I walked into my health class with glimmer and Johann.

We saw Marvel, Finnick, Thresh,Clove, fox face(or Miranda) and Cato sitting at the back on 2 tables.

Glimmer sat next to Marvel in the empty space and Johanna next to finnick leaving me with Cato, my old best friend but now aquatince bordering on friends.

I say that because we've known each other since 3rd grade. It used to be whenever you found katniss you found Cato, but then I started going out with peeta when I was 15 and he was its just acquaintances. I honestly hate to admit it but...I miss him, he used to make me laugh and smile and save my seat in every lesson glaring at anyone who even dared think about taking it. Now he can be a Dick with an ego to match, especially whenever he was around peeta and me just so happened to be with him.

I was about to sit down next to him as our teacher walked the whole class went silent as she took the register.

"Right class. I'm going to get to the point and I don't want to hear anything about not wanting to do it or liking it. So in short no complaining! "All of us nodded fearing the rumors of how she lost her last job at a university were true.

She smiled. It wasn't a happy smile it was one that was taunting. "First you all must stand up at the back of the room while I explain a little...project to you".

Something was weird. It was the way she skipped a gap and said project. I just got the feeling whatever it was would be hell.

"For the next few weeks each you will be paired with someone and to show you all not to have sex at such young ages-" she grinned and I saw the flash of gold from her teeth."-You will both be taught what having children and still keeping your grades up will be like." My heart beat quickens and I hoped to god this was a joke, a sick twisted joke.

"Now. You will all be given the supply's to do so and the money. Girls will be the homemakers, boys will have the jobs. You'll all have to pick out of a hat what career you get. You will be paired today and have pictures taken so that the child is life like. The money, you will have given to you by the school to buy whatever it is you will need to help raise your 'children'. Once the pictures are processed your child will be given to you tomorrow. I will now put a slip of paper on the tables for the girls to sit and tell the boys where to go." I felt...confused, so confused. How exactly am I meant to react to being told I will have to raise a child with someone in this room?.

I sat down in a chair on the back with glimmer and fox face on the table also. Our teacher told us to close our eyes and put our heads on the tables so our 'husbands' can be a surprise to us.

I saw everyone doing it so I followed still hoping it was our sick teacher's idea of being funny.

I heard two people sit down at our table and the third next to me. I tried to see if I could recognize his scent to get a clue about who the baby daddy was. (AN/I just had to put that I'm sorry). There was no luck because as soon as I felt him sit next to me my blood was booming in my ears clouding my mind.

"Now ladies. Take a look at your future husbands" I looked up eyes still closed. I opened them as I felt him gently take my hand and place something on one of my fingers.

I gasped as I saw the white band on it a diamond with green flecks in it swirling.

I turned trying to prepare myself. The wind got knocked out of me as I saw the blond hair and blue eyes looking at me.

"Ladies and gentlemen I present you man and wife for the next few weeks. May the odds be ever in your favor."

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