The Resurrection of Keitaro Urashima
A Love Hina Fic by JP Lake
Disclaimer: I do not own Love Hina. If I did, imagine the money in the bank!
Author's Note: To make both myself and the reader happy, I've decided that the ONLY character that will be OOC is Keitaro. The pairing: Keitaro/Kitsune! Flame me, fight me, slash me, my decision is final, like it or not. Yeah, I'm evil. In this Fic, Keitaro has NOT gotten into Tokyo University…yet.

Italics: thoughts

Chapter 1: Pipebomb & Sabbatical Leave
"YOU PERVERTED BAKA!" Naru Narusegawa shouted at Keitaro Urashima, followed up by a Naru Punch. BLAM! After skyrocketing through the roof, Keitaro Urashima flies through the skies of Hinata Springs, kicking and screaming at the air, praying to land on something soft. A pool, tall grass, even a gigantic glass case filled with pillows! I'll settle for ANYTHING soft! He thought furiously. Like usual, whoever is running the joint in Heaven must've been pissed off at all ronins and decided to use Keitaro as a scapegoat. Keitaro screams in pain when he lands back first unto a patch of sidewalk that was home to a game of Jacks. "Do people even PLAY jacks anymore?" Keitaro says out loud, but to no one in particular. "Well, you see jacks on the ground, so yes, they do." Says a voice behind Keitaro. Keitaro turns around to see a Japanese civilian's worst nightmare: A Yakuza member with a barbed wire bat focusing his attention on him.

"You ruined my game, you jackass." The Yakuza member said, raising the bat.
"Hold on!" Keitaro pleaded. "I'm sorry, let me expla-" WHAM!


Waking up in a hospital bed, Keitaro turns to see Haruka staring at him in a chair. "Keitaro! You're awake! Are you okay?"
"I'm alive, aren't I?"
"Well, yeah, but even with your immortality thing going, an attack with a barbed wire bat can slow that train down a gear!"
"In addition to the Naru Punch and the crash landing that followed up with said punch…"
Suspecting that one the Hinata girls had played a part in this, albeit "involuntary", Haruka sighed and began to light a cigarette. Out of nowhere, one of the doctors came in gave Haruka a look. "You can't smoke in here, miss." When Haruka put the cigarette away, the doctor walked over to Keitaro. "Well, Mr. Urashima," he started. "It seems that you'll make a speedy recovery, which is miraculous in my eyes." Keitaro heard this line so many times before. Next he going sweet talk me into giving blood so he can be some Paragon of Virtue in the medical field. I'm going to stop him right here. He thought. "Sir, I know where this is going, and I'm going to have to decline giving blood." Keitaro said nonchalantly. "If I'm fine, can I go now?" Although disappointed that Keitaro said no, the doctor kept his bright smile. "Yes, you can go, sorry to take up your time, please come again." Walking outside, Keitaro had a unreadable look on his, reminiscent of his aunt/cousin. Noticing this, Haruka began to light a cigarette while also focusing on Keitaro. "So Keitaro, what are you going to do?" she asked. "Well, first I have to make a call," he said. "Next, I'm going to tell you what WE are going to do." Looking at Haruka, he gave a warm, yet false, smile. "And finally, I'm going to drop a major pipe-bomb announcement on the girls…" Following his plan, Keitaro went into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone.

"Hey, Jai"

"Yeah, today was the last straw"

"Good, you know what to do, see you at 9:00."
Putting away his phone, Keitaro then turned to Haruka, still with the false smile on his face. "Now here is part two of my plan…"

8:45 PM: Hinata Dorm

"Where is he?" Naru said. "He was supposed to have a study session with Mutsumi and me."
"Maybe got fed up with you punching him to the heavens and decided not to come back," Mitsune Konno teased. "Please, Kitsune," Motoko Aoyoma said. "Urashima shouldn't be mad, since it's his fault he was attacked. He shouldn't have tried to molest Shinobu." Nodding her head in agreement, Naru looked outside. "Oh, here he comes!" She said. Keitaro walked in alone, still with the false smile on his face. "Where have you been? We were worried sick." Then almost instantly, Keitaro's smile dropped, replaced by a smug sneer laced with disdain. "Why should you even care? In addition, it's none of your business where I go." Everyone, with the exception of Keitaro, was shocked at his answer to Naru's question. "Is everyone here? Because I have an announcement to make." A vein popped out on Naru's forehead. "WHO DO THINK YOU ARE, TALKING TO ME LIKE THAT?" Without looking at her, Keitaro answered her question. "Simple. The current head of the Hinata dorm." While Naru was angry at Keitaro, Motoko was furious at Keitaro's attitude. "Urashima! How dare you talk to Naru that way!" After grabbing her bokken, she grabbed Keitaro by his shirt. "Go ahead, Motoko, do it." He said. She was taken back at what she said, but kept her game face up.

