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This takes place in Sazh's DLC: Heads or Tails in Final Fantasy XIII-2. This is a SPOILER Alert for anyone who hasn't already seen it so if you haven't please... um.. don't blame me for not telling you. Cause I just did. And yeah. Uhm, I'm going to try and keep Sazh IC (in character) although this is from Chocolina's POV at the time so until I finish chapter 2 you should at least see Sazh's side to the story. I think that I'm going to make it a T rated story for now... Anyways, please get on to reading. :3

When I saw him, I felt so... so happy. So fulfilled. So.. alive. I could feel the fluttering, ductile sensation in my stomach ascend up again when I had saw that fern green coat, heard that familiar voice, and saw the soft heap of jet black hair. It was him, it was Sazh. The thought of meeting him here, it was, well I was overjoyed. I didn't really expect to see him here particularly, in Serendipity.. Hehe, what a serendipity. This place was the boundary between Life and Death. A place where you can spend eternal paradise, in the "present".. forever.

What could he be doing in a place like this? Although, only Lady Luck choses the people who may go in. Not like I had to worry about that... I.. I wouldn't need to worry about her getting me in... I.. would just, appear there. I am a...a..paradox.. afterall.

I knew that, he probably wouldn't recognize me. Not after I'd been a bundle of happy, chirpiness in a chocobo. Here, I am now, a full beautiful human being, well, I'm not actually human, but you get the point. I don't even look like a chocobo anymore.. aw... I was so cute. This body that I was given from the goddess, Etro, I had no problem with it. I was finally able to help out in some way.

Even if it didn't exactly help him, I was glad that I could do something to help at all. As he strode over to me, I felt a sudden rush of nostalgia run through my body.

"Hey, hey. Don't get too excited now. The chocobos aren't used to us you know."

A rough chuckle sounded above our little makeshift nest. It was a deep and I could only hear it from afar. I could feel the sort of presence in the atmosphere from whatever the sound came from. Tiredly, I began opening my sleepy eyes. I had taken a nap in the small nest with the other chocobos earlier in the resting stall, but what were those noises? Everyone was chirping and hollering, were there people, here?

"I know daddy. They're all waking up though." I became erect on little legs without hesitation upon hearing the soft tone of a child. When I peeped up from my closed eyes, I was met with four huge brown eyes, two faces and two heaps of black nests (hair). I could see that one of the nests on the little boy's head was small, but it looked comfortable. The other one on the man's was big and puffy in a way. I cocked my head to the side in thought as I looked at the young boy's smiling face. He must be a nice person.

"Dajh, look at that one. It's lookin' like it likes ya'. Heheh, Rise and shine little chocobo!"

The one face that had the bigger nest of hair said nudging ever so carefully at my cheek with his finger. I cooed at the feel and rubbed my head on his finger. That man is so kind... I glanced around at the other chirping chocobos I knew. All of us knew that because the people were here meant one of us would leave with the man and the boy. "Kweh! (Hey!)" I said, hopping over to the both of them in the large uncovered cage we were all in.

It wasn't very hard to approrach them, and they found our presence very delightful. The man or the boy would occasionally say, "Look Dajh." or "Daddy, see that one over there!"

I knew that they wouldn't mind if I had taken a little courage and flew into their arms now would they? The man then spread open his hands in an inviting gesture for me to hop in.

I had found myself fluttering into the large open hands infront of me. "I think that one likes you Daddy!" The boy with the smaller hair had said, tugging on the fern coat arm of the man. His rough leather gloves tickled the bottom of my feet. Without a seconds notice I gazed upwards at the face of the man whose hands I was in. I got to get a better look at him this man had gentle deep marble brown eyes and smiled as I cooed at his meek expression. His skin was a light brown bark color as well. Then there was the nest-like hair ( I liked to refer to it as a nest at the time) he has on his head. It looked so tempting to fly into.

"Kweh, kweh kweh kweh! Kweh Kweh kweh, kweh, kwehh! (I like your hair! It looks very soft!)" The man and the little boy looked at one another and began laughing. Maybe, I made them happy! That's good. I began flapping my little wings in anticipation and flew into the smaller nest of hair on the boy's head. Wow! It's so soft! The boy named "Dajh" lifted his hands on top of his head, which I felt.

He was smiling and amused by the small action. "I think this one likes you Dajh. What do you think? Like her'?" The man chided, a graceful smile crept on his face as he patted Dajh's shoulders. "Can we have her Daddy? "

Upon those words, I popped myself out of this, Dajh's hair and flew in front of the man's face. I liked the boy and the man. They were nice. The boy said he liked me, so that means I can stay with them! "Kweh! Kweh!" I chirped excitedly into the man's face, as well as frilling my feathers outwards in excitement. "Chocobo says yes, too. Please Daddy?" The boy pleads with softening eyes, and a cheerful demeanor.

The man turns his gaze to the boy and looks me in the eyes with a cocked head. "Heh, This one.. I like this one. You take care of it, just like it's one of the most precious things you have.. Kay'? Now, come on Chocobo."

With that he gave Dajh's head a pat. "Yeah! Thanks so much dad!" The boy said, hugging the man. "Kwehh!" I squealed with a twirl, then plunged into the man's hair. "Hey, now careful with the fro'. " Maybe I would like this man.

"I've missed you oh so much! You and your hairdo haven't changed a single bit!" I declare with a wide cheshire smile plastered on my face as he stopped in front of me. He truly did look the same way that I always seen him. Same outfit, the beard and mustache. Everything, well, maybe not his age.. Although, seeing him like this, in this body, it was an entire different pespective. He looked.. good to me in a way.

