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Chapter 1

This was another one of those times when Stiles was desperately hoping wolf senses weren't as strong as he was pretty positive they were. He had thought of asking Scott a couple of times but he didn't want to give him any ideas or wonder why he was asking plus if he is being honest Scott is a terrible werewolf and he probably wouldn't know anyway.

"Is that clear?" Derek shouted from an inch away, one fist bunched in Stiles' shirt and his other pressing Stiles securely to wall at his neck. Right, he was supposed to be listening.

"Uhh yeah, sure, of course. Crystal." Dad having sex, dad having sex, dad having sex, oh god now I want to throw up. At least that worked. Breathe. Fewer things can cease the blood flow to your dick than imagining your father in a compromising situation. That is until Derek wrinkled his nose like he caught a whiff of the fucking hippie neighbors disgusting worm infested compost bin. Don't panic, that could mean anything. Breathe goddamnit!

With that Derek pushed off him and walked over to the window and took long deep breaths, his mountainous shoulders rising and falling and Stiles had to start another litany of parental sex through his brain to stop him from picturing the scene before him sans the unfortunate cotton and leather layers. Scott was just looking back and forth between Stiles and Derek like a total moron who didn't get the joke. Yeah, such a bad werewolf. Fucking Alpha should have bitten me. I woulda been awesome. But I guess that also means Derek's not an idiot… well fuck. He is going to kill me. Take me out into the woods and I'll just be another damn animal attack victim. Oh my god this could be my last day on earth… and I'm still a fucking virgin! Could I be any more pathetic?

"Are you okay?" Both Stiles and Derek were torn from their thoughts at Scott's question and neither new who it was directed towards but both responded in unison.

"Fine." Their eyes jumped to each other's and then looked back to Scott far too quickly.

"Right." Scott sighed, "well I'm supposed to go meet Allison so I'll call you later Stiles. Derek." He nodded to the older boy as he leapt from the window.

"Can't anybody use the damn door anymore. Seriously!" But Derek was already on the ledge with one final glance over his shoulder at Stiles leaving the kid to melt into the floor at his sexy smirk before he disappeared. Oh I am so screwed.

Derek isn't an idiot, he's been a werewolf his whole damn life he knows how to use his nose and what his most valuable sense can tell him. However he's never cursed that gift more than right now. Just the common scent of this stupid kid without the added layer of arousal was enough to make Derek keel over if he let it, but this, this was too much.

It had started out fine. When he first met Scott and Stiles he could claim the slight increase in the latter's heart rate was purely fear, because really the kid should fear him. But then the first time Derek approached Stiles alone the intoxicating rush of blood to the boy's face and neck could literally make the wolf stop in his tracks. He knew then he needed to nip this in the bud.

If circumstances were different, if he wasn't a werewolf dealing with an unknown murderous Alpha, a new and incompetent Beta, and hell just the fact that he was Derek Hale, he would be all up on this kid. No one had ever made the werewolf want to be a harmless human so much in his life. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt this beautiful young human but he knew if he gave in and claimed what he wanted, what he needed from him, there would be no going back. He just couldn't do that to Stiles, no matter how much this kid thinks he wants whatever his body is clearly asking for. He really has no idea what he's asking for.

But then his plan to terrify the kid away backfired horribly. Of course his true mate would only be aroused by his dominance, if he'd really thought about it before hand he wouldn't have gotten to this point. He was becoming desperate and he knew it. The pull was getting too strong. He had honestly thought all of his parents' bedtime stories of love and true mates were just fairytales like all parents spew to their children but with you know, a relevant werewolf twist or something. He should have known that every word out of their mouths was always some sort of lesson. God, this fucking kid is going to kill me. But actually.

