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'There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people, so when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could…'

Chapter 1 - Uh Oh ! We're In Trouble.
Jennifer's POV.

"Everything seems to be in perfect order Tony, all the alterations I made are fine, just put on the damn suit" I said laughing as I dragged different files around on one of Tony's many touch screen computers, looking out the glass window of the new Stark Tower, I rolled my eyes. Tony was still acting like a big baby and refusing to put on the suit, only because I'd been the one to make the alterations this time around and not him, "For gods sake, Tony, put on your damn suit !"
"Watch your language, young lady !" He shot back, I rolled my eyes as he used his 'legal guardian' card again,
"Tony we aren't even related ! And besides its not like I told you to put on your fuc-"
"Jenn ! No need !" Tony chuckled, "And I don't care if we aren't related, I like taking care of you"
"Okay Stark, don't get all sappy on me, keep that for Pepper" I smiled, "JARVIS, is Miss Potts in the building ?"
"Yes Miss Fletcher, She is in the elevator as we converse," He replied,

I turned back to Tony, "Peppers on her way up, you sure you don't want to get into your suit ?" Quick as a flash, he held in a button on his ear piece talking to JARVIS as the gold rings began to spin, meaning he could get his suit on in a hurry, thinking that I would grass him up to Pepper. I laughed opening another file on his computer, only to find it password protected, I hmm'ed, why would he have passwords on his personal computer?.
"Tony ? Whats your password for file JSF1 ?" I questioned, only to hear Tony chuckle from the opened door, his suit still attaching itself to him.
"Its your birthday, and if you didn't realise JSF stands for Jennifer Sky Fletcher !" he shouted back, I sighed slightly keying in 04/12/86, watching automatically as the files opened up in front of me.
All different things from the camera outside my apartment building, to my health records, to my sisters location in Dallas, to my S.H.I.E.L.D personnel file, and then - my mothers location in Chicago ?.
Why would Tony be keeping tabs on my mother ?. I grit my teeth angrily as I dragged the file to the bin, that woman didn't deserve to be looked for, she disowned me for not being perfect like my older sister Charlotte, not finding a man, getting married and having a baby before the age of 25 !. I still fail to see how that is perfection, why not travel and see what you wanna see, have a great career then settle down, that's how I'm now 26, working for one of the greatest minds in 'clean energy' and have a great life on my own, since I'm single. That and I have the 'famous' Iron Man watching me like a hawk, as my legal guardian.

After I nearly trashed his suit.

"Whoa ! What files are you deleting ?" Tony yelled, I looked up from the screen to see him in full red and gold metal, his mask still up as he watched me through concerned brown eyes, my palms were beginning to heat up causing me to blow on them sharply.
"Why are you tracking my mom ?" I demanded, seeing the flickers of blue flames appearing around my fingertips,
"It was just inc-"
"Incase of what, incase she decided she wanted her freak of a daughter back instead of just having Miss perfect down in Dallas ?" I cut him off, the flames spreading til they covered the majority of my hand.
"Jenn, come on, we have had this discussion countless times, your not a freak !" Tony shot back, "And I was simply keeping tabs on your mother incase you decided you wanted to go visit her !"
"As if I -"
"It was an if !" Tony cut me off as the elevator doors pinged open, as Pepper stepped out into view a bottle of champagne and an ice bucked in hand, I took a deep but shaky breath as she hid the bottle and ice under the coffee table, I shook my hand gentle until the blue flames dispersed.
"Everything ok ?" She asked gently coming over to me, as Tony walked back up onto the ledge ready to get to work, Pepper rested her hand gently on my shoulder as I closed down the files on me and brought up the blue prints of Stark Tower.

"Yeah" I replied sighing a little, "Tony, you ready to go ?"
"Got it, see you soon ladies," And with that Tony shot off into the dark Manhattan sky line, heading towards the docks.
"Okay, now that he's out of our ear shot, what happened ?" Pepper asked, as we both sat down on the floor, Pepper was like the big sister, except she would just sit and listen, then give me advice unlike Tony who just results to getting anxious.
"Tony's been tracking my mother" I replied, she raised her eyebrow at me slightly.
"I see, and that's annoyed you why ?" She asked carefully, I growled slightly under my breath,

"'Cause he promised he would never ever look for her no matter how much I begged and pleaded, why would I even want to go looking for her in the first place, she abandoned me in the middle of New York, at the age of 19 with only 23 bucks in my pocket !" I replied, my voice getting angrier and louder as I went on, "And because of that I ended up at S.H.I.E.L.D and have become a scientists doll !"

"Jennifer, your not a scientists doll, you went along with the experiments to see what would happen, those experiments made you who you are today, a strong independent woman, who can do whatever she wants to do when she puts her mind to it and I know for a face that Tony is proud of you, for the last 3 years or so, he's been looking after you as if you were his own family," Pepper replied patting my exposed arm.
"That's all well and good Pep, but its not the - never mind" I stopped myself and stood up going back to the computers double checking the power capacity on Tony's suit, as Pepper stood up beside me holding my Glock 17 in her hands looking at it.

