-Next day during training-

Thresh stands in the knife section, twirling around the swords like a pro, the leather handle in his hand hard to grasp. Clove stood a little bit away, nodding in improvement. He was good. She walked over to him, picking up a small silver knife from a table she leaned against.

"Hey Farmer, I'll challenge you with the knives," She said, her dark eyes twinkling. He had never seen her with knives, so it was an advantage.

He chuckled and turned to face her. "Sure little girl," he said before swinging at her. She ducked and leaned forward, almost stabbing him in the stomach. He grabbed her around the waist and spun her around, throwing her off. She threw done the small knife and picked up a larger knife, just in time to block one of his swings.

He constantly kept getting closer, pushing her back and back till her back hit the wall. He grabbed the knife from her hands and threw it down, along with his own as he pressed his huge body against her, towering over her. She just looked up at him, amazed at how he had beat her with knives. She was breathing hard, her heart beating and pounding so hard probably Thresh could hear. And the thing was, he could hear it.

He smiled as he listened to the rhythm of her heart for a few seconds. He felt it beat faster and faster as he continued to lean down closer to her. He just smiled.

"I expected more from a Career,"