Later, at the Camelot, Veronica reached for her phone. Its insistent buzzing kept waking her up. She moved languidly, feeling sated to her very bones. Dean's arm was possessively around her, and he made a little sleepy noise of protest when she moved away from him. She saw a text from Wallace.

He's getting better. Docs don't know why. Come as soon as you can.

Smiling in the dark, she snuggled back down beside Dean, her heart light. He pulled her close again, his drowsy warmth comforting.

"He's okay?" Dean asked, his voice thick with sleepiness.

"yes." She answered.

"Medical mystery." He said smugly. She let her eyes close, still smiling.

Sam had spent the night in Logan's suite at the Neptune Grand. A huge leap up from the usual motel rooms he slept in and better than trying to get comfortable in the Impala. The couch was big and he sprawled comfortably. He woke up to the sound of a room service tray rattling into the suite, disoriented for a moment.

"Breakfast?" Logan asked. They'd gotten Vinnie to the hospital, Logan reeling off some story about how they'd come across him unconscious behind a dive bar. A deputy named Leo had taken statements, giving Logan an odd look. They'd left the emergency room, Sam trying to decide if he should go back to the room or not. Probably not. But then the other option was breaking into the Impala since Dean had the keys, and the last time he'd done that, Dean had lost it. Even though Dean was occupied in the room with some girl he'd picked up and had left the car locked because he wasn't going to leave his Baby unlocked, what if someone stole it? Or some weirdo creep wanted to sleep in it? He wasn't going to let his Baby be violated like that. Sam had told him he'd wanted to sleep in it and that if Dean wasn't going to be courteous enough to leave it unlocked when he was busy, Sam was completely justified in breaking in. Dean had retorted that there was no reason, ever, to vandalize the car and he and Sammy would have some more serious words about it outside if he wanted and Sam should prepare to have his ginormous ass kicked. For his own good. Life on the road with Dean kind of sucked, but he wouldn't trade it for anything. Except maybe a place to sleep for the night.

"Hey. I have a suite at the Grand. It has a huge couch." Logan had offered. Sam accepted, feeling a little weird about spending the night in Veronica's ex's suite while Veronica spent the night with Dean. And even weirder that Logan was so accepting of the situation. It felt a little too 90210, all soap opera drama.

"You ordered breakfast?" Sam asked, wiping the sleep from his eyes and stretching lazily. Logan grinned.

"Spend the night in my suite, I buy you breakfast." He said. "What? I have a reputation to keep up. Omelet or scrambled?"

"Omelet." Sam answered with a laugh. He was wearing an extra pair of Logan's pajama pants and no shirt; his clothes were folded neatly at the end of the couch. "Laundry service too? Nice."

"When you're rich in Neptune, you can pretty much do what you want, no questions asked." He said with a shrug, sitting down to his own breakfast.

"So at the hospital last night?" Sam asked, taking a bite of omelet.

"no. that was Deputy Leo, a very dear old friend of Veronica's." Logan said, the words twisting with sarcasm. Sam nodded, trying not to look awkward and concentrating on his food. Logan let out half a laugh. "It's okay, Sam. Veronica and I… it's never been easy. But the best love stories never are, right." The words were light but edged with an irony of Sam didn't understand. "They don't write songs about the ones that come easy."

A pang of grief went through Sam as he tried to swallow a mouthful of impeccably made omelet. He and Jess had been easy. From the moment he met her- introduced by a mutual friend- it had been the easiest thing he'd ever done in his life. Falling in love with her, loving her, being that guy had been simple. Uncomplicated. It was like breathing, being with Jess.

He missed her.

"Easy might be overrated." He conceded, getting the food down. He didn't know his own mouth twisted in an echo of Logan's sarcasm. Logan eyed him for a moment but didn't press it. He knew that some scars never really heal and only hurt more when poked.

"So. You and Dean. You actually do this for a living?" He asked. "Hunt demons?"

"And monsters." Sam said, trying to make his voice normal. "Our whole lives, actually. And I wouldn't call it a living, more like… a calling." Logan raised an eyebrow at him.

"It's pretty fucking weird." He said.

"Yeah. You know, one time? A shapeshifter decided it wanted to be Dean and now Dean's wanted for murder." Sam's tone was jovial, amused, though that hadn't really been funny.

"Wow, I was wanted for murder once. Twice, actually. Me and Dean should start a club. We have so much in common." Logan said in the same bright tone. Their eyes met and they both fell back, laughing.

It felt good.

Veronica wasn't one for sentimental farewells and neither was Dean. She leaned on the driver's side of the Impala, smiling slightly at him. He answered her smile with one of his own.

"So…where you guys headed?" She asked, and Dean shrugged. He really had no idea. She nodded. "All right. Drive safe. And, you know." She meant stay safe, stay alive, but couldn't quite bring herself to say it. He nodded.

"Yeah. You too." He said. He started to open the car door but turned back, gathering her to him. She rose to her tip toes, trying to pull him down to her. He bent to her, kissing her deeply before letting her go. She stepped back, letting him go. Sam gave a little wave as the Impala pulled out, and she turned to watch as Dean pointed the car towards the highway.

She felt Logan's hand on her shoulder but didn't shake it off. "You wanna go back to the hospital?" He asked. She nodded, and then touched Logan's hand. For a moment his face softened, and the both heard Dean gunning the Impala's engine. Logan dropped his hand from her, and she let him go too.