A/N: Weird chapter is weird... This is actually The Masked Wanderer's Redder and Bluer Challenge. And it can be seen as a continuations of my story 'About Raspberries and Blueberries.' But you won't miss much if you don't read that first. Anyways, hope you'll all enjoy. :)


"Mmm… Huh?"

The tired redhead finally seemed to wake up; her eyes fluttered open.

"Hey there, sleepyhead. Finally woke up, I see?" Aqua asked, with a small smile.

"Yeah… I had such a strange dream, though," Kairi muttered, rubbing her eyes wearily.

"I already thought so, since you were drooling all over the place," the bluenette said jokingly.

"Was not!"

"Oh no? You should take a look at your arm… and the table."

The younger teen pouted, not liking her friend's attempt at making her laugh… until she got an idea to annoy Aqua.

"You know, you were in my dream, too," Kairi started.


"With you know who…"

It was silent for a moment, until Aqua finally dared to ask, "What was I doing in your dream with Lord Voldemort?"

"Haha. Why do you always have to make Harry Potter references in all our conversations?"

"Sorry. I can't resist."

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