Okay I haven't written in months. I know. And I don't know how I feel about this chapter either. I hope it's okay. I do like the fluff but hopefully next chapter I will work in more sarcasm. I'm trying to brainstorm, i got a whiteboard and everything! Jk. But I do hope to update quicker. No promises but I will try. I really hope you guys like it!

Heat. That was all I could feel as me and the rest of the Careers and I ran towards the growing fire. But I have to admit by the time we got there, the fire was starting to die. It was about 5 miles away from our camp.

"You three go that way, me and Kat will go this way!" Cato commanded, pointing in different directions. No one argued, though you could see the hate on Glimmer and Cloves face. I nodded before running along with Cato to the west of the fire. We were here to see any injured tributes that we could kill, and by we I meant Cato. I don't kill free lance. Unless it's a live or die moment or if I just have a good shot at Clove, that is the only time.

"Cato I'm not seeing anyone." I yelled after we'd run around for about an hour. And ironically when I said that, that's when I heard the faint moaning. I looked over into the fire, its red and orange flames flicking high in the air and destroying everything. I squinted through the smoke and barely could see a person. I was about to alert Cato, but that's when I saw the blond hair, heard the soft hoarse cough.
It was Peeta.

There was a dead tree that lead into the fire. I was surprised Peeta hadn't seen it and crossed it to escape the fire. Quickly I ran over to it, jumping on the log and through the fire that threatened to burn me. I jumped down once I saw Peeta on the ground, his hands holding his ankle, a pained expression on his sweaty face.
He looked up, immediately recognizing me. "Katniss!" His voice raising an octave in surprise.
I don't know what possessed me but I ran over to him, crouching by his side. "What happened?"

"Some random fire balls starting shooting from the ground, I tripped on a rock and fell, twisting my ankle." He said.

"You didn't try crawling away?" I suggested, shrugging before giving him a soft smile. Why am I smiling. I have no Idea in hell why. I honesty should be killing him right now. He should be dead. I should leave and find Cato and we would check this fire again for tributes before heading back to camp. But that's not what's happening. Instead I'm leaning down by Peeta, wrapping an arm around his waist and hoisting him up. It didn't help we were both sweaty. I struggled to get him up.

"Katniss stop. I'm going to die anyway. This is me dying in this fire." Peeta said, turning so I could see him, the sincerity in his eyes.

"That's gruesome. Even for the Hunger Games." I said finally getting him to stand on his one good foot.

"Just stop please… If anything you could just kill me with your bow. Make it quick."

I looked at him, shocked. He grabbed an arrow from the quiver off my back and put it in my hand. "I'd rather you then any one else."

"Shut up Peeta. This is you're lovey dovey side talking. Now let's go, I don't want the Careers finding you."

"Why?" he said, almost challenging.

I sighed. "The Careers will kill you violently. Terribly. I don't want them to kill you-,"

"Because you love me?" He cut me off, his voice hopeful. I laughed at him. "No. It's just someone like you shouldn't die like that. Someone like you shouldn't be in a place like this. You... are a beautiful human being, and I promise you, you will not die by the Careers or by my hand, well unless it's us as the final two but I doubt that will happen." I shrugged.

This made him laugh. "You fill me with hope." His voice sarcastic but slightly happy. "Thank you." He said as I helped him across the log and away from the fire.

"Now go!" I said almost shoving him away, hoping he'd get away from here and to safety. I immediately regretted letting him live, but he was just a sweet person. He helped me and Prim live when we were so close to death. Throwing us that bread. I couldn't have been more thankful. At that time I was even desperate enough to start collecting grass from the ground and calling it salad.
I have killed a couple of other kids but it helped I didn't know them. I knew Peeta.

I guess when it finally came down to it, I just didn't want to see someone I know die. I hoped Peeta would run into a kid who has a big heart and kills him painlessly. Maybe then Peeta could live in a beautiful place in heaven with a huge bakery and a girl who finally loves him back.

I sighed, hoping this doesn't come back to bite me when I turn around to see Cato coming from around a couple of sturdy trees, his face serious.

"I thought I saw someone, I didn't."
"Don't lie to me. Don't fucking lie to me." He gritted his teeth. "You let your boyfriend live?"

"No. NO!" I said shocked. "You just don't understand."

