"The sun, it is bright!" I said to myself, smiling happily while looking up at it. I breathed in the clean fresh air that was Kamakura, Japan. "And to think that I had to spend two whole days on a plane to get here" I scowled. I had just spent more than two hours walking from the airport in Kamakura to where I am now, which was a few miles from the beach. My feet were sore from walking and I think that I had blisters on my blisters. I had to get to my Uncle's soon or he will have a fit.

"DAMMIT!" I yelled out to no one which got me several looks from the people who walked by. Not that I cared at all. I had absolutely no money on me whatsoever anymore and I still had to get to my Uncle's, whose house was, what? Two more miles away. My ears perked up as I noticed someone yelling. My expression was not that of anger anymore, but that of curiosity. I turned my head to the source of the yell and noticed two people on the same stone steps as I.

"Hey, Kouta!" I heard the voice yell out someone's name. Wow, she was really loud, but the boy didn't seem to mind as he just now heard her.

"Eh?" Kouta as I learned his name has spoken. He had jet-black hair, deep cobalt blue eyes, tanned white skin. He had a simple blue T-shirt on with dark blue jeans. He also had a long sleeved white jacket on. He wasn't very muscular either, nor was he overly skinny, just the right size for a average human male. Ok, I am going a bit overboard here with the descriptions here. Just say he is a boy.

"I am Yuka, your cousin" Yuka as I learned her name was. She had short brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and white skin. She had a pink shirt on with a brown or was it dark red dress on over it. She wasn't fat, but skinny. Not anorexic skinny, but just skinny.

"You are Yuka!" Kouta said in surprise. Wow, that was the first time I was surprised to see someone so shocked to see a family member. What have they not met before?

I watched Yuka nod her head and walk up to Kouta. Why am I even listening to this conversation? I was always taught that eavesdropping wasn't polite and not to do it, but I just couldn't help myself.

"You used to like watching the ocean from up here" Yuka said.

"Yeah" Kouta said, looking down at it.

"Come on! Let us go see the ocean!" Yuka then grabbed him arm and dragged him down the stairs two steps at a time.

"W-wait! Hey!" Just like that they were gone.

The beach, I did smell salt water when I came here. What the heck I will go see it. It might be interesting to look at the waves.

I found myself at the ocean not remembering walking to it. I guess my body reacts on, its own. I laughed as I watched the ocean waves as it did its little dance. Up, down, up down in that pattern as the waves came to the shoreline. I looked at my watch, 10:45am. Shit, really. I'm late and my Uncle is going to have a fit.

I looked up from my watch to find a girl around my age naked standing in the water. What were strange about her was not that she was naked, but that she had crimson eyes, cherry red hair, and horns. I noticed that she was bleeding from the head. The Good Samaritan I was decided to help the girl. Although before I got a chance the couple I saw before helped the girl who could only say, Nyu. Oh well, looks like I will be going to my Uncle's now.

When I arrived at my Uncle's. He had a two-story home, which I decided to go into. I rang the bell and my Uncle quickly opened the door and saw me. "You had to go and be late, Ashley"

"I am sorry Uncle Robert. It is just that I had to visit the beach." I said with my head down ashamed of what I've done.

"The beach? Why would you go and visit there for?" Uncle Robert asked confused. Uncle Robert wasn't a very tall man nor was he very short around 6ft. He had blonde hair with blue eyes. He had not shaven either, so I saw a few stubbles on his face. Having dressed himself in a simple black shirt with blue pants on.

"Well, I saw a strange girl on the beach."

"How strange?"

"Very strange." I should not tell him, he might call the cops on those two people who rescued the girl. My uncle sighed as he figured out that he would not get an answer out of me.

"Very well. Now Ashley go get your stuff unpacked. It's been sent here already."

I nod my head and ran up to my room excitedly up the stairs where Uncle Robert put my luggage.

Okay, so here I am now in my room getting my stuff unpacked. I took clothes after clothes and other items and put them in the respected drawers. By the time I was done it was already late evening.

"DINNER ASHLEY!" I heard Uncle Robert yell out. I quickly ran out of the room and down the stairs to dinner. I was very hungry not having a bite to eat since breakfast. I only had a bagel after all.

I sat down at the dining table. It was set out in a Japanese style. I expected this, so I simply knelt down. My knees on a cushion that was supposed to be a chair. The table was small, probably to eat on I guess.

I smelt and looked at the lovely aroma that was the food.

"Let us eat!" Uncle Robert and I said and dug in. I downed my coke quickly and ate my food quickly too.

"Do you want more? You ate pretty quick?" Uncle Robert asked with a little bit of a surprise.

"No, I do not Uncle Robert. Although I want to take another walk to the beach." I want to see that girl again. I have a feeling she's at the beach again.

"Why do you want to go out in this rain?" He questioned me.

"I'll take an umbrella. Don't worry Uncle Robert" I smiled at him and he gave in.

"Fine, be careful" He said sternly concerned for my well-being.

"I will, " I stood up and walked to the front door to grab an umbrella. Walking out I opened it up, putting it over my head.

Walking to the beach, careful not to get my short shoulder-length black hair wet. My blue eyes scanned for the horned girl I saw this morning. When I arrived there I saw a soldier pointing his gun at the horned girl and the young couple I saw was not in sight.

My eyes widened as I rushed to protect her. I put all my fears aside and stood in front of the two soldiers. My arms spread open to protect the girl.

"Who are you?" A soldier asked, pointing a gun at me.

"No one important, but I will protect this girl. NO MATTER WHAT!" I yelled the last part out.

"Kaito, kill her." Another soldier ordered.

"But Bando sir, she is a civilian." Kaito said.

"I do not care kill her or I will." Bando said again.

"I-I cannot sir." Kaito said sadly.

Bando sighed pointing his gun to me.

"I won't let you!" I yelled out rushing at Bando as fast as my legs could carry me. I grabbed hold of his arm so he couldn't fire his gun.

"Get off me" Bando said hitting me on the head with the back of the gun. I collapsed to the ground as I saw him aim at me. I closed my eyes, waiting for the bullet to come. I opened my eyes back up again and the last thing I saw as darkness overwhelmed me was the horned girl whose name I still didn't know.

This is where my story all began, where I saw that horned girl my life changed forever.