Breakthrough and the invasion.

The force leader of the alternate Time Lords smirked cruelly as the Battle TARDIS started fixing onto their alternate cousins universe on the datapad he was looking at as he ate his breakfast, taking up relative position in the universe to their counterparts. What they were about to do was the only way they could make their plan feasible. Like everyone else, the leader had been brutally stunned and then contemptuous of how weak and foolish their cousins were. Cousins? The leader snorted as he thought of the weakling humans of the other reality. They'd been hunted down by lesser beings like the Minbari and the Narns, and they too had fled their galaxy to start anew in the Andromeda galaxy. Now, they were the masters of time and space, and the Minbari and their old allies whom they had risked life and limb for during the Dilgar war were now either extinct or enslaved, where they belonged. A Centauri slave came in, a girl in her teens, looking anything but a Centauri, but her master ignored her as he calmly ate his meal. The Time Lord knew she'd been raped dozens of times in front of Centauri men to show them their place, their real place as slaves serving their Time Lord masters, and it wasn't unusual for girls in that position to have their throats sliced open brutally. The force leader on the other hand preferred the slaves who worked for him to be humiliated, then he would kill them.

As he walked into the lab, the force leader smirked as he looked around the room. On a screen was a holographic representation of the Time lord domain, it covered virtually the entire universe, whole sectors of space, aeons of time. The force leader smiled, and the scar on his face, which he received during the Earth - Minbari war, became more horrifying. He remembered only too well as he'd fought against the filthy subhuman species, look at them now. The Minbari and nearly every race in the Milky War were pale imitations of what they'd been before, the First One races, all of them, were now exterminated. Minbar was now a slave world, and the once almighty castes were now shattered, and members of the species were sold at auction to Time Lords for work in mines, homes, even ships though they had no real power. How the tables had turned. Once the Centauri and the Minbari had been powerful races, holding large slices of the Milky way in their grasps, and the Vorlons and the Shadows had once fought each other, getting races to fight their battles for them. Look at their legacy, both races were now extinct with their technology destroyed, the jump gate network destroyed, and the once posturing races were now either dead or slavess. The force leader remembered thoughtfully how their people had become what they had, how they'd come to this state. Their history mirrored that of their counterparts exactly, but unlike their counterparts the alternate Time Lords ( they called themselves the Prime Time Lords since their history was purer) didn't play hide and seek with the Hegemony. They'd stolen Hegemony technology at their earliest opportunity, and as they'd developed their time technology, their weapons, their aggressive power seizing tactics, and when they were ready they'd launched a violent assault on the Hegemony, destroying the filthy races homeworld, before using time travel to force alternate realities into existence. They did the same with the other races in the galaxy. The Time Lord empire in this galaxy was vast, and all the races were not treated like the slaves in the Milky way galaxy, they had not ignored humanity's plight during the Minbari war, they were more innocent. As a result they were treated far fairly than those in the Milky way galaxy. In their old galaxy, it wasn't unusual to discover concentration camps on various worlds, whilst worlds like Narn and Minbar were bombed out ruins floating depleted stars, their peoples struggling to survive in the hell their people had pushed them through.

Content in their power and dominion, all other races developing time travel were destroyed in black hole explosions, paradoxes stopping them from even existing in the first place, the Time Lords had been happy they were the masters of time and space.

Until they discovered the tear the Vorlons of another reality had made on the universe, and that wasn't all. Every universe the Vorlons had existed had the same crack, it was like the foolish benighted species with delusions of godhood collectively had shattered reality, just to become something they weren't. In some realities, the aliens from the alternate reality they'd opened up and waved the red flag had succeeded in defeating the combined power of the First Ones who'd banded together to clean up the Vorlon's mistake, with the Time Lord's help of course, but in those realities humans had not ascended to becoming the lords of time the universe became a dark place with the aliens exterminating all life. The alternate Time Lords of course had found it simple to erradicate the aliens, forcing their way into the parallel reality and forcing the universe to be ripped to shreds with the aliens in it.