"Come on, Motoko. Make your sister proud and attack an unarmed man, in the name of justice."
"Shut up…"
"Do it, Motoko. Prove to me you're not a coward…"
"Shut up!"
"Are you… afraid of me, Motoko? You're afraid of a 'vile male?'

Hearing that, Motoko threw him into the wall in the main room. Looking away, Motoko failed to notice the smile on Keitaro's face. Then everyone heard the last thing they expected to hear from Keitaro when he's in a crater-like heap: Laughter. This was not a humorous laughter, not by a long shot. This laughter was infected with anger, pain, and despair. "That was a big bomb, but not as strong as the pipe-bomb I'm about to drop on all of you." Keitaro said, standing up. Hearing the commotion, Su and Shinobu came downstairs. Glancing in their direction, Keitaro dusted himself off. "Since I've been attacked and stolen from Kami knows how many times, in addition to realizing they will never stop," he said, staring everyone down. "I've decided to take a well-deserved sabbatical leave to the United States." With all eyes widened, Keitaro continued. "While I'm gone, which will be for a year, Haruka will be filling in for me, so you will go to her to get your needs met. That's all." Keitaro saw the look in all of their eyes, who in return saw the look in his. While going upstairs to pack, one look was on Keitaro mind: Kitsune's.


Probably wondering how she's going to pay for rent and sake. For a year, it's no longer my problem. But then again, I could be wrong. That look she gave can have another meaning. Keitaro thought. Everyone else had an easy reading look, but Mitsune's was the dark horse in this. While packing, Keitaro failed to notice that Mitsune was standing behind him. "Keitaro, why?" She asked. While still packing, Keitaro answered her. "To be honest, I don't want to be maimed and/or killed before my 20th birthday. I don't want Shinobu to worry about me all me time while I'm in pain." Then he looked into her eyes. "In addition," he said. "I don't want to be a victim of constant extortion and blackmail by a woman who doesn't care about me or my safety."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Kitsune retorted back.
" Mitsune, I just another guy to you that's out of your league, it's NATURAL for you not to care about me…"

"You're not just another guy, Keitaro!"
"Then what am I to you, Mitsune?"

Mitsune was silent. Normally, she wouldn't have a problem voicing her opinion, but with the bomb Keitaro dropped on everyone (including her), and his current attitude and state of mind, she was overwhelmed. She stood there… silent. Watching Keitaro, the best thing that ever happened to her, packing his stuff, leaving for the United States. Leaving her for a year. Walking out of his room, Keitaro let his anger and pain drop when he looked into Kitsune's eyes. "I promise I will come back, but I will NOT promise that I will come back the as the same Keitaro Urashima." He said, then he walked down the stairs, looking away at Kitsune.

Keitaro was about to walk out the door, but two different hands gripped his shoulder. "Naru, Motoko," he calmly said. "Nothing you say or do will change my mind, so let go of me." Hesitantly, Motoko let go. But Naru… she tightened her grip. "Keitaro, what about the promise?" Keitaro let go of the doorknob and looked at Naru. "Right now, self-preservation is beating out the promise I REFUSE to think about for a year." Then, of course, Naru became angry. "YOU SELFISH BASTARD!" Then for the second time today, Naru tried to punch Keitaro. But for the first time, she missed. Falling to the ground, Naru sobbed uncontrollably. "I'm sorry everyone, but this isn't something I WANT to do." Everyone in the dorm got their hopes up, only to get disappointed by Keitaro's next statement. "This is something I HAVE to do. See you in one year…" Then he left the Hinata Apartment, never to return for a year.

Just wait. He thought. When I come back, you all will realize it's for the best.
Chapter One End…

Author's Note: Well I told you Kei would be OOC. In the next chapter, time will fast forward to a year, on the day Keitaro comes back to Japan, however, as he said, he didn't come back the same as he left. His attitude, appearance, and personality will be different, remember OOC, but he ALSO believes when he comes back, his new ways will be best for the girls. In addition, I touch on what the Hinata girls was doing for the year that Keitaro was gone. As usual, praise and flames are always welcome. Some of the inspiration for OOC Keitaro will be from WWE's Best In The World, CM Punk. Until Next Time: "One Empire, Under Lake..."