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The Time Lord Empire.

War's End.


Dr. Harry Durrant stood on a platform, overseeing the dismantling of the Dilgar warship. The heavy cruiser, 1200 meters long with a beam of 903 meters, armed to the teeth with X-ray lasers, plasma pulse cannons and missile launchers, was definitely a predator. Durrant regarded the ship with a clinical eye, reminding himself that this ship was once used to destroy and cause terror and destruction on a massive scale with the league worlds.

He turned to his assistant. " Have the historical files been downloaded from the database yet?"

" Yes, it's been analysed now. We'll have a concise copy of Dilgar history shortly."

Durrant nodded, going over the possibilities before his assistant reminded him of something. " The debris from the other league ships have been brought in. Mostly metal but there's some parts that are intact, just not whole."

" Take them to the lab for study. I want to know when we can run practical researches on them for implementation into our own ships."

The assistant nodded, thinking privately that those days will be a long time off. What they didn't know was that their researches would turn Humanity around at their darkest hour.

2248. - 3 months before the Battle of the Line.

President Levy was reading the reports in her office, her eyes shining with unshed tears. After three long years fighting the Minbari, a race more powerful than even the Dilgar, the war was coming to an end. The tactical advisers indicated that the Minbari wouldn't reach Earth for a while, and the refugee fleets kept coming, as if they were driven there. Like lambs to the slaughter, she thought painfully. The Minbari weren't sending ships off to pursue them, they were taking their time advancing their forces. The Minbari were boxing the humans in deep into the heart of their territory, making it very difficult for any hope of survivors to escape. To make matters worse, the Centauri and the Narns were systematically destroying colonies close to their territories, the Narns had decided that Humanity's chances of survival was now hopeless, so they decided that instead of helping Humans they would help the Minbari. The Centauri, always eager to expand their dwindling sphere of influence, were doing it because of their racial prejudices and because they'd envied the speed the EA had colonised rich worlds. The Narns and Centauri had taken to killing the Human inhabitants of some colony worlds as a sick kind of sacrifice for the Minbari, and the Minbari were allowing them to take their share. The survivors were fleeing closer to the home system, but they would have no future, not unless something miraculous happened.

The Earth Alliance was dying, and sooner or later the Minbari would destroy them with the other races feasting on the alliances carcass, destroying anything left of the Human race.

She was distracted by a knock on the door. " Come in." She called distractedly.

Her aide walked in, looking as haggard as she was. Levy dimly remembered her aide had a brother and sister in Earthforce, and knew their chances of survival was slim. " What is it?" She asked impatiently, wondering why her aide wasn't getting to the point of her intrusion.

" Dr. Harry Durrant is here." Her aide reported before going on. " He's asking to see you."

Harry Durrant. Levy hadn't heard that name in a long time, a very long time. She was aware of course he was a leading Earth scientist, that he had ties with IPX, she'd known him from university, and he'd tutored her in physics years ago. He'd been a charming man, easy to get along with, but he wasn't a pushover in the least.

Levy was curious about why he was here, and why he hadn't really contributed anything to the war effort except computer enhancements which had improved the targeting capability of the warships by 34%. A partial lock, yes, but good enough to slow down the Minbari.

" Send him in."

Durrant walked in, aside from a few grey hairs on his head and lines around his face he looked very much the same as he had when they'd last seen each other. He was carrying a folder under his arm.

" Hello, Elizabeth, madam President," He greeted her.

Levy turned to her aide. " That'll be all." She said in dismissal. The President said nothing until the doors were closed. She turned to her visitor with a grim smile. " What can I do for you Harry, I know your not here for a social call," she gestured to the folder under his arm.

He smiled back, his smile just as grim. " Your right." He carefully laid the folder down on her desk, too full of energy to sit down when the president gestured to the chair, he just ignored it.

" I think there's a way for the Human race to survive. It'll be tricky, but unless there's a chance for all of us to survive the war without surrendering and losing lives to rapidly." He said.

Twenty minutes after Durrant had met with the president, he'd gone over his plan with her. At first she hadn't bitten it, but he laid it down with pure logic. The Minbari were after the human race, wanting to exterminate them, and they weren't going to stop, not unless there was a decent chance of either finding a new weapon to destroy the Minbari, either biological or technological, and since Minbari DNA, whilst accessible, was just too complicated for Humans to understand even after a significant amount of time with prisoners taken during the war.

