Chapter 2 – The King's Room

Charlie, Billy, Tancred and Lysander sat together in the king's room doing their homework when all of a sudden Belle came in looking very flustered she looked like she had seen a ghost; turns out she was lost and walked into Ezekiel's room.

"Well Hello there Belle, sit next to me, Zelda and Asa." Said Manfred, Asa and Manfred gave an arrogant, cheeky grin to Charlie and his friends.

"Looks like she is good friends with the enemies don't it Tanc" said Lysander.

"Yeah, but who actually is it" said Tancred in a confused manor.

"She is the…" Lysander started speaking but Charlie interrupted.

"She is the new girl and she is very nice so don't judge her on the people she has mixed with" Charlie said defensively

Charlie was silent for the rest of the time until Manfred whispered to Belle "Want to see want the kings room is like in full blow" whispered Manfred, that's when he winked at Zelda and The Branko Twins.

Things started to fly across the room mad until Tancred got angry, there was a big gust of wind blew into the moderate sized room pushing everyone against the walls.

BOOM BOOM BOOM, the sound of Lysander's ancestors came into the room making it silence; it was like magic the whole room calmed down and everything was moving to its right place and it seemed like nothing had happened.

"Whoa, that was hectic" said Charlie looking stunned.

"I know right, it is a good job my ancestors came to help us" said Lysander.

Manfred had done this to try and impress Belle but it seemed like she was annoyed; Belle ran out of the room as if she had the intention never to come back.

Charlie followed Belle out of the room.

"Are you okay, you seemed quite annoyed in there" said Charlie trying to be as caring a possible.

"Yeah, I am fine it's just hate boys that show off" said Belle

"I Love you" Charlie felt quite embarrassed when he had said this; he didn't mean to say it, it just came out.

Charlie went red and Belle looked shocked nevertheless Belle Said "I Love you too Charlie"

Then they hugged it wasn't the most romantic place, a cold stone passage way outside of a previous hectic room but it felt so right and it was almost like love at first sight…