Draco was vomiting again. He was really beginning to think he'd eaten something foul on their honeymoon. They'd been home two days and he seemed to be throwing up constantly. When he finished he turned to see his husband leaning against the doorframe watching him.

"Harry, I think I'm dying! We need to go to St. Mungo's." Draco croaked. Harry nodded but something on his face looked off. He looked amused rather than concerned about his life partners impending death.

"We can go in the morning okay?" Harry said softly handing Draco his toothbrush and vanishing his sick in a bit of wandless magic. It was late and Sirius was already in bed so he supposed that would have to do. Still he scowled at Harry before beginning to brush his teeth.

"If I live that long" But now Harry just smiled his terribly bright too happy for words smile.

"What?" Draco asked after rinsing his mouth and placing his toothbrush back in its cup. Harry just shook his head and moved to kiss him gently.

"You look beautiful and Karma is hilarious sometimes."

"Karma? You think my being sick is Karma? You're such a prat" Draco scowled at Harry feeling remarkably better even though he'd only been sick a few moments ago. He followed Harry back into their room and into their bed. Harry kissed him again.

"Get some sleep. It's important to get lots of rest." Draco raised his eyebrow Harry was clearly losing it.

Draco sat tensely in the St. Mungo's room the Medi Witch had left them in. She'd run her diagnostics then told them to wait while she had a Healer come in. Harry was leaning casually against the wall watching Sirius. The little guy was currently spinning as fast as he could in a circle until losing his balance and falling over. Whenever he fell he would laugh hysterically before standing back up and starting again. Just watching him made Draco feel ill.

Finally a Healer entered the room and smiled at him before could speak Draco demanded.

"What's wrong with me? Is it Scrofungulus? Or Wasting Sickness? Am I dying?" The healer held up her hands as if to stem the torrent of Draco's questions. She was smiling warmly at him. Draco thought she was probably trying to make him feel better but oddly this only made him feel worse.

"Please Mr. Potter-Malfoy calm down. You're going to be just fine. You're not even really sick,"

"What do you mean not sick? I've been throwing up constantly! I'm always exhausted I have aches and pains all over. Of course I'm sick" Draco noticed vaguely that Harry seemed to be fighting laughter next to him. He glared at his husband.

"Mr. Potter-Malfoy You are not sick. You are pregnant." The healer said. Draco's mouth fell open and Harry started to laugh.

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