He Never Happened

Everything had been her dream. Edward, the vampires, everything. It felt as if her life was all a lie. One amazing, beautiful lie. Bella fluffed her hair, looked in her bag. Anything to distract her from the nightmare her world really was.

It was amazing how vivid dreams could be. They could be a parallel reality, yet never have existed. Our minds tease us. Play with the lines that separate reality from a dream world.

Charlie tried to understand. But his head seemed as blurred as the windscreen where drops of silvery drops of rain tried to fight their way into the inside world.

Mother Nature seemed to hate Forkes, why nobody knew. She would unleash the rain, day in and day out. It would seep into shoes; destroy this morning's amazing hair-do, reek havoc for those dressed in white.

She didn't know anyone could ever feel this way. That anyone could die inside but somehow still go on living. Like a zombie. A depressed, scared, lonely zombie. How long would it be till this feeling disappeared? Until her heart reappeared inside her chest.

That night, she dreamt of him again. The feeling of security and love washed over her in a tidal wave of emotions. She woke up with a racing heart. The puddle which had been forming through the night on her pillow still stood out. Shone brighter than any star in the vast sky.

She began to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he did exist. Just not in her world. Maybe there was another place altogether. A place of dreams and wonderings.

The stairs never seemed to creak in the daytime. But now in the middle of the night, the steps seemed to sag and moan beneath her feet. They cried for help. Screamed at her to stop squashing them. She didn't listen. Didn't even give a care if she woke up Charlie, nothing mattered anymore.

The lounge felt like ice nipping at her toes. The sofa's soft leather comforting with its beautiful warmth. Laughter on the TV didn't even seem loud to Bella anymore. Nothing was a noise, everything just a simple silent echo bouncing of the space in her skull.