Pokémon Trainer Gumball

This is my first Gumball story, and my first Pokémon crossover.

I do not own The Amazing World of Gumball, or Pokémon, or any of the former and latter's content.

It was a stormy night, in the Wattersons' house.

"Yes!" sounded a voice. The voice soared from the upper floor of the house.

"Ready, Darwin?" roared that same voice.

"Uhh. What?" murmured another voice.

"I can't hear you."

"Speak louder."

The lights were off. From the moonlight, you could see the blue cat's outline, sneaking out of bed.

"Wake up Darwin; it's time for the marathon!"

"What marathon?"

Gumball, the blue cat, was getting impatient. "The Pokémon anime marathon." he whispered.

Next, shrouded in moonlight, the orange fish rose out of his goldfish glass.

"We have to be careful not to wake the others up." Gumball continued.

"Ohh. Yeah."

Gumball put a shirt on, and tiptoed out of the room, opening the door into the upstairs hallway.

"Darwin! Hurry up! We'll miss it!" He looked through the doorway, to see Darwin rummaging around in his drawer.

"I need my shoes!"

"You don't need your shoes!"

"I do!"

"NO YOU DON'T!" That was the last straw! Gumball couldn't take it anymore! He shouted at Darwin, and stared at him, panting heavily.

Darwin stared at him back, and spoke again. "Isn't it at 3:00?"

"Yes, and it is three!"

Suddenly, thunder was heard. The sudden shock scared Darwin, as he retreated outside of his room, wearing his shoes.

"That was quick." Gumball said as he looked at Darwin, the orange fish shaking in fear.

"Let's go down." Gumball sighed as he watched the scared Darwin, following him as he creeped down the stairs.

They both walked down the stairs. Gumball turned on the television, and peered at the screen. The shopping channel.

"And when you buy this amazingly dull stone figure of a couple hugging then you'll get a little stone figure that can transfer you to another dimension—"

"Keep flicking."

Darwin continued to switch channels until he got the channel which Pokémon airs on.

"Two Chickens Lay an Egg?" Gumball groaned. "I hate this show!"

"Me too. It's so boring." replied Darwin.

"Where's the Pokémon show? I thought it was on at 3 PM!"

"Uhh, Gumball, you're not going to like this, but…"

"How was I supposed to know it was 3 AM?" Gumball sighed.

"Wait, did you hear the shopping channel?"


"And when you buy this amazingly dull stone figure of a couple hugging then you'll get a little stone figure that can transfer you to another dimension. I'm pretty sure I heard that!"

"Wait. We can use that to teleport to the Pokémon world! Yes!"

Gumball and Darwin zipped down the stairs. They turned on the TV. They flicked through the channels.

"The shopping channel!" roared Gumball.

"If you want this mega special figure of a couple hugging then phone this number and place your order." The dull voice blared as the pixels on the TV danced around the duo's eyes.

"Phone. PHONE!" screamed Gumball. He was lucky he didn't wake the rest of the family up.

He grabbed the phone, and dialled the number in. "Yes yes yes…" grinned Gumball. "Two-hundred dollars don't care don't care…"

He placed the order.

It would come in the post a few days after.