Author's Note

Hey Everyone!

Just thought I'd post this little note to get some feedback and keep you up to date with what is going on with the story which is now going to become a series! The series will be titled 'The Challenge' series.

Firstly: 'Challenge Accepted' is under editing - so keep your eyes open for re-vamped chapters and sneaky add-ins

Secondly: As some of you may be aware Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been released which means I am now ready to write a sequel to my story that I posted 2 years ago! This will be titled 'Challenge Re-Boot' of course still an Steve/Oc story.

Thirdly: This is a question to you lovely readers.
A) Would you like a series of one-shots that describe the early days of Steve and Jennifer's relationship ie when they found the wreckage ?
B) I am gearing up to write a story base on Captain America: The First Avenger featuring a Bucky/Oc pairing … Interested ?
C) There is the possibility of a new Steve Rogers story all together way before the days of the Avengers and Jennifer - Anything you'd want to see ?

Thank you =)