Derek was anxiously pacing his room in the guest cottage down by the lake on his property and shooting nervous glances at the stack of books he'd accumulated on his search for answers to his little mating problem. From the first moment he'd seen Stiles he was instantly drawn to him and instantly horrified by that. At first it wasn't anything sexual or intimate, more like a frequency Stiles was emitting that only Derek could hear or feel or whatever the fuck it was. His body was completely at ease, more than even when his sister was still alive or maybe even his whole family. He almost felt whole again with the energy radiating off Stiles and filling him up, but then his brain almost exploded with the implications of that and he was on edge again despite the calm trying its hardest to push back in. He wouldn't let it. It was too damn weird.

That was weeks ago. He's had time to process and rationalize and try to convince himself that everything was completely fine and natural. Even though he was actually very far from convinced, mostly do to one passage from a more obscure book of lore that has been plaguing his conscious since he read it three days ago.

'A true pairing cannot be denied. Once a wolf becomes aware of his or her mate nothing else can truly be accomplished until the mate has been claimed. The need to claim one's mate becomes all-consuming and leaves the wolf vulnerable to outside attacks but contrarily claiming one's mate leads to newfound strength and power – a strength necessary to defend one's mate especially should the wolf's mate be a human.'

Reading that nearly gave poor Derek a heart attack. Mostly because of how true it is, he's the goddamn living proof. He could rarely think of much else besides Stiles. He really only made any progress with their psycho Alpha problem whenever he was around Stiles because then he didn't have to think about him – he was there. But of course that also meant he had to try not to breath so as no to maul the poor human or pound him into his messy bed, or the wall, or his computer chair, or really any and every surface available.

Derek stopped pacing and looked down at his crotch with an exasperated sigh. Again? Seriously? He's not even here! Derek was starting to feel like a pubescent teen all over again getting hard just thinking about sex, there didn't even need to be anyone else in the room, but always it was thinking about Stiles that did this to him before he could stop it. Not that he really thought he could anymore, willing it away never worked. He groaned and slowly let his hand wander down to the bulge in his black denim jeans, he lightly cupped it barely applying any pressure not willing to give in just yet. He new resistance was only futile though.

Reluctantly he laid back on his bed and brought his other hand under the hem of his shirt ghosting his fingers along his torso. He let his head sink into the pillow imagining those strong but delicate fingers rising towards his chest, those plump pink lips peppering each abdominal muscle in turn. Derek unknowingly released a breathy moan full of yearning and desperation. He needed so badly for this to be real. Suddenly his pants were torn open and his incredibly hard and almost purple member was trapped in his firm grip with a cry of Stile's name escaping his lips. It only took a few seconds of picturing those pouty lips stretched around him descending towards his pelvis for a face full of curls and after a delicious whimper of 'Stiles, please' Derek could breath again as cum shot across his stomach and onto the hem of his raised shirt.

Derek was so entranced in his fantasy and the scent of his own arousal that he didn't notice his audience at the window. His own heartbeat was so loud coming down from his orgasm he still didn't hear the visitor even as they made a panicked escape.

Scott ran as fast as his Beta form possibly could. He wasn't sure what Derek would have done o him if he had seen him there or heard him or smelled him but that wonton display probably would have been the last thing he ever saw, which would have been horribly depressing. Scott didn't know if he was more shocked by what he witnessed or that that he seemed to get away without Derek catching him. He was obviously preoccupied but still, that is pretty damn preoccupied for not one of his wolf senses to perk up.

Okay so Derek is into Stiles? But he hates Stiles… doesn't he? Oh god is this one of this kinky love hate things cause I so don't want to deal with this shit. If he were capable of using the air in his lungs for anything other than running full speed he would have been laughing by now. He had gone over to Derek's in the first place to ask him to lay off Stiles. His best friend could be annoying as hell but he was his best friend and Derek shoving him around all the time was so not okay. Scott slowed to a stop, he'd already covered a few miles and was a few minutes from Stile's house and needed to collect himself. Oh my god this is too much. He couldn't help it; at this point he was doubled over laughing in earnest. Badass born made werewolf Derek Hale is gay and desperate for some Stiles! Oh my god I'm dying. I can't take this. This is the best thing to happen since this goddamn bite. Shit Stiles is gonna die! Oh my god I can't want to see his face. Scott managed to pull himself together somewhat and walked the last few blocks to Stile's house laughing every now and then despite the somewhat horrifying images he was simultaneously fighting from his mind.

