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Cee and brad

Do you know when you're a kid and you get a new toy you have wanted for forever but then it turns out it wasn't what you actually wanted? Well I did, I knew to well what it was like. I'm not talking about a toy; no this is about a boy. This particular boy was Adam McTavish and I had been in love with him forever. And then he became my boyfriend and I became not so in love with him. I loved him but I wasn't in love with him. I felt so bad, Adam was the perfect boyfriend. Oh god what the hell am I going to do I thought only coming with one solution. Going to Suze. I remembered her saying something about going out with Jesse but she should have been back by then. Anyway I couldn't just pace up and down my room all day. I was going to turn crazy. I had to go to Suze so I grabbed my jacket and left.

It didn't take me long to walk to Suze's house I really hoped she was inhHowever that wasn't the case. When I did knock on the door after five minutes of should I, shouldn't Jake or Sleepy as Suze calls him answered the door.

"Hey Cee Cee I'm sorry Suze isn't in at the minute" Jake told me.

"Dam it" I said kicking the flower pot over.

"Wow hold your horses there Cee Cee are you alright? Erm do you want to come in Suze should be back in a minute" Jake said. I nodded and followed him inside the house. No matter what Suze said about Jake he was actually a really nice guy, hot too which was always a bonus.

"What's that geek doing here" asked Brad, he may have been as good looking as his brother but he didn't share his brothers personality. I would rather spend time with a rock and that was putting it nicely.

"Shouldn't you be at geek club right now" Brad said giving be my second insult for the day. Great I've only been here what one minute and the guy has already been horrible to me twice. Any other day I would have just let him stand there and be horrible to me. However that day was not the day. Thankfully Suze had been teaching me to fight for myself and showed me some things I could do if I ever needed to stand up to anyone. That moment felt like that time. I know this wasn't something I usually would do but I felt like a change. Brad had taken his attention away from me to the TV, so he wasn't expecting it when I grabbed his hair and put him in a lock of some sort.

"That's for the first insult and this is for the second" I said pulling his hair again just as Suze and Jesse were entering the house.

"Susannah what on earth is Cee Cee doing to your brother" Jesse gave me a rather puzzled and confused expression whiles Suze just smiled.

"Go Cee Cee. You do that move I taught you perfectly"

"You taught this her why?" Brad asked with an annoyed expression on his face.

"Susannah you really should teach you're friends to be so violent" Jesse said being so very….. Well so very Jesse.

"Suze get her to let me go" Brad said in pain.

"Sorry Brad don't feel like it"

"Suze" at this point Brad was begging something me and Suze found rather amusing.

"Only is you say please" Suze said enjoying my torment of her brother.

"Suze come on" Brad looked desperately at Suze but she didn't do anything.

"Fine. Suze please can you get Cee Cee off me."

"Cee Cee would you please let go of the wimp?" Suze asked so I let go Brad who leapt away from me to the other side of the room.

"So Cee Cee what bring you here I'm guessing it wasn't dope... I mean Brad's polite manners and sparkling personality"

"Actually I was hopping to have a word with you. ALONE" I said glancing at the Brad and Jake who slowly moved into the kitchen reluctantly.

"That means you to Jesse" Suze said to Jesse who looked offended.

"Fine" Jesse said reluctantly and went into the kitchen with the other boys.

"So Cee Cee What the problem" Suze asked falling on to the sofa.

"Well the thing is I don't think I'm in love with Adam. In mean I used to think I was but now we are together I just think of him as a friend. Oh god what do I do?"

"Erm I have no clue. Are you sure you don't think about him like that anymore I mean you were pretty in love with him before" Suze said.

"Err I don't now. I mean I used to love him but now I think I have to break up with him. What do you think?" I asked.

"I think you should tell him" said a voice which was not Suze's unless her voice had gone incredibly deeper in one in minute. Which I guessed was not possible so I turned around to see who it was. It turned out to be Jesse who had emerged out of the kitchen along with Jake and Brad to intrude on my conversation.

"I agree with Jesse you can't stay with him for the sake of it" Jake said. Though Jake had a valid point I was not happy with anyone other than Suze discussing my love life. I was waiting for someone to suggest that we go round and see what the neighbors take on it was.

Even though I wasn't that happy about discussing it with them, I did have to figure it out what I was going to do.

"Do you really think I should" I asked them.

"Yes" Jake and Jesse said at the same time. Mistakenly I looked at Brad to see what he thought about the situation.

"I don't care what you do with your geek love" Brad pleasantly remarked making me think what a sweetie he could be sometimes.

"Well that's that then I guess I'm breaking up with him" I said just as Suze's mum, step Dad and David entered the house.

"Oh your all home. Dinner will be in a minute it won't take long to cook. Are Jesse and Cee Cee staying for Dinner?" Suze's mother asked.

" That would be nice thank you" Jesse said.

"Yes Thanks" I replied getting a dirty look from Brad.

"Oh great the geek is staying for dinner" I heard Brad mutter and I was 100% sure he wasn't talking about Jess.

Two can play at this game I thought whilst trying to think of anything Suze said that I could use against him.

"Screw you" i paused "Oh wait Debbie Mancuso all ready did that" I said loud enough for every one to hear. Everyone laugh expect Andy and Suze's mom who pretended not to hear.

"For the last time I am not sleeping with Debbie Mancuso" Brad said before stomping off.

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