Hermione granger is in love with her boyfriend Ron Weasley and dreams of a 'happily ever after' with him. Her dreams are shattered when she finds Ron cheating on her. Heartbroken and drunk, she decides to commit suicide as she believes her life has lost its worth. She is saved from this fate by a person she never expected to see again, a redeemed Draco Malfoy. Will she be able to cope with a broken heart, lost hope, an annoying ex and a confusing new friendship or will she succumb under the pressure. Will Draco be able to show her that her life was worth living? Will he be able to show her that she made his life worth living? A story of betrayal, friendship, love and Life…..

Chapter 1

Hermione Granger had tears in her eyes; she was overwhelmed with joy looking at the newlyweds taking off for their honeymoon. Anyone could see the love between them and were wishing the happy couple on their union. She looked a vision clad in a royal blue bridesmaid dress with her curls arranged on top of her head in an elaborate hairdo. Her almond shaped amber colored eyes and defined features attracted many eyes, but she had eyes only for the man who held her in his arms, the love of her life Ron Weasley. They had been together since the end of the war which they had won against the most evil wizard of all times. After the war Hermione had taken up an internship at the ministry in the Department of Law Enforcement and Ron had been admitted in the auror training.

War had made all of them realize the power of love when Harry decided to sacrifice himself for his loved ones. Bless the gods that when Ginny cried on his dead body, an old magic erupted which recognized their unconditional love and unbreakable bond and his sacrifice. Their love brought back his life and he proceeded to finish the Dark lord. From then on Harry potter and Ginny Weasley were inseparable, they moved in together after Ginny finished her school and started playing professional quidittch and Harry got accepted for auror training.

Apart from a few hexes, two break ups and a hundred arguments Harry and Ginny were as good a couple as could be, being totally opposite personalities. While harry was calm, collected and patient; Ginny was headstrong, fierce and if messed with, scary. Having six older brothers can do that to you. But both were extremely loyal and were Hermione's closest friends.

When Hermione had lost her parents during a raid during the war, she had been crushed. She had become an orphan in a single night and couldn't deal with it. The whole night harry and ginny had held a sobbing Hermione in their arms and through the months they had helped her deal with her loss. Ron was there but he didn't know how to deal with a broken Hermione Granger. Hermione didn't hold it against him though, she knew Ron could be a bit emotionally unavailable at times and he didn't deal with tears and pressure well. But harry and ginny had been there with her through all that.

Shedding the sad thoughts she chuckled, remembering Harry's proposal and Ginny's reaction. Flashback: in the middle of a party an angry ginny Weasley was staring daggers at a guilty looking harry potter. The reason? Well harry thought it would be good to fight with his girlfriend ginny before he proposed so as to throw her off the loop. As always his plan backfired and the little fight turned into a full on battle. Hence, here they were at a common friend, Susan bones' party glaring across the room. Everyone could see the tension between them and were waiting for an explosive fight. Then to everyone's surprise a harried looking harry potter walked toward the very angry red head and bent on one knee. The whole room including Hermione and Ron gasped. Harry said," I know I made you angry and I know that maybe I don't deserve you but gin I love you. You are beautiful, kind, faithful. You are my world, my family, my reason to live. There is no harry without ginny. I want to spend the rest of my days in your arms, I want to have lots of little red headed children with you, and I want to watch our family grow. You complete me, please make me the happiest man on earth, ginny Weasley will you marry me?

Almost all the females in the room were shedding tears, while the men looked proud of their mate. Ginny looked pale, she was sobbing in her tissue and looked ready to faint. When she opened her mouth her exact words had been " ithrush yushnvr ashk". Nobody understood her language till she leapt in her fiancé's arms screaming "I thought you would never ask, I love you and of course I will marry you".

Hermione smiled thinking about their journey till their wedding and couldn't help but wish for the same happily ever after with Ron. She sighed which made Ron look at her, she gave him a dazzling smile and rose on her toe and gave him a light peck on his lips. When the happy couple came towards them they both were too happy for words; Ron had his best friend marrying his sister and Hermione had her two best friends living their dream. Ron joked, "Well Harry mate I hope you know what you got yourself into" earning him a glare from his sister. Hermione hugged Harry who was like a brother and her best friend and whispered in his ear, "Harry I am so happy for you, you have made an excellent choice. Ginny will make you a very happy man and remember that she deserves all the happiness in this world. I hope the best for you both."

Ron and harry talked about their trip while Ginny said her goodbyes to her best friend Hermione. The girls shared anything and everything, they were practically sisters. Hermione could see in Ginny's eyes the joy she felt, again she hugged her and spoke so that only Ginny could hear, "Ginny I am so happy for you that I can't even express it in words. You deserve to get your dreams and I know you will make Harry very happy. He loves you and you love him, I have never seen a more perfect pair. And by the way you were the most gorgeous bride anyone has ever seen."

Ginny laughed and joked "well I'm the new Mrs. Potter, I was supposed to look gorgeous or the witch weekly would have created a style strip issue on me. But really I could barely walk in these heels, my feet are killing me". Hermione laughed at Ginny's dislike for the tabloid and their take on the relationship between the BOY WHO LIVED and the youngest Weasley. The editor was none other than Harry's ex girlfriend Cho Chang who hated Ginny's guts.

Hermione said" so we will not hear from you for 2 weeks; no owls, no phones nothing at all? Ginny smiled and said "well harry wanted some alone time and with all the letters he has received during the wedding we can assume that more will keep popping, so yes no owls. Don't worry you'll have Ron in case there is a problem and you'll be gone for a week for that convention anyway." Hermione smiled and said, "Well you enjoy, I and Ron will manage."

Ginny teased "knowing you, I think you guys will just pass time playing chess" knowing about Hermione's decision of staying a virgin till her marriage. Hermione blushed and said "we do other things Mrs. potter, like work". Ginny laughed at her friend's shyness about sex and said, "I hope we'll get to attend another wedding soon; just as soon as my brother gets some sense in that empty head of his". Hermione laughed and finally wished both her best friend's goodbye having only one thought after Ginny's last statement 'I hope so too'. She had no idea that her hopes were soon going to get crushed.

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