obey those who have a greater willpower than it." After binding up his hand to stop the bleeding Neuhaus pulled out a series of small pieces of paper and passed them out. Throughout the entire process the Naberius continued to growl and followed Rin's position as he moved to the back.

"I'll be testing you now to see if you have the talent. On the paper I gave you place a drop of your own blood where the magic circle has been roughly sketched. Then try to recite any words that come to mind." The man stated walking back to the middle of his summoning circle. While doing so he kept his eye carefully on Rin. Rin only stared at the paper pinched in-between his fingers like a venomous snake. "To dispel a summon if you lose control of it simply destroy the summoning circle." As if to demonstrate he took his tool and swung it marring the circle on the floor causing he Naberius to shriek before disappearing. "And the spell binding it to this plain will rupture sending it back to hell where they belong. Now begin"

Swallowing Rin watched as one by one the students tried to summon a demon. Izume succeeded and so did Shieme to his shock but everybody else failed. Rin couldn't even try though. Every time he opened his mouth to try his heart pounded so hard in his chest that he thought he would die. Fear, some strange instinctual fear told him it was to dangerous to do so right now. "Is it because I'm Satan's son?" he thought, "no if that's the reason then they would be glad to serve me. I'm afraid of what might happen" At least that's what he told himself. But the instinct that seemed more like another voice in the back of his head told him it that it just wasn't time yet. And so he hid the paper in his sleeve and just watched.

When class was over and they moved outside for PE he quickly tossed the paper to the ground not wanting it to burn in his pocket all day. It had been like carrying a lead brick for hours already. Walking at the back he muttered to himself. "Be free, be free from such chains." Shaking his head he ran to catch up with the others. Slamming the classrooms door shut behind him. As such he didn't see the little bit of paper land on the teacher's magic circle, or the result. Within moments a whispering archaic language could be heard as wind impossibly started to blow softly then harder and harder in the chamber. The words built, flowing faster and louder until they reached a crescendo where vibrant blue flames exploded from the drawing on the floor recreating the pattern fixing the flaw the teacher had created. The flames churned growing higher closing in towards themselves as a rotted clawing hand reached up and the Naberius climbed out. Unlike before though the creature didn't seem quite so weak or docile. The rotted flesh was still there but now it didn't hang loosely on the bones. The flesh seemed to buckle with muscles held in place by stitches half hazardly placed over the body. The teeth were not as incorrectly placed at they were before instead slanting more towards the front of the head vs all over. Eye sockets actually existed though they were filled with blue flames instead of actual eyes. Turning in the direction the students had left in The Naberius opened it's many mouths to speak in a layered voice. "Thank you my prince." Before he could do anything though A blade stabbed through it's head. As it fell to the ground and slowly disintegrated Neuhaus pulled his weapon from its skull staring at the still burning circle in shock before slowly looking at the door.