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Chapter 1

Lucius Malfoy loved his son. He may not have always said it but he'd always felt it. So when his son had told him he needed to get away for awhile Lucius had wished him well assuming that his son would return in a few days. The days turned quickly to weeks and the weeks to months and still Lucius had no word from his son. That was why more often then not Lucius found himself in the family room staring at his son's image on the wall.

The family room was nothing like the muggle approximation of the word but rather a more literal interpretation. All four walls were enchanted to show an image of every member of the Malfoy line living and dead. It had been spelled generations ago to track every birth and death automatically it was powerful magic that no one could tamper with. Without it Lucius would not know that his son was still alive.

So he sat on this day watching his son's image fidget and smirk up at him. Lucius clutched a brandy in his hand, The Daily Prophet sat on his lap unread and he just watched his son. That was when the image began to glow, sickness clenched in Lucius stomach. Surely he was not about to learn his son was dead, not like this. That's not what happened instead a small silver line traced out of Draco's image and joined with two new circles which had just appeared.

The glass Lucius had been holding shattered, Lucius hardly noticed as high end liquor splashed his impeccable dress robes. Nor did he notice the blood that was dripping from his hand as a result of the broken glass. His eyes were fixed on the two new names that had appeared next to his son's.

Harry James Potter and lower down in between the two names Sirius James Potter –Heir Apparent


They apparated to St. Mungo's first but after threatening several maternity healers it became clear that Harry Potter was certainly not there and had not just given birth. Lucius paced the ward. Where could the boy be? The wall could not be wrong, Harry Potter had given birth to his son's child of that Lucius was certain but where? The answer came to him in a flash. Weasley!

The woman certainly had enough experience with childbirth, he had heard that nearly all of her children were home birthed and the youngest Weasley had gone into Healer training shortly after the final battle. It had been in all the papers because she had been allowed to leave Hogwarts a year early to do it.

They apparated just in front of the burrow, Lucius lip curled at the thought of it. His heir born in a hovel held up by magic and willpower. How could his son have allowed such an embarrassment? He understood why Draco had dropped out of contact and why he had been hesitant to tell his father of the pregnancy. After all a child with Harry Potter was not at all what Lucius had planned for his son but surely he would have had the good sense to go to St. Mungo's for the birth. Lucius shook his head there was nothing to be done about it now.

He didn't bother to knock but simply walked into the Burrow. He was surprised to find the bottom floor utterly abandoned but could hear commotion coming from upstairs. Several voices were chattering cheerfully, Lucius followed the noise with Narcissa keeping close behind him. They came to an open doorway and peered in, several people were inside all talking and laughing together. None saw as the Malfoy's entered, their focus was entirely on the center of the room where Harry Potter lay looking exhausted but happy and holding a squirming bundle in his arms.

Lucius cleared his throat. All eyes turned to him and he suddenly found himself staring down at half a dozen wands all aimed directly at his chest. For a moment no one spoke and then softly.

"What are you doing here Lucius?" Harry sounded tired but not angry.

"I assure you Mr. Potter, I mean you nor your child any harm. We have merely come to meet our Grandchild." Lucius tried not to sneer and watched as Harry studied him as if trying to judge his honesty on sight. Finally Harry nodded as one the wands lowered but all eyes still tracked Lucius and Narcissa as they moved to Harry's bedside.

"How did you find out?" Was Harry's next question as he tilted the infant so Lucius could see it, the child had a shock of white hair much like Draco had had. Lucius took in the sleeping infant for a moment before responding.

"I saw it on the wall, surely Draco must have told you that would happen." For the first time Lucius looked around at the people in the room. "Where is my Son?"

Harry looked surprised.

"I don't know, he left before I even found out about the baby. I've tried to contact him but he's never responded. Have you heard from him?" There was concern in the boy's voice now and a fair bit of hurt as well. Lucius mulled this over for a moment before answering.

"No, It has been nearly nine months since I last heard from or saw my son but I know he lives the wall would tell me if had died. That certainly explains the name."

"The name?"

"Yes well, Sirius is a respectable enough choice. Never mind that he was a blood traitor he came from a good family and a strong bloodline. James Potter did as well but the last name must be Malfoy!"

Potter was sputtering

"Blood Traitor! How dare! My godfather. . .Why should the last name be Malfoy? And who do you think you are barging in here telling me what to name my son?"

"Of course he has to be a Malfoy! The Heir to the Malfoy fortune cannot be a Potter! That's madness he has to carry on the line. If you insist I will accept Potter-Malfoy but the child MUST be a Malfoy!"

So far no one else other than Harry had spoken but with Lucius last few words it seemed everyone burst into chatter at once. They all seemed to be saying the same thing.


"To the Malfoy Fortune?"

"Carry on the line?"

Lucius could not distinguish one red headed offspring from the next but could see that they were all flabbergasted by this pronouncement. It was Arthur Weasley who finally silenced the swell with a wave of his hands. He was staring at Lucius intently.

