This is a story I have had in my head for about a year and I have looked for a Beta-reader but have not found one so there for can this story have errors in it when it comes to the English language. This story is probably not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

Please let me know what you think of the story and do not hesitate to tell me what you imagine what will happen next or what you want to read in this story and that will maybe help me expand the story and see if i can improve it :)

Summary – Full-blooded vampires are born, not made and what vampire babies needs to be able to grow is breast milk and there for every vampire have their own breast-feeder. This is the story about Edward and his personal breast-feeder Bella and their life. -mature- -lactating fetish- -Possessive-ward-

CHAPTER 1 – The beginning

Esme and Carlisle Cullen were happily expecting their second baby. It was hard for vampires to get pregnant and now 50 years after they had their oldest child Emmett they had another blessing coming. They had already picked out the name, and even if they didn't have the technology to see what the gender of the baby was like the humans could, they knew it was a boy because, vampires could only have sons, no daughters ever came from two vampires.

Esme knew it was time to greet their son welcome to the world soon so they took the car to 'Renee's Angels', the only place a vampire would ever need.

Your senses are better when your are pregnant and the smell of leather in the car made her slightly nauseous. She tried to concentrate on the woods, watching the trees and the animals that were hiding deep in. Her hunger grew and when she saw that bear, just a hundred meters away she made a move to get out of the car. She couldn't control her body and the baby inside her, Edward, didn't help her mindset to get that bear, both of them hungry and wanting to set their teeth in something.

Her husband, noticing the change and smelling the lust and anticipation that came with hunger grabbed her chin and turned her to him.

"We have no time for this," he hissed and kept looking at her.

"Our son is hungry, but not for blood, we have to keep going, Now!" he saw her eyes become clearer and released her as he turned his eyes on the road. Their child was first priority, and no matter what, now was not the time to get distracted.

Edward needed food, he understood why his wife felt so strong about the hunt she wanted but the truth behind the vampires were that they didn't only survive off blood, the truth is that if they only had blood they would die a few weeks after they're born, at least the full blood vampire. The substance you needed to survive is breast milk. Every full-blooded-vampire needs his own breast feeder and that woman that the child choose is your mate for the rest of eternity.

When they arrived to 'Renee's Angels' Esme was taken to the delivery room. The big house that was full of half-vampires were preparing for the women that's going to give birth to a vampire.

All the half-vampires are woman, and they are also the ones that are the breast-feeders and mates for the vampires.

When Edward finally came to the world he was screaming on the top of his lungs, but that is normal. A vampire pregnancy are just as long as a humans and the baby, not being able to eat in nine months is hungry. At Renee's Angels every half-vampire that have started lactating lives and when a child is born the women is waiting in a row for the baby to pick his mate.

Renee who is the owner holds Edward as she pass every woman and every woman they passes put their hand to his cheek until the woman that is his mate touches him and the child stop crying.

When Edward found his mate she takes him from Renee and Edward starts immediately to grab her boobs, already knowing where the food is, smelling it, wanting it.

She is presented as Bella to the happy parents and together are they walking to what is now going to be her home too. When everyone is in the car they hurry to get home, wanting Edward and Bella home as soon as possible so their son could eat but they don't get far until they hear Bella's dress being ripped apart and you see Edward tearing at Bella's dress to get her breasts out and immediately latched on to her breast, already eating. He didn't have more time to waste and that white, thin fabric that was her dress were nothing but in the way. Edward's instincts had taken over and he did what felt natural, doing what it took to get to the food as quick as possible.

"You have a very strong son" Bella says to Esme and Carlisle who is watching her while driving home.

"Yes, and quite eager too." Esme smiled at her, feeling shocked, and turned around, giving them their privacy.

30 minutes later they are home and Edward is sleeping in Bella's arms, full and content with her nipple still in his mouth. Esme made a move to grab Edward when they arrived at the house, wanting to hold her son but as soon as she started lifting him he woke up and started screaming. When a vampire screams with lungs full of air it can be so loud that you want to cover your ears and that's exactly what Esme did, Edward laid down again when Esme dropped him in her arms again and was back to sleep as soon as Bella's nipple were back in his mouth with him sucking on it gently.

Heartbroken, Esme hurries inside while Carlisle shows her to hers and Edwards room. Carlisle went to find his wife as soon after he said goodnight to their son and his breast-feeder, eager to comfort his wife. Even if both of them knew what the bond between the vampire and the breast feeder were it was still hard to practically let go of your son after just a few hours.

They knew Bella was going to be with Edward every hour of the day in the first few years until Edward himself says that he wants alone time. They knew that Edward had to eat and Bella had to be there, always, so that he could have food whenever it pleased him. They knew it all because the same thing happened to them for 300 years ago when Carlisle picked Esme as his source of nourishment, his breast-feeder, his mate.

They had been through this when Emmett was born but now they have contact like a real family because now he drinks blood and doesn't need to be with his mate all the time, he had more time for his parents after he grew up and it would be the same for Edward, they just had to wait 5 years.

Even thought Edward was just a few hours old he understood everything around him, knew what was happening, he was just stuck in a small body that would soon grow to be the man he was becoming in his head. He was laying on top of Bella in their bed, snuggling her boob and just feeling good. He was tired but didn't want to sleep, after being in his mothers womb for so long he wanted to see the world and now that he found Bella he wanted her all for himself.

Reene had told them after Edward chose Bella that after a few weeks could the child feel a bit obsessed with their breast-feeder but the bond between the vampire and the half-vampire was different for everyone and for some the bond wasn't that strong and when the vampire didn't need the breast-milk anymore, he didn't see the need for the breast-feeder either.

Bella hoped that wasn't the way with Edward and her and would do everything in her power to make their bond stronger. She would make him a happy baby, wanting nothing, she vowed to herself as she lifted Edward up toward himself and he released her nipple with a "pop". She kissed him all over his face, smelling his scent and enjoying the closeness. Edward giggled as she kissed his nose and his eyes sparkled.

His green eyes stared at her with more awareness than a baby his age should. His lips a beautiful shade of pink and the blush on his skin that came to vampires after they had fed.

Bella prepared him for bed time but had to hurry through everything after Edward started fussing after a few minutes, she had to leave him alone on the bed while going to get his pyjamas but he started full out screaming as soon as she wasn't in his sight and it was impossible to get him in his pyjamas. Edward wanted to sleep naked, he didn't want to feel confined in cheap cotton clothes and had only one way to show it but Bella didn't want to listen.

She had heard all her life that newborn children should sleep in clothes to keep them warm but to hold them close to your body so they would feel comfort but when Edward's eyes turned black and his fangs went down and he growled at her she changed her mind. Edward was pleased when he got his will through and got to sleep naked as he had always been, on top of his Bella with one hand on her breast and the other sucking on her nipple.

This was the life that Edward wanted, and he would always be content with her boobs in his face and a nipple to suck on, that was the thoughts he had before he went to sleep, warm, full and content.