Technologically it was even bleaker. The Dilgar technology, created from stolen Centauri technology, was just plundered technologies the Dilgars had stolen from other races. The Dilgar had been stealing with Centauri based technological designs for at least 2 hundred years, and they'd spent time and resources analysing and studying technologies from different cultures, and they'd the time and patience to do it. Humanity didn't have that time. Oh, Durrant and a few other scientists had managed to successfully improve Earth ships with the technologies taken from the Dilgar and League ships to combat the Minbari stealth, even equipping them with basic gravimetric engines gleaned from the Dilgar, but a complete lock was difficult at the moment since Durrant had realised the Minbari didn't use one stealth field, but more. Durrant had studied the stealth using eyewitness accounts from survivors, few though they might be, and discovered that even with a lock on the silhouette, the scanners weren't able to lock on properly. Even when he'd improved the computers, the reports came back saying the stealth was reduced but still present.

That was when Durrant realised the Minbari were using more than one stealth barrier around their ships.

Because of this groundbreaking work Durrant's name was well known since he'd figured out the problem involved, and his work to improve his enhancements met with successes, albeit minor ones since the Minbari still held the lead on technology.

Durrant and Levy met with several senators and generals, going over the plan with them. When Durrant showed them the trials with the equipment, the data accumulated and the successes already made, they jumped for it, knowing they were going to succeed. They had nothing to lose after all.

3 months later...

Delenn stood in the tactical centre on the Valen'tha, the cruiser of the Grey council, and primary flagship of the Minbari Federation. Delenn had seen many battles in the last three years, but she'd never seen slaughter like it. The primitive Human ships were fighting bravely, firing their weapons at the advancing Minbari cruisers and war frigates, and once or twice they scored direct hits, but the Minbari had learnt not to get complacent with the Humans. They constantly adapted their approaches to the war, and they'd even made progress with breaking through the outer layers of the stealth fields, slight as it was, but Delenn knew it was useless in the end, the Humans would be extinct, their planet burnt so then all trace of it's previous inhabitants would be wiped out. Even the Narns and Centauri had seized worlds from the Humans alliance and added them on to their own empires, killing the Humans to appease the Minbari advance. Delenn was disgusted with how generous the Warrior caste was with that, sickened by the lack of respect for life from both races, but she could do nothing about it. Both races had once been allies of Earth once, now they'd shown their true interests and didn't care about Humans anymore. If they ever had.

Delenn wondered how the humans measured their casualty reports, thinking that the list must be rising to new heights never before seen in any of their conflicts. Delenn had taken to studying humans in culture and in history, and she found that human history, bloody as it was, actually showed a pattern. The Humans would fight with the most advanced technology available before the next war came, and their tactics and technologies had changed. Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it, the Humans said, but they hadn't learnt from that saying. All those wars when the issues could be solved easily with less bloody solutions. Delenn watched as human ship after human ship was crippled and then destroyed by the relentless warrior caste, knowing how much pleasure the warriors were taking in this slaughter, her blood freezing in her veins as she felt her soul being wrenched to pieces. She looked around the centre, taking in the auras of the warrior contingent of the council. Delenn lowered her head when she saw none of them really thought this was wrong, that the war had become in essence a living thing that seemed to thrive on Human terror and blood.

The Vorlons had left days before, but on her last visit the one called Kosh had said, " The truth points to itself although the truth disappears," as she watched the Battle the Vorlon's words came back to haunt her, echoing in her head again and again until she wanted to scream for silence within her own head.

" They fight bravely," she commented aloud, watching as ships on both sides were hit or damaged by passing debris from already destroyed ships, sent by the Minbari's own gravimetric drives, which propelled the debris to the Humans. Even wreckage had a part to play in this war, and some of the Humans's own wreckage worked against them. " They can barely touch our ships, and yet they continue to try."

Copelann folded his hands. Out of all the warriors she'd met the last 3 years he seemed calmer and more controlled, something the norm of the warrior caste lacked. His calmness and controlled personality often made her think one of his previous incarnations had been religious caste, and he did seem to understand the religious caste better than most. Delenn was reminded of Brammer, once a priest and now a warrior and tactician.

This time though Copelann seemed indifferent to the plight of the Humans. " Whether they fight or not, they know they will die anyway. So really, is this bravery, or simple desperation?" He sneered as he watched ship after ship being destroyed or cut up by fusion and neutron cannon beams. " Foolish."

" But brave." Delenn countered, not bothering hiding the awe in her voice. Even after all they'd been through, all the betrayals their race had suffered from their allies, some who'd decided that Humanity wasn't worth saving, the humans still fought back.

