"Who's that, Henry? Who's that? I bet it's Daddy! I bet it is! Let's go see!"

Emily holds the cackling little boy firmly with her left hand as her right hand guides her electric wheelchair towards the front door of her temporary home. Looking in the pane of glass beside the door is Will LaMontagne. His eyes light up when he sees Henry.

"I told you, Henry! It's Daddy! Yay Daddy!"

Henry is clapping his hands as Emily unlocks the front door and scoots away from it so Will can come in. He smiles at his son.

"Hey, there, Little Man! How you doin'?"

He extends his arms and Henry happily goes to him. Emily smiles at the reunion. After Will finishes greeting his son, he looks down at Emily.

"Wow, Emily Prentiss in a wheelchair. Never thought I'd see that," he kids her.

"Yeah, well, you ever tried to walk on crutches with 3 broken ribs. Trust me: not fun," Emily replies dryly.

"I can imagine. How much longer?"

"Two more weeks and they'll take another x-ray. I did some pretty good damage to it. The ribs are feeling better but," she grins, "Henry loves riding with me."

Will laughs. "That's great." He stares at Emily a moment then looks at Henry. He kisses his son on the forehead and looks back to Emily. "Emily, I haven't had a chance to thank you for this travel fund. I would have sold everything I own to stay in Henry's life. I'm glad I don't have to do that."

"Me, too, Will. I hope Henry grows up to be as good a man as you. He can't do that if you can't see each other," she says sincerely.

The two stand in companionable silence for a few moments. Henry starts to babble at Will, quite obviously telling his Daddy all that he had missed the last few weeks. Emily smiles as Will acknowledges everything as if he can understand.

"Hey, Will, you want to stay for dinner? JJ will be home soon and I'm sure she'd like to say hello."

"I hope you don't think me a jerk, Em, but I really just want to spend time with Henry. I'm only here until Sunday and—"

"Hey, no need to explain. I understand." She wheels into the next room and grabs a bag sitting there. "Here's plenty of clothes and diapers for the weekend. But if you need anything else, give us a call."

Will slips the shoulder strap over his shoulder and grabs the car seat sitting in the hallway. "Thanks, Emily. Tell JJ I'll talk to her on Sunday."

"I will. You all have fun." She looks at Henry. "And don't you go getting your Daddy into any trouble, okay?" Henry laughs and claps. "Gee, Will, I'm not sure if that was an okay or a 'make sure you have bail money' laugh."

Will laughs. "I think we'll be just fine. As long as he doesn't try to steal a monkey from the zoo tomorrow we should be safe."

The two LaMontagne men head out of the house to spend their weekend together. Emily waves from the front door, her heart already missing Henry. Once they are gone, she heads for the kitchen. It's 4 p.m. and if she has timed it right the romantic dinner she had planned for JJ should be ready by the time the media liaison finishes fighting Friday night traffic.

At 6:00 dinner is nearly ready. Emily is setting the table when she gets a text.

"E, there's an accident at my exit. I can freaking SEE my exit but we are stopped. See you as soon as I can. Love you, J"

Emily laughs. "Of course there's an accident. The one night I actually have dinner ready you get stuck in traffic." Instead of that she texts back.

"No problem. I'll try to whip something up for dinner. Love you, E"

Emily looks at the table. There is really nothing else for her to do. Then she looks down at the jeans and t-shirt she wears. She gets a wicked gleam in her eye.

"Actually, Agent Prentiss, there is something more you can do," she says out loud to herself.

She heads into the bedroom to change into a black satin negligee with matching robe. She touches up her make-up, doing that thing with her eyelashes that drives JJ crazy. As she finishes, she smiles at herself in the mirror.

"Agent Jareau, prepare to be seduced."

Emily is back in the kitchen putting the rolls in a basket when she hears the front door open and JJ immediately start complaining.

"I can't wait to move back to DC so we can be going against traffic instead of with it everyday. And if people would just learn to drive it wouldn't take almost 2 hours for a 30 minute commute." Emily listens as JJ kicks her shoes off in the hallway. "Dinner smells good, Em. What are we having?"

Emily had been waiting. As she hears JJ start towards the dining nook, she steps out in the hall…and JJ nearly falls on her face. Emily leans seductively back against the wall.

"Just a little something I whipped up," Emily says huskily.

"Whipped…up…" JJ mumbles, her eyes taking in her satin draped lover.

JJ drops her jacket to the ground as Emily slowly undoes the belt on her robe. As it falls open, JJ gets a look at the swell of Emily's breasts.

"Oh, Emily…"

"Come get you something to eat, baby," Emily says suggestively.


JJ closes the distance between them and kisses Emily hungrily. She slides the robe off of Emily's shoulders and kisses her way down the brunette's neck to the top of her breasts. Emily stops her before she can go lower.

"Now, now, Jennifer. Dinner will get cold."

"We can heat it up later," JJ mumbles as she tries to pull the negligee up Emily's hips. "I'm hungry for something else right now."

Emily tries to deny the blonde but can't. She leans back against the wall as JJ kneels down in front of her. A scream rips from Emily as JJ's tongue slides up one thigh and into the wet folds between her legs. JJ's tongue swirls around Emily's clit. The brunette's hips thrust forward. JJ smiles and enters her with 2 fingers.

"Oh, Jennifer!" Emily screams as she is quickly brought to orgasm.

JJ slowly stands, her hands wrapping around Emily. "I love you."

"I love you, too. But you're going to have to carry me to the table because neither one of my legs is working now."

JJ smiles proudly. She loves that she can turn this strong woman to jelly. She wraps Emily's left arm over her shoulder and helps her hobble to the table.

"I probably shouldn't have done that to you while you're still in a cast. I'm sorry."

Emily kisses JJ's temple. "Don't you ever apologize for making me weak in the knees, babe. It's one of the things I live for."

JJ chuckles and finally takes a look at the table. Her eyes widen. "You call this whipping something up?"

"Well, I might have stopped by the market after my doctor's appointment today."

"Yeah, you 'might' have since I know we didn't have any of this in the kitchen."

The two women share another kiss then sit down for a nice dinner. As they finish, Emily looks up at JJ.

"So, we have a whole weekend without Henry and I'm cleared to have sex again, so whatever should we do?"

JJ smiles. "I say we make sure the doctor is correct about that sex diagnosis by testing you over and over and over again."

"Why, Agent Jareau, I do believe you want to seduce me."

"Actually, Agent Prentiss, I already did. I just want to continue to ravage you for the next 48 hours."

Emily smiles. "Well, then, who am I to argue with such a wonderful plan."

JJ stands and helps Emily up. They head to their bedroom to reacquaint themselves with what they had been missing the last 4 weeks.