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Bella was standing in their bathroom getting ready for the night wearing a pair of panties and one of Edwards shirts. She had just braided a loose braid to get all her hair away from her face while she was brushing her teeth. She was staring at her reflection in the mirror while she brushed her teeth and thought about how happy she looked now. She had always been happy, yes, but since her and Edward had started a more serious, real sexual relationship she had felt like she was on cloud nine or something.

She always had a twinkle in her eyes now and her face was always flushed from happiness. It had been a few weeks now since Edward had 'eaten' her pussy and licked her clean. He had been satisfied these weeks with what they had been doing, giving each other oral pleasures and stuff but they had never had sex even though they had been so close a numerous times but somehow they had always been interrupted or it was just not timed very well. But now, lately, Edward had gotten more restless and Bella didn't think he was so satisfied with handjobs and blowjobs anymore, no matter how great it feels like and honestly, neither was Bella. They were both ready to take everything to their next level but Bella wasn't one to take the first step and even if she were she didn't know if now was such a good time to do it either.

Edward didn't have much time left in school so maybe he should focus only on that? He was almost an adult now, almost fully grown. Bella couldn't believe that she had been with Edward for almost five years now, how fast the time went by. But one thing she did appreciate with the time going by was watching Edward growing up. Watching him going from that cute, adorable possessive baby to her strong, tall, muscular possessive man.

There was not one thing with Edwards appearance that was not perfect. His shiny, silky hair and those gorgeous eyes. His kissable lips and strong muscular arms that could hold her all day long and probably carry her around for days without setting her down once. His wide shoulders and narrow waist and stomach that held a six-pack that you could spend hours licking. Somehow even his feet was sexy and perfect, they were big but yet just the right size.

Bella was getting wet just thinking of Edward and she could feel herself getting wet just like she always got when she started thinking of his sexy self. She rinsed her mouth and sighed when she looked at her reflection again, if she could just go into their bedroom and say that she was ready for them to have sex now and then there would be no more waiting. There was nothing stopping her but she just couldn't do it, her fear of embarrassing herself and him saying no stopped her, even though she knew that Edward would never say no to her.

He would probably leap of the bed and rip of her shirt and just have animalistic sex right there and the more she thought about how hot it would be to have sex with him, the wetter she got and she was just thinking of changing her panties before bed when she suddenly saw Edward standing behind her through the mirror with wide open eyes filled with lust and flaring nostrils.

"Hello honey," Bella said with a shaky voice, "I was just getting ready for bed." He was staring at her through the mirror with those eyes that made her clench her thighs together in a way as to get some friction between her legs. Edward didn't say anything to her just slowly walked forward until his chest was against Bella's back and Bella could feel his erection through his thin sweatpants on the small of her back. Edward bent down so he could run his nose from her shoulder to her neck, smelling her, all while holding her stare.

"Your mine Bella," Edward said. His arms came around her and his hands unbuttoned a few of the buttons on the shirt Bella was wearing, just a couple of buttons in the middle of the shirt, just enough so he could push one hand inside the shirt and cup her warm, hot sex. Bella gasped as he did that and leaned back against his chest with closed eyes. She was almost panting, she was so aroused.

"I can scent that you are finally ready, ready to make you totally mine, in every way," Edward whispered as he cupped her mound a little harder and left small kisses on her neck. Bella was ready and she could now see that this was what Edward had been waiting for these weeks, for her to silently give him the sign that she really was ready. Bella moaned and turned her head to the side so that she could kiss him, she needed to feel his soft lips on hers and taste him. He granted her wish and kissed her with passion as he massaged her pussy with his hand.

"You're so wet for me love," Edward growled against her lips as he ripped her panties away and pushed a finger inside of her. Bella opened her mouth in a silent gasp and Edward used that moment to once again slink his tongue into her mouth, licking the roof of her mouth and caress her tongue with his. "I'm gonna make your mine," Edward said as he pushed his sweatpants down and palmed his cock with his free hand.

"Do it Edward, please," moaned Bella as she ran her hand up and fisted it in his hair. Everything they had done these past few weeks had led up to this. Edward knew her tits and pussy better than herself and they had done practically everything except having sex, Edward had a very creative mind when it came to sexual things she had found out.

Edward lined up his cock with her pussy and Bella gave a sigh of joy when he pushed the head of his cock inside her. This was what they were meant to do, this was her purpose in life and it was finally happening, she didn't care about the pain everyone said was coming, she was just happy they were now going to become one.

One of Edwards hands settled on her stomach, keeping her locked in his embrace and the other one ripped the shirt open and cupped her right breast. Edward pushed harder and he had never felt anything so good as he pushed himself further and further inside Bella. "I love you," He gasped as he realized he was all the way in. "I love you too," Bella said as she watched them together as they stood in front of the mirror. They stayed that way for a while, just watching each other in this great moment until Bella gave him a small nod and Edward pulled out slowly only to go right back in again. Edward got the hang of it pretty quickly and soon the bathroom was filled with the sound of them panting and love making. Edward was pulling on her nipple and squeezing her tit in the rhythm of him fucking her and Bella was just enjoying the feelings running through her and trying to familiarize herself with the feeling of his cock pushing in and out of her. It wasn't a bad feeling, it was a good feeling, a pleasurable feeling but yet unfamiliar and that kept her from reaching the same stage she usually reached when she did something with Edward.

Edward increased his speed more and more and she knew he was close and just because she couldn't orgasm at this moment didn't mean she didn't want him to feel the pleasure their love could bring him. "Go on baby, come for me." It didn't take long before Edward reached his climax and he came with a roar.

After Edward came down from his high he pulled out of her and turned her around and lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. "That was the most incredible thing ever!" Edward proclaimed and kissed her hard. "Now you're mine forever, you and me baby." Bella felt herself getting wet again from the kiss and so could Edward. "You didn't cum did you?" Edward asked and looked her deep into her eyes.

"It was perfect anyway," Bella said and she meant it. Even though she didn't orgasm she felt better than ever, happier than ever. She gave Edward a deep kiss and giggled, "It was nice."

"Nice? I'll show you nice, I'll make you feel perfect for real this time, I'm gonna make you cum with my penis inside of you, you'll see," He growled playfully and ran into our bedroom and laid us down on the bed while kissing me. I couldn't wait for round two!