Then something occurred to her, as if the universe itself was speaking to her, giving her a reason even the warrior caste couldn't balk at. " We should bring one of them aboard for questioning. If our next step is the final assault on their world, we must know their defences."

Copelann was silent, going over Delenn's statement. For him it was unusual since Delenn had seemed to change her mind about the war when she'd called for it in the first place, but he saw the sense in what she said. The Humans were a cunning race, and they could have defences the Minbari couldn't detect. In their ground campaigns, the humans used hit and run attacks on Minbari forces, slowing them down.

In space, this battle was the humans last line of defence, but on the planet it could be a different story.

Nodding, Copelann said. " Very well, Delenn," looking around the holographic screens. " Choose. But quickly. We're fast running out of candidates."

Delenn looked around. In Valen's name there were so many, and so many were being destroyed so fast before she could pick one, then she saw a fighter break off from the others, and head towards the Minbari cruiser the Grey council were on. It was a simple one man fighter, and the cruisers guns would be able to shatter it to pieces.

She pointed towards it. " That one."

Her decision would change the face of the Minbari and the Human race, for better and for worse.

The pilot of the fighter, Jeffrey Sinclair, was trying to fight to keep his fighter working properly after a stray hit from one of the Minbari energy beams. In spite of the polarized hull armour Dr. Durrant's team had devised, the beam had badly damaged one of his fighters ion engines.

The computer gave the report, somehow making Sinclairs problems seem academic and somehow straightforward. " Aft stabilisers hit, weapon system at zero. Defensive grid at zero. Power plant nearing critical mass. Minbari weapon systems locking on."

Sinclair growled angrily, during the war he'd held out the hope that humanity would succeed in some shape or form, that the Minbari would back off for some reason, but now...the situation was hopeless, and Sinclair's hopes were now unrealistic. The added thought of being helpless in space, with an increasingly unstable power plant and Minbari weapons locking on made Sinclair realise that either way he was as good as dead.

" Not like this," He whispered, his voice growing louder as his fury mounted. " Not like this." His voice reached a hysterical shout. " If I'm going out I'm taking you bastards with me. Target main cruiser! Set for full velocity ram! Afterburners on my mark...mark!"

His fighter shot towards the cruiser, the leviathan in space hung there, imposing and threatening. Sinclair couldn't believe the sheer size of the monster in front of him, as his fighter shot towards it.

He braced himself for collision, throwing his arms up in front of his face, not wanting to see his faithful ship destroyed in the suicide run, but knowing he would soon join it...

The collision didn't happen. Instead a bright light stopped his fighter, and he slowly put his arms down, watching in incomprehension as the Minbari cruiser shot four energy beams at his fighter. When his fighter was drawn closer to the cruiser, he realised in horror what was happening. He was being captured, a prisoner of war, and he had no PPG to fight back. Sinclair knew what the Minbari did to their human prisoners, and knew he would suffer the same fate.

Delenn couldn't watch the view of slaughter anymore, even though the main image now showed the human fighter being brought in. Ship after ship was being destroyed, but she could nothing to stop it. She left the hall of the Grey council, and walked down the hallways. She'd given no explanation for her departure, but she didn't care. She wished she could show her loathing, her disgust at herself and her own race, and for the Narns and the Centauri for helping them destroy an intelligent race.

She'd leant against a wall, breathing hoarsely as she mentally heard Dukhat's angry voice. You fight in my name, do you? It was you after all who voted for the war in the first place. No mercy, you shouted, holding my head in your hands. Your blood soaked hands, Delenn. You have shown yourself as unworthy as some of the grey council had thought you were. Now, the blood of an entire race is on your hands. And you have the gall to say its all in MY NAME!

Delenn closed her eyes, still hearing her mentor's angry voice shout in her skull. Worse, her beloved father, who'd condemned the war only to discover his own daughter had been the final voter, had taken his own life in disgrace came to her mind like a spectre wishing for her to suffer even more than she already was. So much blood, and more awaited.

Copelann appeared, and out of the corner of her eye Delenn saw him start when he'd spotted her, but he carried on with new resolve. She knew dimly he'd been supervising the interrogation of the human, and she didn't want to know if he was still alive. It wouldn't make much difference.

Leaving the sanctuary of the wall, she turned her back on him as he fell alongside her. " Report me if you wish, but I no longer care." She said tightly. " I cannot watch anymore, I have seen more death than anyone should have to see. I will see no more."

