Bad Touch Trio: A Lovegame

Chapter 1: The Golden Trio

Summer had just started and Francis was looking forward to having his friends, Antonio and Gilbert, over to his house. Every summer, birthday, Christmas and New Year, the trio would stop over at one of their houses to celebrate. And this year for the summer was Francis' turn to host. He was hoping that this year would be better than the holiday they had last year, which had involved Gilbert getting drunk, and then jumping into a pool that had been filled with Spanish college leavers. This had left Antonio sending out letters of apology and flowers to the families who had been there.

This year, Francis wouldn't be getting anyone drink. He was hoping to play some Wii or Xbox games, karaoke and have a nice long chat after watching a few films.

As Francis brought a bottle of wine and three long wine glasses into the living room, the doorbell rang. His guests had arrived. He smiled and left the room to answer the door.

When he opened it, his grin vanished. Instead of seeing two already drunk and over enthusiastic nations, he saw two gloomy sober ones. Gilbert had his head hurried into Antonio's shoulder, crying. Antonio had his arms wrapped around the younger nation, patting and rubbing his back.

"Amigo, it'll be fine. You'll see."

"Nein!" Gilbert whimpered.

Antonio sighed and looked at him. "Hey, Franny. Gil, here, is feeling a little down at the moment."

"What's ze matter?"

"Roderich. " Antonio mumbled. "Gilly caught him cheating on him with Elizabeth."

"Que?" Francis exclaimed as the Prussian let out a wail of sobs. "'Ow could she do zis to our Gilbert?"

Antonio shrugged and soon the elder nation let them inside. Antonio then set down Gilbert on the couch and Francis held out a glass of wine and a box of tissues. They then sat down with a glass of wine and sat, hugging the tearstained nation. An hour later, the three nations set and began to watch a rom-com.

Francis' mind began to wander. His plan was now going down the drain, he was hoping for a good night to celebrate but he hadn't counted on that damned Austrian and his lover spoiling the night. But Francis and Antonio would do anything they could to make Gilbert go back to his usual loud self. After a good night's sleep and a well deserved rest and food, Gilbert would be back and the Trio would soon be back in action! But who knows maybe he wouldn't be his usual self maybe he would be sulking over his ex still.

But at least two thirds of the Trio were single. Francis had never dated since he had been dumped by his little ex Canandian, Matthew, as he didn't like Francis flirting with other men and had gone back home, ending their long relationship. Then there was Gilbert's case. But Antonio was still in a relationship with a rather cute Italian boy, Romano. He had met the young Italian through Gilbert's brother, Ludwig's boyfriend, Feliciano. They had all met the three of them on Gilbert's 21st birthday and Antonio had been love struck ever since. Soon, Antonio had bombarded Ludwig and Feliciano for information on him. Not long after, Romano had finally given into Antonio's demands and proposals and the two began to date.

Francis hoped that Antonio's relationship break down wouldn't be as bad as this was. He and the Prussian knew how much of blubber box, the nation was and that was the last thing that Francis wanted for his friend. Francis could remember that when he and Matthew had broken up, he had been in the same situation as Gilbert, but he hadn't sobbed as hard as what Gilbert was doing. His friends had comforted him with glass and a few bottles of the finest French wine and the three of them had fallen asleep on the couch with a blanket over them that Antonio had brought. He was lucky to have Gilbert and Antonio as his friends and allies. They had stuck by each other through thick and thin. Through the good times and the bad. United they stood, together they fell.

Francis' thoughts were soon interrupted by Gilbert's loud snoring. His head was resting against Francis' chest and his legs were sprawled across Antonio's lap. Antonio, however, was busy watching the film. Francis shifted and began to stroke the albino's hair.

"And how's your relationship with Romano?" he asked.

"Good. We're going out on Saturday to that restaurant we went to on our first date."

"Magnifique, mon ami. I'm sure you'll both enjoy it!"

"Me too." He said, with a sigh. "We've been having a few tiffs here and there. But hopefully, Saturday will make us forget about it."

"Let's hope, mon ami."

Antonio seemed to be hesitating as thought wondering if what he was about to say next would offend the Frenchman.

"So..." he started. "How have you been since, Matthew and you finished?"

Francis gulped down the lump in his throat when he heard his ex's name. "Good, actually. I try my best not to zink about it too much. But zere's always something hiding around zis place zat makes me remember."

"I apologize, amigo."

"Don't be. It's sometimes good to remember ze best memories when you are going through misery. It 'elps in a way, you know."

"Si." Said Antonio, before taking the last sip of his wine.

A loud snore made the both of them start. They both smiled fondly at the sleeping Prussian.

"I zink we need to take our little friend here to bed."

Antonio nodded. Francis stopped the film and they both carried Gilbert up the stairs and into Francis' room. They laid him down and tucked him in. Antonio looked at him.

"Do you think we should stay with him, amigo?"

"Oui, he wants to be 'ere tonight wiz us. So, we'll stay with him. He needs ze company."

The Spaniard nodded. They stripped down to their boxes, climbed in with Gilbert and slept like three innocent little angels...