Stiles really should have been used to his window banging open without so much as a tap hello but he still shot up into the air clutching his heart. Oh, just Scott. He knew he shouldn't want it to be Derek because that should only mean his imminent death but lately just the sight of the sexy wolf made his whole body thrum and he couldn't get enough, really if was going to die he honestly wouldn't mind if it was with Derek on top of him with his hands gripping his neck or better yet his fangs sinking into him. God I'm so fucked up. What the hell is wrong with me? Fucking teenage hormones. Get a grip Stiles. Right, Scott's here.

"This house does have a door you know, I recall you used to be pretty familiar with it." Scott snorted and Stiles turned back to his computer. Scott was standing there practically bouncing on the balls of his feet with a way too eager grin on his face. "Jesus Scott, you were only gone a couple hours, do you and Allison really have sex that often? You are way happier than any person should ever be allowed to be."

Scott frowned for a moment but decided not to reprimand Stiles for his rudeness this time because he was in way too good of a mood with such great gossip to spill and he couldn't deny that Stiles also had a point. He would be bitter too if Stiles were now having sex all the time and he was still a virgin. That only made his news even more appropriate and he couldn't help but start laughing all over again. Stiles looked over at his friend sitting on the edge of his bed with obvious confusion, normally commenting on Scott's sex life got him some form of physical blow and not a ridiculous giggle fit.

"What the hell, Scott. Spill. You look like you're about to combust or like you've just absorbed a nuclear bomb and save millions of lives but now you have to contain it within you and only-" Scott knew what would shut his friend up.

"I know exactly who wishes they were having sex with you all the time." Stiles' mouth hung open ridiculously which only helped fuel Scott's laughter. Stiles recovered quickly.

"Uhh, obviously everyone they just don't know it yet. I'm one of those people who once they you know 'come into their own' they become impossible to resist – wait it's not you is it? This isn't going to become on of those 'I've known you my whole life and I've suddenly realized' because honestly Scott I love you but like a brother, I'm really sorry but-"

"Dude no! It's Derek!" Scott was standing now, towering over Stiles in front of his desk. Scott's eyes started to narrow suspiciously as his best friends heart began to race and unmistakable color flushed his cheeks. Stiles seemed to have gone into shock; he always has some sarcastic quip or comment to throw out there, especially when he's uncomfortable. Scott's eyes widen with the realization, "holy shit you guys are so into each other." Suddenly Stiles' eyes snapped to his friends and he forced one of his best smiles across his face.

"Yeah totally, every time he threatens to kill me and rip out my throat out it's such a turn on." Unfortunately that didn't sound as sarcastic as Stiles had planned.

"Oh my god, dude! You weren't lying!" Stiles' eyes widened in horror. Goddamn werewolf lie detectors! How the hell is a guy supposed to have any privacy anymore! Wait. Go back. Derek's into me? Is that why I'm not dead already? Yeah right you already know Scotts an idiot… sorry Scott I love you buddy but it's true. But fuck this is embarrassing. Okay play it cool.

"Buu…well…no…uhh." Great job Stiles, so much for being cool. Scott was staring in disbelief at his friend. As great a shock as seeing Derek moaning Stiles' name his hand on his junk, this might be an even greater one. His best friend is gay and has a thing for Derek Hale? The guy who is always threatening to kill him? And he just admitted he gets off on that! This is all becoming way more than Scott had bargained for when he climbed up here looking for the laugh of his life. Now he was the fool and he was pissed.

"What the hell Stiles! When were you gonna tell me you like guys? Don't you think that's something you tell your best friend!" Stiles was not expecting that reaction, but it was one he could deal with.

