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It was incredibly hot this afternoon. The sun was blazing and the temperature was over 35 Celsius degrees, in the shadow, how this was possible only the Gods know how. Bella was sitting in a chair in the shadow that a tree provided and fanned herself with a magazine, it was nice, but not as cooling as she would like since even the air was warm.

Edward was out running, how he could run in this heat was another mystery, maybe it was because vampires didn't mind the heat as humans or half-vampires did. She opened her eyes and looked around her just as she saw Edward stepping out of the forest, shirtless with his hair all messed up from the wind and he was smiling at her. That smile was something Bella couldn't resist, it was so sexy but still somehow reminded her of when he was younger, when he just starting to use that smile to get his way.

Bella started smiling herself when she saw that Edward was walking towards her, her love for him grew everyday and Bella had started to question herself if her heart could hold any more love and how it would be when she later would also have a child to love. While vampires didn't really care for their own children, since the breast feeder takes that place from the start, you always love your child and want the best for him.

"Hello love," Edward said and leaned down to kiss her while caressing her breast that was only covered by the flimsy fabric of the bikini. "You're really warm!" Edward exclaimed and ran his hand down her sweat covered body while licking her neck, making Bella moan.

"It's really hot today honey, it may not seem that way for you but I'm practically melting away here," Bella said with a moan and a giggle, enjoying the coolness of his tongue.

Edward stood up straight again and Bella groaned in loss and started fanning herself with the magazine again while looking at Edward in lust, resisting him had proved to be a very hard thing, he was sexy even when he didn't try. Edward motioned for Bella to rise and with a sigh she obliged his wishes and stood up next to him. He took her hand and lead her to the car and with a suspicious glance at him she got into the passenger seat. Edward disappeared but came back just as quick with a bag filled with, what she could see, towels. But Bella decided not to ask and just go with the flow.

After spending a few minutes on the road Bella recognized the road and knew where they were going and the happiness Edward saw in her eyes made all this worth it. Bella was almost jumping in her seat as Edward parked the car just outside the entrance of the vampire version of a country club with the largest swimming pools. Edward did not like to come here, having to share space with so many others but he would endure it because he only wanted the best for Bella and on a such hot day as this one this was exactly was Bella needed.

Bella didn't waste any time getting out of the car, taking a firm hold on Edwards arm dragging him forward to the entrance. Only Vampires had access here and so Bella couldn't come here without Edward and since he wasn't a fan of the place it was a luxury for her to come here.

Both Edward and Bella already had their swimming gears on and Bella almost didn't even wait for Edward to find them a good spot to place their belongings before she gave him a deep kiss and a whispered "thank you," before turning around and jumping into the pool. Edward watched with a smile on his lips and with love shining in his eyes as Bella game up to the surface and brushed her hair out of her eyes, in years Bella was older than Edward but that didn't always show in behavior.

With a small shake of his head Edward yelled out a warning before diving in. He was swimming under water, hating the feeling of the chlorine irritating his eyes but still keeping his eyes open. The sight of Bella under water was not something he wanted to miss. Her round ass filled out her dotted bikini bottoms nicely, you could see the ass cheeks peek out from them and her tits were moving with the water as she kicked her legs to keep her afloat and the cold but refreshing water made her nipples erect and the urge to lick them was to great for Edward to resist and so with a few strokes he was straight under her and moved up her body till he could reach her polka dotted top and moved it to the side and licked her nipple making Bella moan loudly.

She fisted one hand in Edwards hair and yanked him up so the were face to face in the water, the only difference was that while Bella was moving to keep herself afloat Edward stood up straight with his feet on the pool floor.

"That wasn't nice of you Edward, you know how easy I react," Bella whispered to Edward and grabbed a hold of him after fixing her bikini top. All Edward did was smirk and looked at her with a lust filled gaze.

"I have to get something out of being here in this water, don't you think?" Edward said jokingly and ran his hands up her sides to her tits and then down again and grabbed her legs and put them around his waist. Bella rolled her eyes but admittedly she had had the same thoughts. She leaned in and kissed him while she tightened her legs around his waist making his cock line up with her pussy and she did a experimental rock with her hips while looking him in the eyes to see his reaction to her action and the shock and lust in his eyes only made her more turned on.

"We can't do it here Bella," He whispered and looked around them saw kids swimming a few meters away from them. Bella's response was to caress his stomach before discreetly untying his swimming trunks. "No one will know," She said and started stroking him.

Edward groaned and hardened in her hand and pushed her up at the pool wall, grabbing the edge for support as he lowered his head to kiss her neck. Bella pushed his trunks a bit down, only enough to let his cock come out and traced the tip of his cock with her fingers. Edward grabbed Bella's head and kissed her hard while bucking up into her hand, urging her to continue, thinking that this was pretty harmless and that no one would see only her hand going up and down in the water, what Edward didn't foresee was when he felt Bella guide his cock to her pussy and after lifting her bikini bottom to the side, pushing him inside her and Edward groaned so loudly he was afraid someone had heard him.

"Relax," Bella said and grabbed a hold of his head to make him stop looking around all the time, "No one knows, trust me," She said and rocked her hips making Edward moan, although more quietly this time. He decided to trust Bella and with his hands on her hips he started to rock his hips back and forth while kissing her senseless.

It didn't take long for Edward to know he was almost there and so he pushed one hand down her bikini and started massaging her clitoris, making Bella throw her head back and starting to rock her hips furiously, trying to get that release and within minutes they were both coming and panting.

Edward din't think coming here in the future would be such a problem for him, fact is, he would probably be the one suggesting it!