Rowdy Yates – Ramrod

His face convulsed with signs of rage

As he watched the man dismount the stage.

"Bill Carson," he said, "I thought you were dead!"

And stood there ready to dish out his lead.

He was a cowpoke, looked young for his age,

Was known for his temper and fits of rage.

He wore a cowboy's garb, the usual things,

With a Stetson hat, with stampede strings.

He was ramrod of Gil Favor's crew,

And had a wild spirit that everyone knew.

He often got riled up, and fought a good fight,

Stubborn as a steer, and 'always in the right'.

Bill Carson had done some things in his day,

Had killed several men, and called it 'play'.

The ramrod had met Carson, it is said

When Bill had shot a stage driver dead.

So now the two men had met once more,

"I'll kill you now," Rowdy Yates swore.

"The stage driver you killed was my old friend,

"When you killed him I swore you'd meet your end."

Bill's lips curved with cruelty, but he shook with fear,

"You're a good shot, Yates, or so I hear!"

"That's right," Rowdy said, "so you'd better beware,

"Draw your gun, Bill! Now that's a dare!"

Rowdy's eyes shot fire as he glared,

But Bill wouldn't walk out once he'd been dared.

So quickly he grabbed the gun from his belt,

But Rowdy's bullet was more quickly dealt.

Bill Carson stumbled and dropped to his knees,

Uttering murmurs of desperate pleas,

But the wound was fatal, and slowly he bled,

Till after some minutes, the outlaw was dead.

Rowdy Yates was the ramrod of Gil Favor's crew,

He had a wild spirit which everyone knew.

He was mule-headed, heated, and stubborn to boot,

But Favor was fond of that reckless young coot!