Chapter 2

Well if ur still reading u must be patient because reading through all that singing must have been... Wow lol This chapter may be really long. Brace yourselves.


Me: Hey Mr. Todd, Jack said he needs a shave!

Sweeney: He won't let you own him, will he?

Me: No... But can I-

Sweeney: No. But you can own this fan fiction.

Me: Oh gee thanks... -.-

I follow Jack down the street mumbling to myself. "There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's filled with people who are filled with crap, (remember when i said no swear words?) And the vermin of the world inhabit-" I stop dead. Where did he go?

'Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies'

The sign hangs high above my head as I search. I decide to go in, if just for a moment. Maybe they've seen him.

When I enter the shabby, dark, room I see a woman with dark auburn hair in a black lacy dress cutting up- who knows what.

She looks up and me and gasps, stabbing her knife on the cutting board. "A customer!" she walks over to me.

{Wait! What's your rush? What's your hurry? You gave me such a fight I thought you was a ghost. Half a minute, Can't'cha sit? Sit ya' down! Sit!} She pushes me into the chair and walks back over to her counter again.

{All I meant is that I 'aven't seen a customer for weeks! Did ya' come in for a pie, sir?} She continues, not noticing when I give her a weird look.

{Do forgive me if me 'ead's a li'l vague...} "Wot is 'at?" She squashes a bug crawling across the counter. {But ye'd think we 'ad the plague, from the way the people keep avoiding!} "No ye don't!' She flicks a roach off of a plate.

Now, even I, am a little creped out by her. But I don't leave.

{Heaven knows I try, sir! But there's no one comes in even to in'ale. Right you are so would you like a drop of ale?} She drops an odd looking plate of meat pies off at the table where I am sitting. They smell a little funny.

{Mind you, I can hardly blame them. These are probably the worst pies in London! I know why nobody cares to take 'em, I should know, I make 'em. But good? No! The worst pies in London. Even as polite the worst pies in London! If you doubt it take a bite!}

When I do I find that they are rather disgusting. When she isn't looking I spit it out. She empties out a cup and fills it up again with what looks like ale.

{Is that just disgusting? You'll have to concede it. It's nothing but crusting. Here drink this, you'll need it. The worst pies in London!} She hands me the ale and I take a drink and gargle it then spit in back into the cup, making a weird face at the taste as she heads back to her counter once more grabbing her rolling pin and slams down a piece of dough.

{An' no wonder wid' the price o' meat wot it is, when ya get it. Never thought I'd live to see the day, men 'ould think it was a treat findin' poor animals, wot are dyin' in the street. Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop. Does 'er business but I notice somethin' weird. Lately all 'er neighbor's cats've disappeared!}

So that's what that lady was pulling the cat into the shop for. Now that I think about it she had a butcher's knife in her hand at the time as well.

{'ave to 'and it to 'er, wot I calls enterprise, popping pussies into pies. Wouldn't do in my shop, just the thought's enough to make ya sick. An' I'm tellin' ya them pussy cat's is quick! No denying times is hard, sir, even harder than the worst pies in-}

I stop her right there.

"No means ta interrupt, mam, but I have a question." I say quickly. She just looks at me.

"Yes, sir, what's your question?" she asks not wanting me to leave. "You seen a pirate run near these streets?" She gives a strange look when I ask but only replies with, "Sorry, 'fraid not."

When she turns back to check on her pie I rub my sleeve on my tongue to get the taste out. It doesn't works so I drink some more ale.

"Trust me, dearie, it's gonna take a lot more than ale to wash that taste out. Come with me. We'll get you a nice tumbler of gin, eh?" She leads me into a room that looks like part of what may be her home.

"Isn't this homey now? Cheery wallpaper, cheap to. Here ya go, luv." She hands me a cup. I notice there's a room upstairs. Then the idea hits me.

"You've got a room over the shop? If times is so hard why don't ya rent it out?" I suggest.

"Nah, I'd never do 'at. People say it's haunted." She says looking at me. "Haunted?" I ask.

"Yeh, and who's to say they're wrong? Ya see, years 'go somthin' 'appened up there. Something not so nice." She says, sitting down in the seat next to me.

{There was a barber and his wife. And he was beautiful. A proper artist with a knife. But they transported him for life. And he was Beautiful.} She sings, looking into my eyes, but I avoid her gaze.

"Barker 'is name was. Benjamin Barker." This caught my attention. I glance at her. "What was his crime?" I try to be discreet.

"Foolishness." { He 'ad this wife ya see. Pretty little thing, silly little thing. Had her chance for the moon on a string. Poor thing, Poor thing. There was this pirate ya see. Wanted her like mad. Everyday he'd send her a flower. But did she come down from her tower?} She looks deeper into my eyes and I could swear she saw into my soul.

{Sat up there and sobbed by the hour. Poor fool. Ah, but there was worse yet to come. Poor thing.} She looks away momentarily. She stares out the window.

{A first mate calls on her, all polite. Poor thing. Poor thing. The pirate, he tells her, is all contrite. He blames himself for her awful plight. She must come straight to his house tonight, Poor thing. Poor thing.} She looks up at me.

{Course when she goes there, Poor thing poor thing, they're having a ball with masks, there's no one she knows there, Poor thing poor thing. She wonders, tormented, and drinks. Poor thing! The judge has repented, she thinks. Poor thing! Oh where is Judge Turpin she asks. He was there, alright! Only not so contrite!} Her voice is escalating in volume and I look away from her and through the window into the sky.

{She wasn't no match for such craft, ya see! And everyone thought it so doll, they figured she had to be daft, ya see, so all of 'em stood there and laughed, you see, Poor soul! Poor thing!} She keeps explaining but it's too much.

"NOOOOO!" I roar. She looks at me. "Would no one have mercy on her?" I mumble, my voice hoarse, trying to hold back the tears. "So it is you," she says and I look at her. "Benjamin Barker."

"Where is Lucy? Where is my wife?" I say, in hopes that she'll say she's safe. "She poisoned herself. Arsenic, from the apostle 'round the corner. I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen to me. And he's got your daughter." I freeze; heart sank, but still enough left in me to ask. "He? Jack Sparrow?"

"Adopted her, like his own." She tries to find my gaze, but I avoid hers. "Fifteen years... Sweating in a living nightmare on a false charge... Fifteen years dreaming... I might come home to a wife and child..." I walk to the window peering out at the streets I used to call home.

"Well, can't say the years 'ave been particularly kind to you, Mr. Barker." She says calmly. I turn on my heel and face her. "No, Not Barker. That man is dead. It's Todd now. Sweeney Todd. And he will have his revenge."

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