"Do you mean to say Lucius that you intend to recognize this child officially and bindingly as Draco's first born? They are not married and no official oaths have been taken binding them together."

Lucius rolled his eyes.

"The Malfoy's are an old family Arthur as you know. Older than the ideal of children in Marriage which originally was a muggle concept, there is magic binding us so ancient not even I know where it originated. The first male child born is the heir. I have no say in it, neither does Potter. It is magically bound to be so. Only the child's death would change that." Lucius rolled his eyes as he watched Potter clutch the child to his chest as if to protect it.

"I would never harm my own blood Potter. Such a crime would be unforgivable. This child has a magical lineage any wizard would envy. My family goes back further than recorded time and you though your mother was a muggle born are a hero in our world and known to be a vastly powerful wizard. Now may I please hold my grandchild?"

Two days after his son was born Harry was still staying at the Weasley's. It had been decided before Sirius was born that Harry would stay for a week before returning to Grimmauld Place. That way Mrs. Weasley and Ginny could help him get used to having a baby and teach him how to care for it. It also let him get some much needed rest as he recovered from magical pregnancy.

Harry was still in bed with little Sirius in a bassinet next to him. Watching the child sleep he felt a familiar ache in his chest, he missed Draco. Somehow when he discovered the child he had assumed Draco would be home in time for the birth. He had held that hope close to his heart for the entire pregnancy. He had sent dozen's of owls, apologizing, begging and professing his love but never received a response.

Draco had walked in on Harry and Ginny in what Harry knew looked like a pretty compromising situation. Harry had chased after him, had tried to explain but Draco had just apparated away and never came back. They had fought about Ginny before despite Harry insisting there was nothing there. Despite the fact that Harry was obviously gay and hopelessly in love with Draco, jealousy consumed him. Harry had finally decided to tell Ginny they would only be able to see each other at family gatherings. He wanted to end the fighting.

He invited Ginny to tea. Kreacher had tripped and whether accidentally or on purpose and drenched Ginny in scalding tea. Harry had rushed over and helped her remove her dripping blouse. This is when Draco had walked in to find Harry inches from his ex girlfriend removing her shirt. It had been nothing but it destroyed everything. Harry didn't talk to Ginny for nearly two months afterwards. He wanted to show Draco he didn't care about her but Draco wasn't there to show and when Harry learned he was pregnant he chose Ginny as his healer because he knew she could keep it a secret.

A soft cry from Sirius pulled Harry from his reflections. Harry reached over and picked up the little baby. The child was perfect. He had a tiny little face and Harry could already see Malfoy shining through his white blond hair and aristocratic nose. They eyes were all Harry however deep green just like Lily before him. Harry summoned a bottle and began to feed Sirius. He looked up when Lucius entered the room.

"Have you considered what you want to say in your birth announcement?"

"I hadn't thought of making one," Harry replied. He knew the press would be all over his child and he would rather keep him all to himself.

"Nonsense, we will have to put an announcement in every paper on the globe. With His parents, his name and the time and place of the naming Ceremony, that way where ever my son is he will be certain to see it. Draco must appear at the Naming Ceremony. The stain on the Malfoy name would be unforgivable if he did not."

"And what exactly is a Naming Ceremony?" Harry asked not addressing the question of the announcement and ignoring the leap his heart made at the idea that he might see Draco again so soon. Lucius rolled his eyes.

"I keep forgetting Potter that you are really no better than a Muggle Born when it comes to our customs. Perhaps worse as I'll wager Miss. Granger has already researched all the traditional customs whereas you seem to take no interest." Harry shrugged at this and shifted his baby to his shoulder and began patting his back the way Mrs. Weasley had demonstrated to elicit a burp. Lucius sighed.

"A Naming Ceremony officially recognizes your Son as the heir and a member of the Wizarding community. He is magically bound to his parents as well as his godparents. Please tell me you have chosen his godparents?"

Harry nodded slowly.

"Well I was thinking Ron and Hermione."

"I suspected as much. It appears to me that Weasley and Granger will soon become Weasley and Weasley judging by the amount of hand holding and eye gazing. It is traditional to choose one godparent from each side of the family. Perhaps Ms. Granger and someone from a good pureblood family, I have prepared a list." Lucius handed Harry the list. Harry glanced down the list. It held every pureblood family in England even several Harry had never heard of.

"I'll have to think about it."

"Of course, send me an owl when you have decided so I can begin placing notices and planning the ceremony. Also make a list of anyone you would like to attend. I suppose given your circle of friends I can make peace with non purebloods being in attendance" Harry nodded and watched as Lucius swept out of the room.

A moment later Hermione walked in and sat down next to Harry.

"What did he want this time?"

"To ask about a birth announcement, he wants to place them in all the major papers so Draco can return in time for the Naming Ceremony."

Hermione placed her hand on Harry's arm and squeezed gently.

"Do you think he's likely to come?" Harry met her eyes.

"I hope so." Hermione sighed.