" Delenn," Copelann tried to say, but Delenn didn't hear him, didn't look up. " If you wish to conduct the final destruction of Earth, I will not watch, I-"

" Delenn!" Copelann's voice had caught her attention, and his tone shocked her.

When silence fell, Copelann needed to take a breath to find the words he needed to say. " We were using the Triluminary on the human, and...you should see for yourself."

Delenn entered the Grey council chamber, and saw the bruised and battered human hanging there. He wasn't lucid, and Delenn realised he was drugged. She was stunned by now much bruising his body had taken, and she wondered why for a moment. The Triluminary was a painless device, but then she realised he must've been tortured. Her feeling of self loathing, and loathing for her people rose up again in her chest as she saw that even now, even with many calling for an end of the war there were still those who wanted revenge. How much more revenge did the Minbari need to inflict on the humans?

She looked at Copelann, wondering why this human, who looked unremarkable, would garner such deep thought. Delenn had seen only three humans in the flesh, but Copelann hadn't, so she was curious why this one warranted more attention. But Copelann wasn't looking at her, in fact none of the Minbari in the room were looking at her. Instead they were looking at the human with...awe? Delenn couldn't believe or understand it, Copelann and the others were rendered awestruck by the human, a being who'd been bruised and battered. How could this have happened? Had a Vorlon appeared above the Human's head? No...that wasn't it. The warrior's attention was fixed on the triangular shape of the Triluminary. Morann, seeing her, took the relic to the human, and Delenn's eyes widened when she saw how it glowed in the Human's presence. She couldn't believe it, she didn't want to...It was too much, it was too terrible to contemplate.

" The human has the soul of Valen," Morann whispered, his voice hoarse with anguish and horror.

Delenn's mind thought quickly. The Minbari had the belief that the soul was reincarnated each time, with the souls from the past generation moving on into the next generation, but for the last few hundred years the souls of the last few generations hadn't been equal somehow, and it had become serious enough that testing had become essential. Now testing had shown that there were less and less Minbari souls being born into Minbari bodies. For a long time the debate had been where those souls were going.

Delenn didn't want to believe it, she couldn't. It was bad enough she had human blood on her hands, but to have the death of Minbari souls on her conscience...

When Delenn spoke, the others shuddered in fear as they heard the usually melodious voice, now darkened with anger and heartache, say. " Bring more onboard for testing. We need to know..." She left the rest go unsaid.

Delenn watched the humans, 7 of them including the one they'd captured earlier, drugged and barely lucid, undergo the same testing as the male. There were 5 men and 2 women, and 3 of them had darker skin tones than the others all with tattered uniforms, and she wondered if they were a lower class than the white Humans. The results were bad, over 4 of the humans souls had reacted to the Triluminary, showing they had in part, or in full, Minbari souls. The shock had stopped any warriors from killing the ones without the souls.

" We have to stop the slaughter." She said. " Now, before more souls are destroyed, without testing we don't know who we're killing."

Before anyone could speak, however, a voice shouted down from the bridge, accompanied by a massive shift in the gravitational field before the gravimetric field compensated. Before any one could ask questions, the voice shouted at the same instant. " Satai Copelann, the Human planets and moon, and many of their ships, have just vanished!"

Whatever Copelann and the others had expected from the report it certainly wasn't that. " Show us." Copelann ordered. The screen changed, showing a recording. Once again the view showed the beautiful blue green world of the humans, with their crude and primitive ships. The three stellar bodies and their home planet glowed brightly, then they vanished. The same thing happened to many of their surviving warships.

Delenn couldn't understand it, " Where did they go? Bridge, run a scan. What happened?"

" Unknown."

One of the humans, the male they'd captured originally spoke up, he'd had time for the drugs to wear off and he'd overheard more than enough about what the Council were saying. " We knew your people would show us no mercy, so instead of letting you kill us, and torture our people the way you have," Delenn shook when all the lucid humans, there were few of them but they were coming slowly out of their drugged states, looked at her and the other council members with hatred and rage. " We decided to do the merciful thing, and end our own lives. Our way's better than letting ourselves be tortured and killed for sport by your barbaric warriors." Delenn had never heard such hatred from a sentient before, but she couldn't blame the humans for their anger. Many warriors had taken to hunting and torturing humans for sport, like they were unintelligent animals.

" But we've found a way to end the war, there was no need to take your own lives." Delenn protested feebly but desperately, feeling her eyes water with tears. She was crying for herself, her soul, and the souls of her people that were now destroyed because of her, and her own people.

