Chapter Eleven: Forgive and Forget

Francis helped a moaning Antonio out of the ambulance and they hurried inside with the hospital with the doctors. Antonio cried out as another contraction hit him. He fumbled about for Francis' hand and squeezed. Hard. Francis winced and thanked god that he was in the hospital if his hand ended up being broken or badly bruised. As soon as they got Antonio safely into a private ward where Antonio could get some privacy whilst giving birth. Francis wanted to stay by his side until the birth and then he wanted to off and find Gilbert, wherever he was staying.

According to Ludwig's story, after Gilbert had left the hotel, he went back to Francis' house and took his clothes from the house and squatted in two empty apartments that were sold and the families weren't going to be settling in until next week and then drunk himself stupid. When Ludwig had gone to Paris to find Gilbert, he found the albino by the Eiffel Tower passed out from alcohol poisoning. He had been in hospital for a week, with the amount of alcohol that was in his system. Antonio had nearly gone into even more hysterics when Francis had told him but calmed himself in the ambulance and hugged Francis, silent tears falling down his cheeks.

Now, Antonio was carefully placed on a bed, panting through the contractions. Francis was massaging his hand which was a little sore. Antonio looked up at him.

"Are you okay, Franny? Didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Not all, mon amour." Francis said, smiling. "Don't worry about it. You just focus on ze contractions."

Antonio nodded and winced as another came through quickly.

After two hours of a long labour, Antonio, lay on the bed with three beautiful babies. Two boys and a girl. The girl had short silver hair like Gilbert's and green eyes with a sprinkle of blue. She looked like a miniature Francis. One of the boys had blonde hair with blue eyes and looked a little like Antonio and Gilbert and the second one had brown hair and slightly red eyes with a little gold in them and looked a lot like their mother. They lay sound sleep in Antonio's arms. Antonio was tired and struggled to keep his eyes open. Two nurses came into the room.

"How are you feeling, Mr. Carriedo?"

"I'm tired, senorita." He mumbled.

"I understand. We'll take the babies to get clean and let you sleep, if that's okay."

"Of course." Said Antonio, carefully handing over the babies to the nurses.

"We'll be back with them later."

"Merci." Said Francis sitting down next to Antonio, who leaned against him, watching the babies being taken for cleaning and a few tests. Francis looked down at his lover. "Are you tired, mon cher?"


"Do you want me to leave you to sleep? Maybe I can find Gilbert and see if he can come down and see ze bébés."

"I suppose. I could really do with a good long sleep." He said, lying back against the large pillow and closed his eyes.

Francis smiled and kissed his lover's forehead. "Well done, mon chou. Sleep well, you deserve it."

Antonio smiled and soon sleep swept over him. Francis smiled and brushed a few stray strands from his forehead and left the room to find Gilbert.

He must have gone around the hospital for an half an hour or less, until he found Gilbert, sitting in a bed, miserably. He looked as though he had been crying. He stared at the ceiling, his bottom lip slightly quivering. Francis leaned against the door way, smirking.

"Bored, mon cher?"

Gilbert turned around and gaped at Francis.

"You look bored to tears...and look like shit."

Gilbert didn't say anything; he fiddled with the bed sheets, whilst looking down. Francis let out a laugh and walked over to Gilbert and saw down beside him. Gilbert looked at him, his bottom lip, quivering again. Francis looked at him, bemused.

"You are such an idiot, mon cher." He said. "Aren't you?"

Gilbert nodded. "Ja. I know."

Francis chuckled. "Oh, mon cher. What were you thinking, drinking yourself to death?"

"I...I had to find a way to get you two of mein head."

"And alcohol poisioning was ze only solution?"

"I didn't get zat far." Gilbert mumbled. "Vhy are you here? West, did send you here, did he? Vhere's Antonio?"

"He went into labour, mon cher. He's given birth to ze most beautiful babies. Two boys and a girl."

"Vhat did you name zem?"

"We haven't named zem yet. I zink we both want all ze papa's to be zere."

Gilbert looked up at Francis. The blonde moved and sat on the bed and hugged Gilbert. Gilbert's arms wrapped around Francis and held him close.