"I'm not gay okay!" Not a lie. Scott was really confused now. "I'm just like gay for Derek or something…" Stiles mumbled sheepishly. Again not a lie. "I'm sorry, Scott but what the hell was I supposed to tell you, huh? Hey man you know that mentor werewolf guy whom we barely know anything about is the literally hottest thing I've ever seen? Just being around him makes my whole body go into super overdrive and there's nothing I can do about it? And knowing that if he new I was practically in love with him he'd honest to god kill me?" Stiles is the one shouting now towering over a truly intimidated Scott. Shit I did not want to say all that. Goddamn word vomit. Why do you have to talk so much? Why couldn't you have just stayed in shock you've probably just scarred your best friend for life.

Warm arms wrapped themselves securely around Stiles rubbing soothing circles between his shoulder blades. Wait why is Scott hugging me? Why am I shaking? Oh my god am I crying? Fuck I'm seriously crying. God could this get anymore embarrassing. Ugh I love you, Scott.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you Stiles. I really need to start thinking before I talk. I'm so sorry buddy, but it's all gonna be okay. It really is, everything's gonna be fine. Derek wants you too. That's what I was coming over here to tell you." The sobbing slowed and Stiles pulled away to look at his friend.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Scott smiled encouragingly at his friend and brought them over to Stiles' bed to sit side-by-side leaving the one hand still on the slighter's shoulders.

"I went over to Derek's a bit ago to tell him something and I got a whole lot more than I bargained for." Scott smiled at his friend's confusion. "He was well, you know, uhh taking care of business and freaking moaning your name, man." Stiles' eyes widened in disbelief while the color began to faintly return to his cheeks.

"You're telling me you spied on him jerking off and stuck around long enough for a show?" Stiles was grinning now and even though he didn't really believe his friend he still had him admitting to peeping.

"Uhh yeah? Well when you put it that way… I was in shock okay. I mean come on! It was Derek fucking Hale blubbering and writhing and literally whining my best friend's name! It's like one of those car wreck situations where you want to look away but the scene in front of you is to mind blowing you can't not to watch." Stiles was just shaking his head refusing to process this news, it couldn't be true. There was just no way.

And then Scott threw himself back on the bed, one hand crawling up his shirt rubbing his stomach trying and failing to impersonate Derek's gruff voice, "Stiles! Uhnggg Stiles, pleaseeee!"

"Scott that is enough! OUT! Now!" Both boys froze staring at an irate Derek Hale standing in front of the window. "Now Scott!" Scott turned to look at Stiles afraid for his friend's life but Stile's gave him a tiny nod and then two second later Scott was out the window.

After Derek's little tension relieving session he knew the only thing that would comfort him would be to decrease the distance between him and Stiles. Something he'd become all too familiar with recently was the neighbor's roof across the street from Stiles. He had a clear view into his window and with his hearing it might as well have been professional surveillance. He justified it by thinking he was protecting him from the Alpha. Scott could protect himself much easier.

When he settled into his usual spot and focused his hearing the first thing he heard was Scott's raised voice and Stiles' panicked heart rate. So not okay. What is that little asshole doing? 'I'm not gay okay! I'm just gay for Derek or something…' Oh shit. I am so screwed. Wait his body feel the same as mine? So he's been suffering too? The pain that's been in Derek's chest the last few weeks seems to magnify ten fold. The whole reason he's been fighting the bond is so that Stile's would never have to suffer. Knowing his denial has brought his mate pain hurts more than he knew possible.

That should be me holding Stiles. Comforting him. He's my mate. Mine. A growl slowly radiates from deep within the wolf's gut. He longs to leap across and claim him more than he ever has before but the next thing Scott says leaves him stuck. How does he know that? I've hardly let myself become aroused in his presence, there's no way he could have… that son of a! Mother! Goddamn idiot Beta! I am going to KILL him! That is enough!

In barely three bounds Derek makes his way through the window from across the street only to witness his utter humiliation being displayed before him. It takes almost all of his control not to destroy the lesser wolf in front of him, but he is important to his mate and the last thing he'd ever knowingly do is cause his mate pain. Not ever again.