Cato growled, only nodding as I turned away. I heard an odd sound, a sort of scraping and breaking. I turned around to see a dent in the tree, Cato clenching his now bleeding hands into fists."Are you jealous?"

"I just don't understand why you let him live."

"And you never will. It's personal can't we leave it at that?"

Cato only nodded before we began walking around the dimming fire. My mind was confused, I wanted to explain myself to him, but then again I didn't. I'm guessing Cato was thinking about the situation to sense he finally asked me after moments of silence.

"Do you love him to?"

I almost laughed. "No I don't. I just…" I tried finding a way to help him understand. "You ever have that feeling when someone helps you in your time of need and you want to repay them? I feel like I owe him." I said, looking up at Cato was walking by my side.
He nodded, opening his mouth to say something before Clove and Glimmer and Marvel came into view, their mouths in tight lines and eyes burning with anger.

"We only found one tribute. Disappointing." Marvel shook his head.

"You see anyone?" Clove asked.

My heart panicked. Oh god Cato was going to tell them about Peeta. There gonna kill me.

"Didn't see anyone." Cato said boredly. "Let's head back to camp."

I looked up at him, my eyes big. He met my eyes, giving me a familiar and now comforting smirk before his eyes widened in shock. "Get down!" He yelled, pushing me to the ground. An inch over my head a fire ball whizzed passed me, hitting a tree and setting it ablaze. The tree cracked and began to fall. We all panicked, getting up on shaking hands and feet as we began running, dodging another fire ball and having to make a sharp turn to avoid another surprise fireball. I turned around to see the damage when the another fireball came towards me. I pushed all of them aside and ran, turning left right to avoid a tree. The fireball skimmed my leg and hit the tree. I screamed out as I hit the dirt ground, my skin shriveling and blackening, blood almost like sauce as it came out of my burn wounds.

All the careers hovered over me, Clove took a knife off her belt. "Well she's no use to us. Let's kill her."

Cato pushed her out the way and bent down, careful to pick me up. My head quickly rolled onto his shoulder as he carried me back to camp.

God was it painful. He set me down on the ground, my back against a tree. I was about to pass out. "You guys go to camp. I'll meet you there. I have to wrap up this wound or she'll bleed to death." He said and they made no attempt to argue with him, disappearing in seconds.

"God dammit!" I screamed at the pain, putting my wrist in my mouth, biting it as hard as I could to distract me from my other pain. I started to tear at my shirt, getting half of it off before starting to lift my leg. I groaned at the struggle. Cato grabbed the cloth from my hand and put it under my leg, wrapping it around my burnt thigh and tying it. I panted at the pressure of the cloth digging into my dissolved flesh.

"Hey it's okay." Cato said in a hushed voice as he leaned in to kiss my forehead. "It's going to be ok." He said before kissing my nose.

The last thing I saw was a silver parachute falling above us.

I woke up, my whole body aching. I heard the sound of metal slidding on metal. Looking up I saw Cato opening a small metal can, pure white cream filling inside.

"Was is that?" I asked.

"Healing cream." He said pointing down to my leg. I was shocked! Beneath the tattered, melted cloth of my pants was now just bruised purple and red tight skin, the pain numb but slightly throbbing.

I nodded, leaning back on the tree. "What was last night?"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You didn't rat me out. You helped fix my leg. I'm pretty sure you kissed my nose like I was a kid."

He only shrugged, "Well Careers can't use you if you're dead."

"You guys don't use me know. I don't like to kill you know that." why was I saying im useless to them I don't know. But something wasn't right. Why was Cato helping me?

"I guess I just enjoy you're company." Cato smirked.

"Mhmm." I questioned. but dropped it. Instead I asked this. "Cato, were you jealous last night?"

"No. I was just worried I might have had a little competition to win you." He smirked before dipping his fingers in the white cream.

"That's jealously." I smirked back before moaning at the refreshing feel of the cold cream on my leg as Cato massaged it.

He smirked even bigger, "It's embarrassing. Peeta as my competition."

"He's got some good qualities." I defended him.

"Like what?" Cato laughed.

"He can bake. He's got a big heart." I tried to think of more.

"He's scared and weak and pathetic. And besides I can bake."

