(Superfamily: Tony/Steve – Adopted Peter) A young Peter wants to ask a girl out from his class and he seeks advice from his dads.

Prompt by kitt-o on tumblr

A seven-year-old Peter felt nervous as he slowly walked into his living room and spotted both of his dads on one of the sofas. Pops, Steve, was happily reading the newspaper whilst Dad, Tony, laid across the sofa – head in Pops lap – and was holding a clear glass tablet that produced holographic images.

"Erm, dad, pops?" Peter asked, shuffling along towards them. Both Tony and Steve snapped their heads up to see him.

"Hey Kiddo," Tony said, sitting up and placing his tablet down on the coffee table.

"What's up?" Steve asked, placing the newspaper beside him on the sofa. Peter dropped his bag and hopped up onto the sofa between his parents. Tony slung his arm around his sons shoulders, in a comforting manner, as he leant back on the sofa.

"I need your help," Peter muttered quietly, head hung from embarrassment. Though both of his dads had heard what he said, Tony leant in a little closer.

"You need what now?" Tony asked, teasing his son a little.

"I need your help," Peter said a little louder. His head was still hung though, refusing to look up at either of them.

"What with Pete?" Steve asked, leaning in slightly closer as well.

"Well, er, there…there is this girl in my class and-"

"Wait!" Tony interrupted him. "Don't you think you are a little young to be thinking about girls? Hm?" Tony nudged him, a smile on his face that only made Peter blush.

"And when did you first go out with a girl, hm, Tony?" Steve smirked at his come back. Tony just sighed, smirked and rolled his eyes – all at once. "Anyway, continue Pete,"

"well…I, er, I wanna ask her – I want to ask her ask, but. But I don't know how," Peter finally explained. He finally raised his head to see his two dads looking down at him, smiling at how cute he was.

"Well you see, I've been with quite a lot of women-" Tony started, before receiving a harsh look from Steve that told him to 'Shut-up-because-what-he-was-saying-was-not-helping.'

"You haven't always been with Pops?" Peter asked, looking up to Tony with curiosity and confusion written on his adorable face.

"Of course I have," Tony replied smoothly, releasing the trouble he has got himself into.

"Lies," Peter replied darkly. Steve laughed at this, though tried to disguise it as a cough.

"Anyway-" Steve then said, trying to save Tony. "If you want to go out with this girl, you should tell her how you feel and then ask her. It is as simple as that," Steve smiled down at the boy, ruffling his hair.

"Or you could-" before Tony could continue, Steve nudged him as a warning not to continue and ruin their sons innocence and sanity anymore than what he had already damaged.

"Thanks Pops, Dad," Peter said jumping off the sofa and grabbing his bag. "I'm gonna do my homework."

"They grow up so fast," Steve muttered, resting his head on Tony's shoulder.

"When did you become so cliché?" Tony smirked, resting his head on top of Steve's.

Sigh, not really my best one, but I didn't really know what to write.