"Uh.. do I know you, miss?" He replied, scratching the huge afro on his head. The confused look on his nonchalant face made me giggle a little. He couldn't have forgotten me now. I mean, even if I may be a beautiful woman, how can you not notice the own chocobo that you raised in front of you? Hmm...That.. came out strange.

"You haven't forgotten me have you? Ooh, I bet you're just trying to ruffle my feathers!"

Hmm..if that's how he wanted to play then sure. Takes two to tango now doesn't it? I smiled at the thought. "Anywho, let moi tell you how we know each other. Ready for this?" I was delighted by the thought of telling him, that his chocobo, has become Chocolina, the time-traveling merchant. "You know, I don't think I have time for all of this right now-"

I aruptly cut him off saying; "People know me as the choco-mazing Chocolina! I'm the most chocoriffic time-traveling trader in the whole wide world. Have you really forgotten who I am? Hmph." He certainly would know me as a shop merchant maybe. I'm a prominent figure to these people. I mean, everyone knew me. Well, at least the people who have went to my shop. Like that girl and boy, Serah and Noel if I remember correctly. They know me. And Serah's been with Sazh before so he should know me... No, I have to be strong. Feelings like that can wait.

"Well, you." I began to explain while spreading out my feathers in emphasis, "are at the intersection where events from the past lead into events from the future! To put it simply, I need your help and you can't say no."

He began uncertainly scratching his afro again, that old nervous habit of his. Well it was good enough that he is at least listening to me. "So what do you say? Huh? Pleeease?" I state placing my feathered hands together on my hips. He wouldn't decline if all he had to do is just round up all of those little chocobos? Now would he? Those little things keep running away from me.. Maybe I should tie them up somewhere while I do my business.

"Hmm, in that case, how about 'no' ?" He clamors, eyebrows scrunched in an irritated expression. I honestly hated when he did that. I could feel the tension slowly rising in the atmosphere. His angry expression was just..Ugh. You know what, I would not be taking that as an answer! "What? You'll help me out? Ooh, you're so sweet." I chide, nonchlantly letting a sly grin spread across my face. "Like a big ol' rotten tomato." He begun shifting his weight onto his other leg, clearly irritated.

"You might wanna' get that palate checked out." Sazh griped, under his breath letting out a grunt of sarcasm afterwards. I could almost taste his insult from those words on my tounge.

"Something horrible has happened! I've decided to call it, 'A Horribly Unfortunte Event; The Case of The Missing Chocobo Chicks.' It's your duty to search the entire casino. Bring all those wayward little chickies back safely. Chase them, negotiate with them, soothe them, win them over, do whatever it takes! Bribe them if you have to!" I exclaimed happily, fluffing my feathered hands outwards in anticipation like always.

"So you want me to find the chocobo chicks and return them to safety. Why you take so long to get to the point?" I chuckled out a little, pleased that this tenseness melted away and that he found humor in at least something. That's much better.

I nodded at his realization of my intention. "So, how do you respond? 'Of course my princess'? Or 'As you wish'? " I knew that he wouldn't refuse. It wasn't like him to not.

"I think I'll go with 'Ugh, If I really have to.' I have a soft spot for kids, " His voice lowered to a soft murmur as he spoke and I felt a surge of warmth flow through my body. It was that same feeling I had felt when I saw him. It enveloped my entire stomach, enlightening a fluttering sensation. It heat me up from head to toe. He was always so kind and loving like this... It made me feel... weird. Although the feeling was uncanny, I couldn't say that I didn't like it. It was soothing and caused my heart to beat in a way, it never had before.

"And my son's missing, so I know how you feel." I could tell by the serious expression he had as he glanced down at the ground that he was worried. This was Dajh that was in danger. His son. Of course, he would be concerned. Not that I wasn't either. The boy was very kind to me when we had had an actually proper greeting. Sazh had bought me for his son. Afterall, the both of us as well as everyone had gone on a whole adventure for him and Serah. I hope that he's okay and that Sazh can find him.

"You're still as kind as I remember." I smile gracefully, remembering all of those times we had spent together. That fluttering feeling, now, I had already knew that it was because of Sazh, but why, was the question though. "Huh?"

He said, looking up at me like I'd exclaimed 'Adamantoises can fly!'. I immediately flushed up for a second, before regaining my natural composture." Er- Okey Dokey do! Ready, set, search!" Sazh gave his afro a pat of reassurance as he squinted his eyes and gazed deep within my own azure ones. What was he looking for? None the less, why? As I felt my face flush up with embarrassment my confidence and pride caused me to couldn't help but say, "What? Like what you see?" Seductively.

"Eh-uh-No. No. nonono. Uh, I mean, ah, I'm out." With that stated he began walking backwards towards the entrance of the gazebo, before turning around and heading out towards where he came.

Flush! Without realizing it the strength in my legs falter and I numbly hit the ground. My heart was pounding hard against my chest. The overwhelming feeling in my stomach had made me feel almost light-headed. What is it? Why was this feeling so overtaking, so strong, and yet so pleasant, calming, and eerie? What is this feeling at all?

I cover my face with my feathers, while a smile of reassurance tugs on my lips. "Now, this isn't Chocolina-like at all. I just have to think this over... If it is because of ..Sazh... then there must be some explaination as to.. why..." I place both of my feathered hands over my face, sighing a big, heart-heaving warm sigh. The thick cavorting atmosphere around me becomes soft, in a way. I thoughtfully avert my gaze back on the pathway he had taken.