"That's something I'd like to have seen." I smiled but it immediately faded. Only one of us would make it out alive. Or maybe none of us.

"Yeah it would have been the best date of your life." he said as he looked at the wound more closely. "Take you're pants off, I don't think i'm putting the medicine all over the wound."

I bit my bottom lip as i tried to pry my pants off, some shreds of the pants burnt down into my skin. I groaned. Cato immediately took over, with gentle hands peeling the pants all the way off before setting them aside.

"You are extremely gentle." I joked with him as I looked down to see a bright red and brown ring on my leg.

"When I want to be." Cato winked before rubbing medicine on the ring on my leg, soon his fingers slipping higher up my thigh.

"That a seriously ugly scar." I wrinkled my nose as i stared down at it.

"It's not to bad." Cato said, putting the cap on the cream jar before leaning back down to kiss the scar, ever so carefully. Then he moved up an inch and kissed again, then again, continuing up my leg and towards my inner thigh.

"Uh Cato?" I suppressed a moan.

"Hmm?" he said, not stopping.

I pulled my leg back. "What are you doing?" i almost laughed.

"Showing you, you're still beautiful even with that scar." He smirked leaning up.

"We should get back to camp?" I suggested, reaching over to grab my pants.

Cato beat me to it, starting to slip it over my feet and up my thighs, his fingers going to the zipper above my crouch, zipping the pants. Then his hand raised to my hip, helping me to stand up.

"Are you really in such a hurry to get back to a certain person who wants to kill you?"

"Well if she tries, I know you'll be there to fix me up." I smiled before heading back to camp.

Yeah he'd help fix me up multiple times, but soon i will have to kill him or he will kill me. I can't stay here with him anymore. I'm starting to enjoy him. I can't stay with him. Tonight when everybody's sleeping, I'll leave the Careers.

When we got back to camp, everybody made sure to express there hatred for me and there anger towards Catos choice to let me live. I ignored them and laid in my sleeping bag till night fall. I looked up at the fallen tributes, my eyes widening once i saw his picture.

Peeta had died.

I clenched my teeth, looking away. How did he die? I only saw two days ago. Did he die terrible? Painlessly? I do hope so. But for some reason I felt a little relief, i'm glad there is no chance of the Careers or me having to kill him. He's gone now.

Cato sat down beside me, looking up to see Peeta's picture and then looked down to see my face. He grabbed my chin and turned my face to face him. I opened my eyes, even in the dark his pure blue eyes sparkled.

"Sorry you're boyfriend died." he said.

"No you're not." I chuckled.

"Not really. But I hope you're okay."

"He would have died eventually." I said before laying down on my sleeping bag.

Cato just looked down at me. "Do you think he died a virgin?"

i raised an eyebrow. "It's not something i care to know."

"But it's something that could happen to you." He laid down next to me, leaning on his side as his hand rested on my hip, trailing up my body to my face. His palm was warm as he pulled my face closer. "I could change that."

I just rolled my eyes before grabbing his hand and twisting his wrist. "Thanks but no thanks. I'd prefer to have sex in bed where there are no cameras and not all of panem watching us. Try to touch me again I will kill you."

"I'd like to see you try." He smirked, putting his hand back on my cheek.

I smiled before climbing on top of him and putting my arm against his neck. He easily threw me off, pinning my arm around my back. I was about to say something but he put his hand to my mouth, his head snapping to the side.

"There's someone here." He whispered before slowly getting up and reaching for his handy dandy sword that was always no more then 3 feet away. He grabbed the gold hilt of the sword and began running over to the sound that came from behind a bush. He reached in, lifting up and throwing to the ground a tall boy, 17, 18 maybe. Asian. He had a bowl haircut and wide eyes. He picked up his spear and quickly tried to fight back but of course Cato was better.
Clove and Marvel and Glimmer had run over to see what all the noise was about. They all stared, matching smiles on there face as they heard the screams from the boy as Cato sliced him into three parts.

I didn'close my eyes, no matter how badly i wanted to. Cato looked up, blood splashed across his face. He looked me straight in the eyes before looking back over at the other Careers, a smile on his face.

When he's with me he's just a guy who likes to flirt. When i'm injured he's my doctor. I totally forgot what a vicious killer he was. I defiantly have to get away tonight.