Chapter One


[AN: The first few chapters are simply setting the scene and the story, so are very short. They will get longer as the story progresses. I'm sorry if the first few chapters are a little badly written, but as I get in to the story they should get better *crosses fingers and grins sheepishly*]

I sat upon the balcony railings of the palace and stared at the black clouds above. "The black clouds of twilight are so fetching today..." I regretted those words. I silently willed the twilit sky above me to turn to night, just as it had in the world of light. I knew it would never happen - Just as I knew I would never see light and darkness separated ever again, only this dull combination of the two that I had once loved. A chill ran through the air, and with a whisper of remorse, I glanced once more at the ground where the portal created by the Mirror of Twilight once was, and stalked back to the throne room.
I am the princess of the Twili, princess of the Twilight Realm. The only ruler to have ever been touched by the Wold of Light since my very ancestors who were banished to this realm. It was there that I had met those who changed my life, and it was there that I cut off the only connection I had with them. I wished I hadn't.
What I'd give to have Link by my side now...

Do not think this ends here...
The last words of Ganondorf had haunted me ever since I had returned. I woke with my heart in my chest as I clutched the covers to myself, as if they would protect me. Utterly exhausted, too tired to even cry for my self-inflicted misery, I dressed myself and forced myself to the throne room once again for my daily duties.
Honestly, I only got out of my bed to finish my work and sit on the balcony once again. It was then that I wondered, 'why do I inflict such distress on myself?' I knew why. I hoped with all my heart that if I regretted it enough, if I was in enough pain, the goddesses may hear my cries and have mercy on me.
I felt like a child. I wanted to be a child - then everyone would tell me it was going to be okay, and fix my mistake. But now, with no mother and no father, there was no one I could show such weakness to. I was utterly alone.

Another day over, with the last Twili out of my throne room, without even a look at my advisor, I stood and made my way to the balcony. He had learnt long ago it was not worth following me. He knew what was wrong, and he knew I would never let it get in the way of my duties, and that was all he cared about.
I longed for Link and Zelda's selfless words. I looked at my hand as I perched on the railings once again. I loved my real body, but if being an imp once again meant I could return to the world of light, I would give up this body once and for all.
Give up this body once and for all... The words echoed around my head as I looked down. As I stared at the ground below, I wondered silently whether if I jumped, if I did indeed give up this body, if I could be granted passage to the world of light? A single tear fell from my eyes and fell into the darkness below, so far below it disappeared. I couldn't jump. I just couldn't. I had my people. I had my duty. That tear reminded me of the Mirror Chamber in the Arbiter's Grounds, and I glanced at the place of the portal once more.

And there, where the portal had once been, I could have sworn I had seen the image of the triforce before I blinked the sight away.