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The reception was absolutely beautiful. I was extremely envious of Baek Hee, and seeing how beautiful her wedding and reception was made me regret not getting Hye Mi to organize my wedding.

Everyone was now either eating or dancing. Jason and I were on the dance floor, dancing amongst the other couples. I kept sneaking peaks over to Baek Hee and Seunghyun or to Hye Mi and Jin Guk. They all looked so happy. I remember when Jason and I used to look like that, when we used to be happy.

Well, we were still happy, but we weren't like we used to be. I felt Jason grow distant, but I couldn't figure out why he was acting this way. I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong…until I got a call from her.

I looked up to Jason to see if his mind was somewhere else as well. Not only was his mind somewhere else but his eyes were too. Jason was glancing at another girl, who was sitting down eating alone. I didn't know her personally, but I knew that she was an actress that Baek Hee knew.

I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat, hoping to get Jason to look back at me, but he didn't seem to notice it at all. His eyes weren't on the same girl, but they were now on another girl on the other side of the dance floor. I saw the girl send a small smile to Jason, and I instantly got mad.

I pulled myself out of Jason's arms, and I walked off the dance floor, towards the door. I felt like going to talk to Hye Mi and Baek Hee, but I wouldn't interrupt either of them on this special day.

As soon as I was out the door, someone pulled me to a stop by my hand. Jason. He turned me around, and I could see that he was confused about the whole situation. "Pil Suk-ah…what's wrong? Kenchana?"

I pulled my hand from Jason's, still angry with him. I sighed and shook my head at him. "No, I'm not. Jason, what's going on?"

Jason frowned and stared at me. "That's what I'm trying to figure out. You haven't explained anything to me."

I sighed again and rolled my eyes. "I got a call from Hanna."

"Hanna?" Jason raised an eyebrow then smiled. "Hanna! Really? What did she say? Wow, how did she get our number?"

I stared at him. So, he knew who Hanna was. "Who is Hanna? You never told me about anybody named Hanna, Jason." My arms were now crossed over my chest.

Jason frowned and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "I didn't? Hanna is just one of the dancers that I used to work with before she moved to Japan. She's one of the best." His smile came back, and I thought I saw a spark to his eyes. "What did she say?"

I sighed once more – apparently that was all I was capable of tonight. "She said that she wanted to meet you again and go to lunch…when did you meet with her?"

At this, Jason looked shocked, as if he hadn't expected me to ask him that, as if I had caught him off guard. "Well, I –"

The tears started to build up, on the edge of falling. I held them in and shook my head at Jason. "I can't believe you!" I didn't wait for him to explain; I just ran out and kept running.


"Okay, everybody! It's time for the lovely bride to throw her bouquet!" Hye Mi yelled from the center of the dance floor.

She pulled Baek Hee to the center and moved out of the way, standing over to the side with Jin Guk Oppa. I ran over to the crowd of girls, and I squeezed my way to the center front. The girls behind me complained, but I didn't care about that.

"Okay, girls, ready?" Baek Hee asked excitedly.

Come on, Baek Hee Unnie, I thought, trying to make her hear my thoughts, Remember all the times you helped Hye Mi Unnie babysit me?

I kept my eyes focused on the bouquet. Baek Hee turned her back to us, bent over a little, then threw the bouquet behind her as high as she could get it. I took a deep breath then jumped into the air. There were other girls jumping too, but this bouquet wasn't meant for them; it was mine. As soon as I felt my hands curl around it, I snatched it down to the ground with me, yelling happily.

The audience clapped, and the other girls, though they congratulated me, gave me jealous looks. Baek Hee came up and hugged me. "Great job, Hye Sung-ah! Take care of that for me, will you?" She gestured to the bouquet with a smile.

"Aren't I supposed to give it back to you?" I asked with confusion.

Baek Hee seemed to think to herself for a moment. "Let's make a deal. You hold onto mine for now, and then, when you get married and get your own bouquet, you'll give it back." She smiled at me again, hugged me once more, and then went off to find Seunghyun.

I grinned and hugged the pretty, white, synthetic flowers close to me. I looked out to the dance floor to see people dancing again. Baek Hee and Seunghyun looked extremely happy, as they should – It was their wedding day, after all. A little ways away, I saw my sister, Hye Mi, and Jin Guk Oppa dancing happily as well. They'd been even happier after Hye Mi gave birth to cute little Sanghyun.

The happiness that I had felt a moment ago dwindled away. I realized now why I wanted the bouquet so much. Because it was a sign that I was going to get happily married one day. I realized that I wanted this – what Hye Mi and Baek Hee had: a handsome and caring man who could take care of me.

I sighed and went to the balcony. The doors to the balcony were open, but no one was outside because of the sudden chill. I shivered a bit and looked out over the edge. The view of the city was absolutely beautiful.

As I glanced up at the sky, I noticed a shooting star. I grinned, jumping up and down, and then I closed my eyes. I wish I had a boyfriend like Seunghyun or Jin Guk. I opened my eyes and sighed dreamily.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" someone asked behind me.

I shivered again before answering – could the star already be answering my wish? – and the person put his jacket around my shoulders. "Ye, it is beautiful. Thank you."

I turned to the person and smiled. He was very handsome, he was tall, he seemed to be around the same age as me, and he was famous. "I like the view too. I didn't think anyone else would come out here because of the chill." His voice was deep, not as deep as an adult's, but too deep for a teenage boy.

He was the boy that played Baek Hee's little brother in her first movie, the movie that Sam Dong set up for her. He had been in many other movies, and many dramas, as well as variety shows.

I nodded, feeling my face turn red – not because of embarrassment, but because of the wind against my face. Well, I blushed for both reasons. "How long were you out here?"

"Most of the reception. Everyone here has a date, and it felt too lovey dovey, don't you think? So, I came out here to get away from it all." He paused as he looked out to the view again. When he looked back at me, he gave me a breathtaking smile. "I'm Han Woohyun."

"Annyeong, Woohyun Oppa. I knew who you were; you're pretty famous, you know." I laughed a little. "I'm Go Hye Sung."

His eyebrows raised in curiosity. "Ah! You're Hye Mi's little sister. Beauty must run in the family then." He copied my little laugh, and he smiled a little smile. "Well, Hye Sung-ah…do you want to dance?"

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