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Internet Publish Date: 05-31-12

- Based on the movie scene


"She's dying Kei!" Sho roared out in anger as he pointed his hand over at his dying wife. Her tumor had been getting worse by the day and as it stood even her memory was starting to deteriorate. All the memories he shared with her, she couldn't recall. To her he wasn't even her husband and the father of her only child, Hana. But, instead, in Yi-Che's mind the man she was married to was her first love and his best friend, who stood before him, Kei.

Sho knew what he was asking him and he didn't care how desperate he sounded. He just couldn't lose her. Not like this. Not when she didn't remember him. However, the painful look in Kei's eyes told him he wouldn't do it.

"I won't do that to her," he replied finally after a moment of gazing at her there in her hospital bed as she slept. It wasn't the response he was hoping for.

"You have to!" Sho continued his anger building up within him as his hands began to tremble. He didn't care. He didn't think of what her life would be like if Kei chose to go through with it. He didn't picture her having to stay indoors or having feed on the people he killed with his guns. All he cared about was having her there. With him. Till the end of his days. She was the first girl he'd ever loved and by god she was going to be the last. Tears welling up in his eyes he grabbed Kei by the shoulders, "Please! Please Kei!" he bellowed out as his eyes locked on his old friend's.

"No, I won't do it, Sho!" Kei shouted back his brows furrowed a bit – pain clearly cascading his never aging facial features. "Listen to yourself! Do you have any idea what she'll have to go through! I've lived centuries hating myself; I'm not going to put her through that no matter how many times you ask me!"

Stumbling back a bit as the realization hit him Sho looked down at the ground; his whole body quivering. Taking a step toward Yi-Che, Kei took her warm hand in his cold. Looking down at her sleeping face, his eyes fell on her just like they'd done all those years in the park - Lovingly.

"She doesn't deserve it," was all he said as he let go on her hand. Leaving the room, he walking right past Sho without another glance.