Okay! This is the sequel to "Deep and Dark and Dangerous." If you have not read that story yet, I would suggest you do to understand what's going on. :)

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"She rings like a bell through the night and

Wouldn't you love to love her?

Takes to the sky like a bird in flight

And who will be her lover?"

~'Rhiannon' by Fleetwood Mac

An owl sounded off in the forest that surrounded the Royal Sorcerer's Academy. The moon was high in the sky, casting a silver light over the rolling hills that made up the grounds of the castle-like structure. All windows were dark save for one in the farthermost corner on the top floor.

Inside, a woman with dark hair and an olive complexion worked over a piece of fabric, weaving enchantments and thread through its fine blue silk. Anja's silver eyes looked up as she took in the position of the moon, deciding to put the dress away for the night and succumb to sleep. She crawled into bed, but not before grabbing a book of spells from her dressing table.

She placed a hand on its cover, deep in thought, taking in the title and the beautiful leather binding. "The Art of Healing: A Water elemental's Guide" stretched across the front cover in a flowing script of blue ink. She had read it from start to finish countless times now. She could recite each spell without batting an eye. The subject material, of course, was not the only thing that captured her heart. Throughout the book's pages were countless note sprawled out in green, elegant cursive along the margins. She had not seen the man who had given this book to her in five years.

It had been five years of hard learning, rigorous training, and hours upon hours of studying. Honestly, Anja had been very pleased with the amount of books and reading she was required to understand on a daily basis. The castle was very different from Asgard and though it did not have her father or the system he had constructed, it reminded her more of her home in Vanaheim.

The dress she was working on was for an upcoming trip to Asgard. Her education was nearly finished as far as remaining at The Academy. Five years of grueling training in healing, manipulation of the elements, and magical combat had left her with a significant knowledge of the arena most referred to as magic. Along with her knowledge, she had been given the ability to travel to foreign realms, learning about cultures that she had never encountered. Gladsheim had impressed her with its glorious feasts and Midgard with its historical architecture. She was not a bookworm anymore, but a well-rounded, worldly sorceress. No longer did she simply read about places, she was able to explore them, taking in whatever she could.

The years had also pulled her from the awkward stages of early womanhood. She had filled into her shoulders a bit more, her breasts and hips growing to balance out her larger shoulder frame. She towered over all the other women at the Academy still, but she possessed a willow-like grace that had come with a more comfortable view of her body. Where she had kept her head down in crowds before, she now walked with her head held high. The years had changed her physically, her knowledge growing exponentially, but she had kept the promise she had made in the gardens one night to her first and only lover.

She had not let her magic corrupt her. She had retained her love of the art of magic, not just the science as so many viewed it as. She may not have made the best marks, but she kept her thirst for knowledge constant. She had not forgotten the promise he had made to her as well; that he would wait for her. Five years was a long time, and Anja wondered if he was capable of keeping such a promise. In the brief time that she had known Loki she had been able to tell that he had a mischievous side. But she trusted him. She would always trust him.

She blew the candle at her bedside out swiftly, tucking down in the icy sheets. Tomorrow she was leaving for Asgard. The entire school had been invited for the coronation of Prince Thor. It was said to be one of the greatest celebrations in Asgard- the crowning of a new king. Anja could not help but wonder how Loki would react to see his older brother being crowned. She had always known he had been jealous of Thor- in the slightest degree. She had also known that he had always tried to impress his father with his own abilities. He had told her so himself. Anja had never met Thor, but she had seen the crowd's reactions to him over the darker, younger Prince Loki.

She closed her eyes. Tomorrow she would be back on the Bifrost, heading back to Asgard, back to him. Five years was a long time to be apart. Would he be the same?


Waves of cheers rolled over Anja's head as the name of Prince Thor was announced. After rising early in the morning to attend the midday coronation, she and the other students had transported to Asgard to participate in the week's festivities. Transportation on the Bifrost was no longer new to her and she had thought very little of speeding through space towards whole other realms.