The humans were helping their less conscious people up, regarding the Minbari with hatred, anger, and fear, and Delenn wondered how they would survive, the last 8 humans in existence. She would see they got a new world to establish a new colony, but since there were so few of them, there was a chance of inbreeding, but there must be humans still out there in space, hiding from the Minbari advance and from the scavengers like the Centauri who were killing them. She had to try.

Delenn walked slowly towards the one carrying Valen's soul. " Please," She begged. " Don't throw your lives away. Let us help you, mend the rift. There may be other Humans out there, where the Narns and Centauri haven't reached them. We can find you a new world, and start again, please...let us help you." She looked at them, wondering what was going through their minds. " What do you say?"

Instead of speaking, the one with Valen's soul moved his right thumb under his chin, pausing to say. " What do we have? Nothing. Our allies," he sneered the word, " abandoned us for you. We would rather die than let ourselves be helped by an enemy, and you are an enemy, Minbari bitch." With that the human glowed the same way as his worlds, and vanished, disintegrated.

Delenn jumped back from the suicide, and turned pleading eyes to the others. But they did the same thing, helping their less lucid members do the same thing, pressing something embedded beneath their mouths, and pressing them. None of them said a word as they let themselves follow the same fate as the others, and their worlds. Delenn collapsed to the ground, and she sobbed in her hands.

The Andromeda Galaxy.

Sinclair rubbed his chin as the surgeon finished removing the teleporter from his chin. " You were lucky," the surgeon commented. " I was able to fix up the damage the Minbari gave you." Sinclair nodded, pleased that the deception had worked.

The President's office.

" Do we know why the Minbari abducted those pilots?" Senator Quantrell asked.

It had been 3 days since Earth, the moon and Mars had arrived in this sector of the universe, where no known race had explored it. The teleport system had transferred Earth and the Moon and Mars, with their refugee ships and transports, to this unknown galaxy. There would be new challenges, new things to explore, but Humanity would manage it.

General Hague shook his head. " The pilots are still recovering from the torture they'd suffered on board the Minbari warship. They'll be debriefed soon."

The president nodded, not wanting to pressure their heroes until later. As far as she was concerned, anyone who'd fought the Minbari and lived was a hero.

" What about the space engine, and the atmospheric shell, how did they stand up to the jump?" She asked.

" The space engine is still operational, as far as the scientists under Dr. Durrant can tell. The atmospheric shell managed to contain our atmosphere during the transfer. The engines on the ships and the Moon, and Mars, they're also in good condition. Dr. Durrant doesn't play games." The general reported.

The President smiled. " No," she agreed. " He doesn't." Straightening up, she looked around the room. " Okay, we've survived, and we've duped our enemies into thinking we're dead, what do we do now?"

One senator said, " We should take the time to explore our new home, and we rescued the humans taken prisoner by the Minbari, and the Narns and the Centauri." Everyone either clenched their fists and shook with anger at their supposed allies treatment of innocent humans, the Centauri had opened the doors to them, allowing them to enter the galaxy, and the Narns had given them weapons to fight the Minbari. The Minbari may've been the most evil race humanity had ever met, but at least they were honest about it.

" Speaking of the Narns and the Centauri, what do we do about it?" The president asked, leading off with the theme and the last statement.

" I say we go after them, and make them pay for what they've done. The Narns complain and talk about what the Centauri did to them, but we can do it even better than the Centauri." One right wing senator replied. Many nodded, saying they liked the idea. The President shook her head, " We've just escaped from a major war, we've lost too many people, too many ships. We need to rebuild, build new ships and armies to protect ourselves. Don't forget, we've just to a new galaxy, we don't know what's here. We need to explore it first, learn new technologies and work out a way to return to our original galaxy undetected. Then we'll be in a far better condition to go after our enemies."

Lefcourt swiveled in his chair, " It could take years to explore this galaxy, find the right resources to build new ships. Speaking of new ships," the general added, looking around the room. " We need a new spaceforce. Badly. With the new teleport system, we could jump across the galaxies easily, and find what we need."

