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-Training center-

Katniss pulled back the arrow, leveling her arm with the floor. She took a deep breath, her fingers gripping the bow harder before she released the arrow from her fingers.

It sliced through the air. Bulls eye.

She put down the bow and looked around, all eyes were on her. She noticed even the Careers where looking at her. The biggest one, the boy from District 2 was smiling cockily, licking his lips as he folded his golden muscles across his chest. Katniss remembered him checking her out when they first walked in. She then looked up to notice Haymitch sitting in a chair, glaring at her, almost breaking the cup in his hand. He was pissed. He said not to show off, keep your ability secret. But Katniss didn't see it like that.

She smiled as all eyes were still on her. She placed the bow down on the ground before walking over to join her District partner, Peeta. He was on the ground, watching a bunch of stones as he rubbed the ground with leaves, creating friction. He heard someone approaching and got up on his knees, turning around to see who it was. He just shook his head.

"Why do you do that? I think he's actually trying to help us live," Peeta sighed.

"Peeta he doesn't care about us. We're on our own," Katniss said as she began walking over to a shelf. "Now do me a favor," She picked up one of the weights, struggling to carry it over. "Throw this," She dropped the weight between Peetas legs. "Throw this across the room. The Careers think your weak and kinda lame,"

"Lame?"Peeta said offended.

"Uh yeah, you're trying to start fire with leaves," Katniss rolled her eyes, leaning down and picking up two sticks. She got down on her knees and began rubbing them together like crazy, her hands immediately warming up. Sparks began to fly and then bam, fire.

"Now throw it," she almost demanded.

Peeta nodded and got up, picking up the weights. He switched hands with it, adjusting the weight. Once it felt right, he took a deep breath and lifted the weight, taking a couple steps forward he swung it over his shoulder towards the Careers across the room.

It landed right next to them, knocking over a set up of weapons. The look on the Careers face made Katniss smile, they were outraged, shocked, pissed. Just the way Katniss wanted it.

Peeta turned away from the death glares the Careers gave him and looked back at Katniss, trying to wipe away the happiness in his face. He shook his head.

"Why did I do that? I don't feel like dying yet,"

Katniss just laughed and walked up to Peeta, putting her elbow on Peeta and leaning on him. Her eyes locked with the District 2 boy the whole time she spoke.

"I'm giving them a taste of their competition,"