"Okay, I'll summon my familiar now", said the teacher for the class on taming. The man wore the same uniform as his brother thought Rin but the weapon he carried was very different. A long mettle device with chalk at one end and a knife at the other, for some reason it gave him the creeps. When Rin took a step forward to get a better look at him the man barked "Don't step on the drawing! If you do, the magic circle is broken and it loses it's effect." Rin spun his arms and backpedaled.

In response to a question from one of the student the teacher continued " No , your blood and an appropriate appeal is also necessary for successful summoning. Telling the students for gather round he cut his hand and let in drip on the circle. "The son of Typhoeus and Echinda, answer my request and come out!" The circle darkened and the blood seemed to grow bigger until a creature crawled out of it. It was a humanoid thing with several small mouths over it's head and not eye, it reeked of rotting flesh. "There are incredibly small amount of human who can summon demons and make them work as a familiar. Sheer spiritual fortitude is needed to tame the demons, but natural talent is also essential" He then dismissed the demon by scuffing the circle.

"What was that?" asked Rin who as usual was clueless. He shifted his feet, the whole thing felt… unpleasant; he couldn't shake the feeling of danger.

"Is that a Naberius? It's the first time I've seen one" asked Bon as well. The teacher nodded. Continuing on with what he was saying the teacher said, "I'll be testing you now to see if you have the talent. On the paper I gave you awhile ago, drop your own blood where the magic circle has been roughly sketched. Then try to recite any words that come to mind." While doing so he kept his eye carefully on Rin. Rin only stared at the paper pinched in-between his fingers like a venomous snake.

One by one the students tried Izume succeeded and so did Shieme but everybody else failed. Rin didn't try every time he opened his mouth to try his heart pounded so hard in his chest that he thought he would die. "Is it because I'm Satan's son?" he thought, "no if that's the reason then they would be glad to serve me. I'm afraid of what might happen"

When class was over and they moved outside for PE he quickly tossed the paper to the ground. Walking at the back he muttered to himself. "Be free, be free from such chains." Shaking his head he ran to catch up with the others. He didn't see the little bit of paper land on the teacher's magic circle, or the blue flames explode where there was righting and the demon that Neuhaus, the teacher had summoned climb out. "Thank you Prince is hissed before dying at the startled hand of Neuhaus. Panting from the sudden fight Neuhaus stared out at the direction Rin had gone.