Asgard had rendered her just as breathless as it had five years ago. One did not simply become accustomed to such lavish buildings. The gold-topped roofs and crystal blue waters had lightened her mood considerably as memories of her past visits flooded back to her. It had been a day very similar to this the first time she had laid eyes on the city of Asgard, the Realm Eternal.

Now she stood in the great throne room, taking in all she could. She wore the blue silk gown she had been working on last night. It was a one shoulder piece- her fully grown body could fit such styles now- that fell in soft waves of satin and silk down to the floor. Her dark curls were pulled back away from her now more defined face. She turned her head to the entrance as Prince Thor's name was announced and the crowd went wild. People had come from near and far to celebrate.

Anja smiled slightly. From her place in the back she could see everyone. She could make out her brother-in-law, Fandral, standing to one side with the other Warriors Three. He did not see her, though she would have waved if he had. She could make out the white-blonde head of her older sister, Selena, standing in the crowd and clutching the hand of a young red-headed boy that came up to her hip. Anja smiled even wider. The last time she had seen Selena and her family, Andrew had been days old. Selena had cried as she hugged Anja goodbye with Andrew in her arms. Now Andrew stood on his own two feet as he waited with all a warrior's patience for his new king to make it down the aisle to the throne.

Her gaze travelled to King Odin, an older man who sported an injury to his left eye from the Great War with the Frost Giants many years ago. He seemed to be one of the only people not smiling as Prince Thor walked down the aisle- more like strutted- to the end of the walkway through the honor guard. Cheers continued from the crowd.

The only other person that was not smiling… was none other than a man standing with a gold-horned helmet. At the sight of Prince Loki, Anja's palms grew sweaty and she grew slightly nervous. The years had changed him- if only slightly. She was sure he had only been a few years older than her- five at the most- when she had met him. Now he seemed harder. His face was a bit more chiseled, the face of a man. He stood with eyes cast down, his thin lips drawn into a tight line as the All-Father's staff came down and the room fell into silence immediately. Her gaze did not stay on the All-father for long. It snapped right back to Loki as the king spoke.

"Thor Odinson: My heir, my first-born, long entrusted with the mighty hammer Mjhilnor…" The king continued but Anja was too enthralled by the tightening of Loki's face as he kept his emerald eyes cast down. She was shaken from her thoughts by the booming of Thor's voice throughout the hall as he began the pledge that would allow him to become king.

"I SWEAR!" the last pledge came forth from the young prince as Odin issued the last oath. Anja let out a small smile. He had a good heart, she could see that. He was simply immature and arrogant.

"Then on this day, I, Odin the All-Father, proclaim you…" The old man stopped, his eyes growing unfocused as he looked away from Thor.

Anja's brow furrowed as the king's voice halted in what he was about to say. As he stopped speaking, she felt a chill take her, one that came from the wall she was leaning against at the back of the room. She stepped away from it wondering where the icy feeling had come from just as the words, "Frost Giants" came from the All-Father's mouth.


Anja was unsure of a great deal as she heard the All-Father's staff thump down on the marbled floors of the throne room. While the room erupted in chaos around her, she remained at her perch on the wall. She lost sight of Selena and Fandral as people began to move towards the exits. Guards were directing the flow of traffic outside.

Anja saw the rest of her colleagues heading in a rush to the farthest door. As members of the Royal Academy, they were being given rooms in the palace itself, something Anja had never heard of. That must have been where the group was headed now, led by none other than Mistress Elena herself. Anja thought it best to follow, then figure out what was going on later.

She turned around to glance across the room once more to see emerald green eyes meeting hers as the crowd thinned and she reached the doorway.

Okay! New story for Anja :D I hope this went okay. I didn't want to put off the actual storyline too much with fluffy first chapters. I wanted to dive right into the events of the movie. I did, however give a bit of backstory which will develop even more as the story progresses and Anja and Loki interact more. ;) Keep in mind this is just the beginning. I promise it will grow to be more developed as we progress.