"Oh, Gilbert. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you."

"I shouldn't have accused you." Said Gilbert. "I just vant to get out of zis place und see my kiddies."

Francis smiled. "How long have you got to stay here for?"

"Only a day or two. I hate it here. I prefer your food to zis health garbage!"

A nurse passing by heard him and gave them a scowl and carried on with her work. Gilbert sniggered and drew back from the hug. Francis ran his fingers through his silvery locks.

"Do you zink we could persuade your doctor to let you go out and see your babies?"

"I don't know. I suppose ve could. Vhere's za damn button?" He looked around and found a small pad hanging off the side of his bed and pressed the button. After waiting a minute or two, a female doctor came into the room.

"Ah, Mister Beilschmidt. How are you feeling?"

"Fine, vhen vill I be able to get out of zis bed?"

"In a day or two, sir. And what did you want?"

"Am I able to go down and see my kids?"

"Zey 'ave just been born, madame."

The doctor sighed. "Well, I suppose you could." She turned to look at Francis. "You will keep an eye on him?"

"You 'ave my word. We never let him out ze 'ouse wiz out a leash."

Gilbert scowled at his lover and jumped out of bed, stretching his legs and arms. Francis clasped his hand and they walked out of the room and headed down to the maternity ward where Antonio was resting.

When Gilbert saw the sleeping Spaniard, he began to cry. Not hysterical crying or blubbering, but soft crying.

"Mein Gott, vhy I leave you two all alone?"

"Mon cher..."

"Nein." Gilbert whimpered. He sat down on the bed, beside Antonio and hugged him close. "It was the unawesomest thing I've ever done."

"Gilbert. Please calm down, mon cher." Francis said, walking over to Gilbert sitting down on the other side of the sleeping Spaniard. "You're here now and you're willing to come back with us."

"I let you both down." The albino whimpered.

Antonio shifted in his sleep and opened to his eyes to look at whoever was crying on his shoulder. "Gil? Is that you?"

"Ja, Antonio. I'm here. I'm sorry for being zere vhen you needed me. Us. I'm so sorry."

"It's fine, Gilbert, as long as you're here for our kids."

Gilbert smiled and the trio hugged. They were back together again. They could be a family and help raise the kids. What more could they want?"

Two years later...

"Gilbert, Antonio! Bring ze children! Lunch is ready!"

"Be right down, Franny!" Gilbert called as he struggled to get Marie's t-shirt on. "Marie, vill you stay still?"

"No! Get off me, vati!"

"Marie, if you don't stay still and get your clothes on, you won't get any lunch and you'll freeze and catch cold." Antonio said, sternly.

Marie looked up at her papa and allowed her other vati to place her clothes on. Lukas and Roberto sniggered behind Antonio. Gilbert heard this and looked at them. They stopped when they caught their father's eye.

"Come on, you little brats. Let's go down and eat papa's food."

The kids cheered and hurried out of the room to go downstairs. Gilbert wrapped his arm around Antonio's waist and they followed their kids to the kitchen. They found Francis, holding a huge bowl of bouillabaisse and trying to make his way over to the table, but were slightly difficult when his kids were hopping around at his feet.

"Okay, you zree, sit down and let your papa serve ze food." Francis said, scooting round his kids and trying to be careful with the bouillabaisse dish.

"Kids, vill you sit down or else I'm calling Ivan over?"

The kids squealed and hurried to the table, giving Francis a clear path.

"Merci, mon amour. I'm quite surprised you convinced Ivan was some kind of monster."

"You've met Ivan, right?"

The trio laughed and Francis dished out the stew into the bowls and soon the big family sat down to eat.

Yes, life was quite fair and hardcore when the Bad Touch Trio and Bad Touch next generation were about. Especially during world meetings and G8 meetings. Tormenting Arthur and Roderich, climbing on top of their uncle Ludwig when it was his turn to speak. Marie would sit beside her uncle Matthew to pet Kumajiro. Romano was never pleased to see the kids and he would make sure it was always Feliciano to make it to the meetings, instead of him.

Life was good...

Well, it was awesome!


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mon amour – my love

senorita – miss

bébés – babies

mon chou – my poppet

vati – father