"Do you always carry a gun with you ?" She asked amusement in her voice, I smiled, she was changing the subject,
"No, just whenever I need it" I replied with a smile,
"So the majority of the time ?" Pepper asked, putting my gun back into my stars and stripes bag.
"Pretty much," I smirked, "JARVIS, how is Tony doing ?"
"He's almost completed task Miss Fletcher," JARVIS replied,
"Right-io," I whispered to myself as I re-opened JSF1, typing in the pass-code again as the files re-opened in front of me,
"What are you searching for Jenn ?" Pepper asked, as she continued to look at the arc reacter stats.
"Anything that may interest me," I replied pulling up my health record, I tilted my head slightly as I re-read the stuff S.H.I.E.L.D used in their copy serum, cupric chloride, sulphur, gamma radiation, nuclear radiat- I sighed why did I actually agree to let them inject that into me, especially after they used a tiny touch of the tesseract energy.
"Jenn are you ok ?" Pepper asked putting her hand on my shoulder bringing me out of my train of thought.

"Yeah, I guess so" I replied closing down the files not wanting to see anymore.
"So lemme guess, I'm gonna be hailing a cab tonight ?" I asked, gesturing to the champagne, Pepper blushed slightly, "Doesn't bother me, I just need to finish up some stats then I'll be out of your hair,"
"You make it sound so bad," Pepper complained, I just smiled as we waited for Tony,
" Good to go on this end," And right on cue, I slid back over to the main screen pulling up the computerised scale replica of the building, checking everything was in perfect order, "The rest is up to you,"
"Did you cut the transmission lines, are we off the grid ?" Pepper asked, whilst I continued to check the surrounding energy supplies.
"Stark tower is about to become a beacon of self-emmiting clean energy" Tony replied, I smirked sliding different programmes out of the way.
"Well assuming the arc reacter takes over, and actually works without me having to muck about with it," I added with a smirk,
"I assume" Tony replied, "Light her up"

"On it," I smiled tapping into the energy supply dragging my index finger up the length of the scaled building, igniting the light on the building.
"How does it look ?" Pepper asked,
"Like christmas only with a little more… me" Tony replied, I could see the cocky smile that was behind the tone of his voice,
"We gotta go wider on the campaign, you gotta do some press," Pepper pushed the same issue once again, causing me to roll my eyes slightly, "Im in DC tomorrow working on the zoning for the next two buildings,"
"Pepper, your killing me, remember enjoy the moment ?" Tony reminded her,
"Get in here and we will" She whispered, I gagged playfully as I sauntered over to the coffee table laughing as Pepper's gaze followed me in the form of a glare, as I pulled off my Texas Rangers Victoria Secret hoody leaving me in my Adidas '72 crop top, however leaving my dark blue 'Midnight Sky' tattoo on my hip on show.

"Levels are holding steady…I think" Pepper mused from looking at the screens,
"Of course they are, I was directly involved" Tony said coming inside flashing me an apologetic smile, I just nodded smiling back at him, "Which brings me to my next question, how does it feel to be a genius ?"
"Well, ha, I really wouldn't know now would I ?" Pepper questioned, I sat back down on the floor leaning back slightly a I watched the pair, they were too cute.
"What do you mean ? All this, came from you and you too Jenn !" Tony shouted over his shoulder, I sighed shaking my head, lying back completely only propping myself up on my elbows.
"No, all of this came from that" Pepper replied, poking at Tony's chest plate, I nodded agreeing with her.
"Give yourself some credit please, Stark Tower is your baby, give yourself…..twelve percent of the credit, Jenn you take 11,"

"I'm good with 11 !"

"Twelve percent ?" Pepper asked coming over to me,
"An argument could be made for 15" Tony replied making me snicker under my breath slightly.
"Twelve percent of my baby ?" Pepper asked still sounding quite shocked but with a smile on her face.
"Well I did do all of the heavy lifting, literally I lifted all the heavy things, with the help of Jenn over here, and sorry but the security snafu ? That was on you" He replied gesturing to Pepper, as she poured their two glasses, I reached into my bag grabbing my strawberry and kiwi vitamin water, I don't drink.
"Ohh," Pepper laughed slightly, looking over at me with a wink, I smirked taking a small sip,
"My private elevator -" Tony started,
"You mean our elevator ?" Pepper corrected,

"Was teeming with sweaty workmen," Tony replied crouching down beside us, "I'm going to pay for that comment about percentages in some subtle way later, aren't I ?"
"Not gonna be that subtle" Pepper shot back handing him the glass,
"Tell you what, next building's gonna say 'Potts' on the tower," Tony promised, I kept my mouth shut truly doubting that one,
"On the lease" Pepper corrected once again, that one I do believe,
"Call your mom, can you bunk over ?" Tony chuckled.