It never ended, the carelessness of the First Ones, but in this case the matter was solved. The alternate Time Lords had found a grand total of a thousand realities where the human race became the Time Lords, and over ten thousand where they did, but even then there were differences. Some of them, a small number became similar to the Time lords of the force leader's own reality, others were less advanced but powerful enough to cause damage on a significant level to that of the Vorlons.

In terms of power, the counterparts they were trying to destroy were the strongest, even stronger than their alternates, and that level was why the President was obsessed with destroying them.

It was only a matter of time before their plan gained momentum.

In the real reality, Delenn walked through the gardens. She could hear the chirps of birds in the sky, and she was soothed by the trickle of water into ornamental ponds and fountains. It had been a month since they'd arrived on Earth, and Delenn wondered how Dukhat would feel if he had been here, observing first hand the Time lords power as they made plans and counterplans to deal with the threat of their counterparts in other universes. If the humans had tried informing the Minbari Grey Council of this without telepathy they wouldn't be believed, but as Dukhat and Lenonn had said on many occasions the Minbari were overconfident of their abilities, but Delenn had long lost that trait her mentor had gone to great lengths to curb.

She'd lost them when she'd believed her vote had slaughtered an entire race, that she knew now the whole thing was a misunderstanding on both sides was painful in itself, the humans had misread the greeting of respect, a tradition of the warrior caste, and they'd opened fire believing they were about to be attacked. The Minbari had ignored the humans, they'd known for years about the humans presence in the galaxy, and they'd ignored them even as races amongst the League of Non Aligned worlds allied themselves to the humans in gratitude when the humans helped to defeat the Dilgar, but the Minbari had not made strides to learn about the humans, learn how their technology at that time had been inferior that when Minbari scanning beams were locked on they lost all power. Was it any wonder the humans had panicked?

When the human who was called Sinclair, the human with Valen's soul in its entirety had disappeared from the council during the last battle of the Earth - Minbari war, Delenn had seen her future, the future of the Minbari die with him, or so she'd thought. Delenn understood only too well why the humans had fled the galaxy. What did they have left? At the time she'd thought the whole human race was extinct, why would a mere seven wish to survive in this when their people, their whole civilisation's history and future was on shaky ground? When Delenn had learnt of the presence of the Khanate and the New Earth Alliance, she'd wanted nothing more than to open a dialogue with both of them, but so far they'd been hostile. She couldn't blame them.

When the Valen'tha had ended up here in a strange galaxy, only to be rescued by the original human race, Delenn had been stunned to learn the truth. The human race had not been wiped out, they were alive and stronger than ever, but they had problems, and those problems extended beyond her perception of the universe, something she would never have imagined possible.

The humans had mastered time travel, something she was sure no other race in the universe had even managed, not even the First Ones. She didn't notice Neroon sidle up next to her until the Warrior began speaking.

" The next meeting is in a few minutes, Delenn." He said.

Delenn stopped and stared at him. Since their arrival and his defeat at the hands of Starkiller, Neroon had been remarkably quiet. Then again all warriors had since they'd been punished via telepathy for their attack. The Time Lords had made it very clear that to them if they so much as thought a deadly thought, they would be vapourised. The Minbari hadn't believed them, until six of their number were disintegrated before their eyes.

If the Time Lords were trying to prevent their races from fighting one another they weren't doing a good job, but Delenn had demanded an explanation from the Supreme Commander himself.

Sheridan had stared at her for a long moment before he spoke. " Your people have always attacked us. We have to defend ourselves, and there are plenty of non combatants on our world. Do you blame us for protecting them?"

They didn't trust the Minbari.

Delenn was sad to admit it, but it was true.

Before she could say a word to Neroon, she was surprised to see a dozen Time Lords run through the garden, and alarms blarring. Neroon stopped one of them, " What is happening?"

The Time Lady, a short woman with dark fur on her head, glared at them, her genetic enhanced body not even breaking sweat. " The alternates have broken through our defences."

