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When Kairi started laughing out of the blue, Aqua looked up. The redhead was still reading the same book.

"What's so funny?" the bluenette asked, curiously.

"It's the writer. At one part, he's talking to the reader, saying, 'Now you were not born yesterday, unless I am wrong. In which case, welcome to the world little human and congratulations on learning how to read at such a young age.'" She'd barely finished the sentence when she started laughing again.

"I hope you realize that the story itself is less funny? Honestly, it's like your worst nightmare becoming reality."

Kairi nodded. "I know. Although the oldest kid reminds me of you. You're smart, too… except that you don't have to tie back your hair when you need to come up with a plan."

"You remind me of the baby, because your mom told me you used to bite everything, too."


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