Majisuka Gakuen

Majijo Teppen Zero

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At Majisuka Gakuen Rooftop

A petite, small girl was waiting. Standing just mainly watching and enjoying the view below her. Her mind wandering off, a serious and fierce expression on her face.

"Yuko". A tall short haired-brunette said who came behind her.

The girl turn around a smile on her face.

"Oh, you came, Sadol or was it Sadok." Yuko said putting a thinking gesture like she was solving a hard question on a exam.

The tall girl pissed on Yuko's joke.

"If you called me here just to fool around then

Forget it." The taller girl said while walking back to the exit door. then stop.

"I thought you were for real after beating me yesterday. But I guess wrong". The taller girl said on a halt. The taller girl was about to leave. When Yuko ran after her and face her.

"hey, I was joking. can't you take a joke? Of course I remember your name. I'm the one who gave that name to you anyway" Yuko said. A smile around her face. Then turn back and started to pace around Sado.

"How can I forget. when I've never have an opponent like you before. You're a S right?". Yuko said looking at Sado.

"In fact, I remember it so clearly that I even start to chant your name in different pitches. Sa~doo, Sa~doooo." Yuko said. In a jokingly manner "And here comes the hardest part.

Sa~doo-". Yuko said.

"Cut it out, why did you called me here"

Sado said her eyes twitching on the joke. Though she started to have respect on Yuko, because she beat her hands down. Her childish behavior makes her think twice.

"Oh, come on why did you stop me. I was

Just getting on the best part." Yuko said jokingly sounding disappointed.

"Hot-headed aren't we" Yuko stated.

"Well, welI, I guess it can't be help". Yuko said. Turning her back to Sado while going back to her original position and watch the scenery below her again. While Sado followed her and watch her, waiting in anticipation.

"So, what is it you want to talk about". Sado said.

Then a momentarily silence ensues. Sado waited in patience.

"I want to get to the top,

I want to be on the top of Majijo,

I want Majijo to be the top". Yuko said.

Sado thinking Yuko was just joking.

"The Top? Are you serious? and how are you gonna do that anyway.

Beat all the Yankees around here. So you can entail fear on them and be recognized"

Sado said loosley not entirely understanding what Yuko had just said.

"I want to revived the legendary Rapapa". Yuko replied in a serious tone.

Sado just stood there thinking if she heard her right. She know what Rapapa is, She heard the rumor and the legendary story about it. But to her it's just all a myth.

"I want to continue Rappapa's legacy". Yuko continued.

Sado getting back to her senses. And look at Yuko tentatively.

"So, will you join me?". Yuko said smiling while facing Sado. A serious and determined look on her face.

"Sado".Yuko said finishing her question.

End of Chapter

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