Levy nodded. The Centauri, regardless of how they'd shown their true colours, had told them that what they called hyperspace did extend to other galaxies, but the gravity eddies which acted like a wind didn't exist in the darkness that separated those galaxies, so no race had ever explored the possibilities of creating an intergalactic empire. Harry Durrant, however, had discovered that what the jump engines did was leave normal space, and submerge into a lower level of normal space, not subspace or hyperspace, but good enough for faster than light travel. That was why it was awash with gravitational eddies, because it was so close to the surface of normal space. True hyperspace, on the other hand, was where distance was always zero. That was the basis of the teleportation technology Durrant and his team had pioneered, they'd discovered a means of travelling distances not reached by normal spaceflight, and they would arrive instantaneously, even if the destination was millions of light years away. That was how Earth, Mars and the Moon had survived along with the fleet, they'd simply teleported to a new solar system, and here they would stay and rebuild. Levy sighed. What they were going to be doing wasn't a walk in the park, it had taken a month to find a suitable site for the Earth and inner worlds to be discovered. The right orbit, the right temperature, the right gravity, everything. But rebuilding the alliance here, in this unfamiliar galaxy wasn't a picnic. Their technology needed to be overhauled, new computers needed to be created and experimented with. New weapons of mass destruction had be designed and created, and new spaceships had to be designed and built in bulk. But the new ships would have to be many times superior than the originals, which had shown how worthless they had been.

Levy had another concern, the First contact protocols. The Earth - Minbari war had begun when a captain who'd never been cleared for first contacts had made a disaster that almost destroyed the EA. Humanity had survived, their culture had survived, and plenty of humans were still alive, so the gene pool was safe, but the scars of the war would stay for a long time. Levy had no intention of letting another self important human captain or officer repeat that mistake. Humanity had survived one disaster, may not be so lucky next time.

" Alright," Levy said reaching her decision. " Earth will not move from this new spot. We shall maintain the teleport engines in our worlds, just in case there's another threat." She looked down at the polished surface of the table, seeing herself reflected on the wood. When she looked up again her eyes were like steel. " We have new technologies, the teleport drive. That's to be installed on every new ship from now on. The Explorer class ships are going to go out there, and quietly explore the surrounding space, only for a few light years. We need time to fully establish ourselves in this solar system. Its going to be our home, and we need to make it last."

" If your thinking that the sun in this system's gonna go nova like Omelos, then you're wrong," a senator reported happily. " The stars stable."

Levy nodded curtly. " Good, but I don't want any of our new holdings to take unnecessary risks." her eyes flashed around the room. " I also want the alien tech we've already got, the Dilgar ship we've got and the league tech we captured, I want our science to adapt to it. We need better computer systems, we need to explore new ideas to keep ourselves alive. The teleport idea has let us survive, but I want other ideas. We need different classes of ships, with new functions and not just war and peacekeeping. We need a more powerful form of exploratory vessel capable of handling any kind of deep space assignment. We also need to make research into making our race invincible exist. The Narns, the Centauri, the Dilgar and the Minbari showed us we were anything but invincible, and that's unacceptable. I want humanity to survive for a long, long time, and I don't want little things like advanced technology, and stronger alien lifeforms bringing us down. We also need to look at ourselves, and take a good look at the prejudices we've let run loose. They've got to stop as well.

" Our people were almost destroyed because of Earth force stupidity, don't interrupt me," she snapped at the military people in the room. " That has to stop, favours in government will never happen on that magnitude again. Humanity's survival is now paramount, and I don't want our people to have to move our worlds again. I want Earth force to adopt new rules, and this time I want them to be adhered to. Not the other way round."

None of the others seemed to have any problem with that. Then someone came running in, " Madam President, Dr. Durrant needs to see you, all of you. Now."

" What is the problem, Dr. Durrant?" Levy asked the scientist the moment they entered his lab.

Durrant sighed, " We've been running scans, and we've found that the stars are not where they are supposed to be."

Quantrell folded his arms, " What do you mean, not where they are supposed to be? Have you brought us to a different galaxy?"

Durrant shook his head, " Nothing so simple. No, we're in the Andromeda galaxy, only we're in a different point in time. We've travelled over 5,000 years back into the past."


" How did this happen?" Levy asked.

" The teleport system installed in the ships and on our worlds were used at the same time, the sheer mass must have sent us all the way back into the past. That's the only explanation I can think of." Durrant said, folding his arms.

" Can you return us to our time?"

Durrant sighed, " It's not that simple. If I trigger the teleport again we could be sent to the Big Bang, the dark ages. Or into the future. I need to run through the teleport systems, the programming and the computer logs to find out the cause of the time travel. But all I can suggest is that we're far away from the Minbari, we're safe, we're all here, and we have the time to rebuild and grow. 5,000 years is plenty of time to change."