Temporal control was a mess, and Delenn and the other members of the Grey Council were crowded around the operations table, all around the room screens showing maps and sites in the universe the alternate Time Lords had broken into, and on the screens were Time Lords, some of them inside control rooms of their Time ships. The image quality was poor.

Sheridan was standing next to the President, and he was presently speaking to a Time Lord on the main screen. The Time Lord was both harried, shocked and frightened. He was only a scientist on a survey team, and the rest of the crew was trying to control the bucking ship. " It's no good, sir. The TARDIS is badly damaged, and the vortex has locked us here. It's tearing the TARDIS apart."

Sheridan nodded in understanding. " How much damage is TARDIS taking?"

The Time Lord shook his head, irritated, " I don't know. The ship's rocking so much its hard to get an accurate reading, but the damage is spreading from the temporal core to the console room through the time rotor. When that goes..."

Sheridan sighed, " Try and stabilise the core. We can't let them into our reality."

" Supreme commander, I don't think you realise how much damage our TARDIS is taking. We've tried every trick we know to control and contain the core. It's now exceeding tolerance...Coolant leaks are popping along the rotor!" The Time Lord suddenly shouted as the glass columm in the console room suddenly exploded, and a gas came spurting out. " Earth, we have eleven minutes till a full temporal explosion...we're escaping via a wormhole portal...we'll call as soon as possible..."The image cut out.

The President had been silent until that point. " How many TARDISes are there in the universe - independents, warriors and many?"

A Time Lord at the table counter looked up, his expression grim if Delenn was reading his expression correctly. " Too many, and far too many of them have given reports in the last half hour about their cores rupturing. They have to shut down their power connection before they could stabilise, if not..." he trailed off, and the Minbari saw all of them shudder.

" What happens if the power connection isn't shut down?" Coplann asked curiously.

The President sighed. He'd forgotten about the Minbari present, but it was too late for them not to know about the intricacies of Time Lord technology. " Our power systems are derived from black holes held in certain times, the temporal energy beamed back and forth in time is rich with gravitational energies, time energies...The temporal core maintains stability for our ships in the universe. If a TARDIS explodes, its explosion is not limited to one time and place, but all of them combined. Imagine it, total explosion through the whole universe exploding in every moment, every year, every day, everywhere. The alternates know it, but they're using their more primitive vessels to create interdimensional ruptures at various points in time through their own vortex."

This was beyond the Minbari, as their brains were not genetically enhanced to the level of the humans, so they had no real inkling of how bad it was, but they understood the dangers posed even though their minds, used to thinking along terms established by the Vorlons, could not comprehend it.

On a planet out in remote territory, a crew of Time Lords were rushing around busily trying to establish an emergency stargate home. Their TARDIS explosion had occurred only a few minutes ago, and the explosion could be seen and heard as though it were right next to the planet, but in truth it was three light years away. One of the Time Lords glared up at it furiously, the explosion had subsided, and now it was starting to take on the appearance of a wormhole or a black hole in space, an interdimensional tear similar to the one the Vorlons had opened aeons ago. How like their alternate selves to use a crude way of travel between realities, using their TARDISes as doors. It was an offence to destroy a TARDIS, a living being that used the time vortex...but their alternate selves simply did not care.

Another Time Lord came over. " We've gotta go, now! The converter is ready to crack this planet in half."

The first Time Lord, like his fellows disliked the necessity of destroying an uninhabited world, just to prevent their technology, which was in some ways more advanced than their counterparts, falling into their enemies hands but their counterparts had never designed or created stargates, and it wouldn't take much for them to learn the principles of the technology and use it against their alternate enemies. The converter would convert half of the planet into antimatter, and then into energy, creating a devastating exlosion in space, destroying the stargate before their enemy would stop it. A release of temporal energy would prevent time travel for billions of years.

The Time Lords rushed towards the stargate, through the wormhole before, seen from space, the planet started glowing, faintly at first then superirradiantly before it epxloded just as the alternate Time Lord warships emerged from the interdimensional wormhole emerged.

The invasion had begun.

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