"Sir, the telephone" JARVIS reminded Tony, I raised my eyebrow at Tony who just shook his head, "I'm sorry but it seems my protocol has been over-ridden"
"Stark, we need to talk" I recognise that voice, Agent Coulson, I gulped I was still technically speaking an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D but I've been sort of on sabbatical as Tony likes to call it, for the last 8 months. I watched as Tony picked up his fancy designed cell,
"You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark, please leave a message" Tony said with his straight face, but I had my hand grasped over my mouth to keep myself from laughing.
"This is urgent" Coulson stated,
"Well leave it urgently," Tony replied, just as the elevator doors opened quickly, Coulson standing with his cell facing Tony,
"Security Breach !" Tony stated, before looking at Pepper, "That's on you"
"Mr Stark" Coulson stated coming out of the elevator before the doors shut on him,
"Phil ! Come on in "Pepper said enthusiastically as she jumped up to her feet whilst I rolled back to my shoulders before pushing my self straight up, brushing down my red Texas Rangers Capri's.
"Uh Phil ?" Tony asked, following us over, "His first name is Agent"

I rolled my eyes pushing his shoulder with a smile, "Idiot,"

"Can't stay" Coulson stated, I smiled at him receiving a smile back, "Agent Fletcher,"
"Phil" I replied,
"'Mon in, we're celebrating" Pepper smiled,
"That is exactly why he cant stay" Tony interrupted earning another shove to the shoulder, from yours truly.
"We need you to look this over," Coulson said going to hand Tony the computer-ised file, I raised my eyebrow,
"I um don't like being handed things" Tony said rejecting the file, to be handed to him,
"That's ok because I love handing things," Pepper smiled, as she swapped everything about until Tony had the file and she downed his glass of champagne.
"Official consulting hours are between 8 and 5, every other Thursday" Tony replied,
"This isn't a consultation," Coulson replied,
"Is this about the Avengers ?" Pepper questioned as I followed Tony back over to his desk, "Which I know nothing about,"
"The Avengers initiative was scrapped, and I thought I didn't qualify, I was considered, what was it…volatile, self-centred and don't play well with others ?" Tony stated,
"That I did know," Pepper smirked,
"This isn't about personality profiles anymore" Coulson explained, "And Agent Fletcher, your needed back at base tomorrow"
"How so, ?" I asked, looking up at Tony who just shrugged,
"Miss Potts, got a second, ?" Tony asked, Pepper and I swapped places as I jogged over to Coulson,
"Same time, same place tomorrow right ?" I asked, he nodded sharply, "Lemme guess, Nick needs us all ?"

"You need to look over the files that Stark has and there is a briefing package waiting for you at your apartment," He replied, I nodded watching as Tony swiped the files upright off of the computer screens into mid-air, 5 S.H.I.E.L.D profiles popping up one of which being mine, I ran over quickly making sure not to fall as I peered over Tony's shoulder, moving swiftly out of the way as Pepper whispered something dirty into his ear.
"Captain Steve Rogers" I whispered to myself, looking at the small stream video of Captain Rogers or Captain America back in WWII, I was one of the few agents that had the privilege of checking up on the Captain regularly after they found him in the ice. Infact, I was probably one of the first things he saw when he woke up, for a brief second then fell asleep for another few minutes, I read him the newspaper a couple of times too, after he woke up I went on sabbatical. I mean its not like Captain Rogers fell from the ugly tree, oh no, I certainly didn't mind just babbling on to him about anything, stunning blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes, I bet he's more than just a pretty face, he must be, he's Captain America !. Tony's nudge to the side brought me out of my little in-head debate noticing that Coulson and Pepper had left.

"So whats the story ?" I asked, Tony raised his eyebrow but just smiled and shook his head,
"According to this - the tesseract has been stolen" He read, I raised my eyebrow,
"By ?"
"Loki" Tony replied,
"What Thor's brother ?" I asked, he nodded, "And what else is in the file ?"
"Apparently he took Dr Selvig, And Agent Barton with him under some sort of trance" Tony replied,

"Clint Barton !" I asked shocked looking up at Tony hoping he was joking around, but the look on his face told me he wasn't. I grit my teeth moving quickly as I yanked on my jumper and threw on my converse, scooping up my back whilst Tony watched me confused.
"Where you going ?" He asked as I pressed the elevator button, "You could fly home,"
"With my bags, I think not and to answer your question I am going home to pack and tomorrow I am gong to the S.H.I.E.L.D base to find out how some E.T wannabe took one of the best agents in the whole agency," I replied, Clint was practically family, and you don't mess with a family, hence my sudden anger,
"Don't burn my elevator Jenn !" Tony shouted as he went back to his files.

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