"I never understood you and Draco. It seemed to go against everything I knew about you both but, I know you loved him. And I know even though it may not seem like it now he loved you."

Harry nodded, Hermione almost didn't her the whispered "Not Enough".

After the hug Harry placed his now sleeping son back in is bassinet and turned to Hermione. He held out the list.

"He also seems to think I should choose a different godfather for Sirius. He's under the impression that you and Ron will be married soon. Is he right?" Hermione flushed but couldn't keep the smile from her lips.

"I wasn't going to tell you yet. We both thought you needed to focus on Sirius now but," Hermione let out a giggle. "He asked me a few days ago."

Harry grinned and embraced Hermione tightly.

"I'm so happy for you both! But I suppose that means I had better choose a different godfather than."

Hermione nodded and took the list from him.

"How about Neville? He's a pureblood and a war hero besides he's also a good friend." Harry smiled at her.

"That's perfect thanks Hermione. I don't suppose you want to send the owl along to Lucius do you?"

"Of course I will Harry, You get some rest I know Sirius barely slept last night."

The naming Ceremony took place nearly a month after Sirius's birth. It had been agreed to hold it at Hogwarts which was considered neutral ground by Harry and Lucius. Harry had not been inside the school since the final battle four years earlier. It had only been partially repaired but some damage had been left and preserved as a magical memorial to those who had died there. When Harry had come with Sirius to scout the location he had cried but now was time to move on and there would be no tears on Sirius's day.

Harry was awed by the Great Hall. It was decorated in soft blues and green's for the ceremony with dozen's of small tables and chairs just like at the Yule Ball that seemed so long ago now. As Harry scanned the hall his heart jumped when he caught a shock of white blond hair toward the front of the room. A moment later his hopes were dashed when Lucius turned to greet him. There had been no word from Draco. Lucius scowl attested to the fact that he had not arrived as hoped.

If Malfoy's even did anything as undignified as spitting Lucius would have described himself as spitting mad. Draco had not contacted him about the naming Ceremony despite the birthing announcement being first page news throughout wizarding Europe and being placed prominently in every periodical in the Wizarding World.

So Lucius was forced to meet and greet dozens of respectable pure bloods all of whom seemed to ask with an air of superiority where the lucky father was hiding. The embarrassment was painful to think a respectable pureblood missing his first born's Naming Ceremony it was unheard of! Not to mention the whole having a baby with Harry Potter business which in Draco's absence Lucius was forced to acknowledge and try hopelessly to explain.

The lights dimmed and one spotlight focused onto a pavilion in the middle of the Great Hall this was the signal that the ceremony was about to officially start. Lucius would simply have to stand in for Draco. Headmistress McGonagal would be performing the ceremony and she stood smiling down at Harry and the Baby. Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom were already standing in their places smiling nervously. Lucius walked up and took the spot that should have been occupied by his son.

The Headmistress took out her wand and with a quick flick levitated the baby into the middle of the circle. Lucius was glad he had explained the ceremony to Potter beforehand he could see how much Harry was itching to snatch the baby back. McGonagal smiled down at him and spoke.

"We gather here for the naming of a new member of our community. Sirius James Potter-Malfoy is son to Draco Lucius Malfoy and Harry James Potter. Harry James Potter do you acknowledge this child as your own and name him the heir to all you possess upon your death?"

"I do," Harry pointed his wand at the infant and a stripe of gold magic shot out encircling the child. McGonagal smiled and turned to Lucius.

"Lucius Malfoy standing in for your son Draco Lucius Malfoy Do you acknowledge this child as your own and Heir to all you possess upon your son Draco's death?"

"I Do" Lucius shooting a stripe of green to enclose the infant McGonagal now turned to Hermione.

"Hermione Jean Granger do you acknowledge this child as your Godchild and swear to care for and love him in the event of his parent's death?"

"I do" a stripe of purple shot from her wand to join the other two. Finally it was Neville's turn.

"Neville Frank Longbottom do you acknowledge this child as your Godchild and swear to care for and love him in the event of his parent's death?"

"I do" A burst of yellow joined the others and for a moment obscured the infant from view. McGonagal waved her wand and spoke a final time.

"Then Sirius James Potter-Malfoy we welcome you with good wishes and love. You are a wizard" The swirling magic seemed to be absorbed into the infant who let out a small squeal of delight before being floated back into his fathers arms.

Lucius stayed until every guest had left because Harry had left early with the infant. Next to him Narcissa sighed.

"I thought he would be here"

Lucius nodded

"I will begin to make inquiries. He is alive but perhaps in some kind of danger that keeps him from us." Narcissa nodded and stood on tiptoe to kiss her husbands cheek.

"Thank you" and then after a pause "it's very strange his leaving Potter. A wizarding pregnancy can be no accident. It is the sheerest form of will magic they had to have been in love or the child would not exist."

"I know." Lucius replied and he stared hard out into the darkness. Wondering.

Author's note: A mention on the naming Ceremony. The magic represents their own good will or blessings for the baby. The color is based on the witches or wizards particular magical signature.

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