General POV

Elena woke suddenly, swallowing in a lot of air. She coughed until her lungs started burning. She had woken because of a bad dream, but now, she didn't seem to remember what the dream had been about. Sleepily, she rubbed her eyes with the back of her slender, white hands.

Elena smiled as a thought popped into her head. She was with Stefan, but Stefan was out of town for a few days, hunting. Elena's heart ached at the thought of Stefan. She wanted him with her. She wanted to feel his strong, muscled arms around her, his light caress, and more than anything, his cool lips on hers. But she couldn't be selfish. She had to think of Stefan. She knew it must be hard on him being with her when all he wanted was to suck her dry.

Elena shivered at the picture forming in her head, so she shook it away. I need to get out of bed, put some clothes on and get something to eat, Elena thought, and at that exact moment, her stomach growled, loudly.

She searched her room for her favorite jeans, and noticed something peculiar. Her diary was lying on the floor, open. She looked around, scared of finding someone standing in the shadows, watching her every move. Reflexively, she reached for her neck, relaxing when she touched the cool locket with vervain. It was a new thing – her containing vervain in a locket around her neck – she had come up with, since Stefan's layer of the herb was running out. She'd taken the last few leaves he'd had left, and when she found the old locket of her grandmother's – which had been passed to her mother as well – she'd been quick to fill it with the rest of vervain, and put it in a light, silver chain.

Stefan had been a bit hesitant about the whole vervain-in-a-necklace thing, because he didn't think it would work as well as bathing in the sweet-smelling herb. But he'd come around. Actually, one of the reasons for his sudden departure had been so that he could get some more vervain for Elena, her friends – all the people she wanted to protect from evil, which equalled Damon.

Maybe she was just being paranoid about the whole diary thing. Maybe she'd forgotten to put it back behind the drawer last night. Though, Elena didn't think so. She hardly ever forgot something that involved her diary. Her diary was the only thing in the world Elena never wanted to get in the hands of others. Well, almost. She didn't want Stefan in the hands of others either. He was hers, as she was his. She smiled, and finally got out of bed, fetching her jeans from the chair. She also grabbed a blue t-shirt with a gold peace sign on that matched her lapis lazuli eyes and golden hair.

Elena brushed her golden locks quickly, not very thoroughly, and went down the stairs, only to have the biggest shock of her life.

There was blood everywhere. On the yellow walls and the carpet. And the picture of Elena's mother, father, Margaret and herself, was covered in the red, iron-smelling substance. Elena slowly lifted a trembling hand to her lips, to prevent an ear-piercing scream to escape.

"Margaret?! Judith?!" she called desperately. She ran to the kitchen where she found a blood-smeared knife. She picked it up, her hands shaking violently. Oh, no. Oh, NO, she thought, praying that nothing had happened to little Margaret or aunt Judith.

Elena's thoughts were interrupted when her eyes caught hold of something. There was a reflexion in the knife. It was a reflexion of eyes, looking at her from behind. Elena turned, the knife pointing directly at the intruder, possible murderer.

"Oh, jeez, Elena" said aunt Judith who was holding Margaret in the hand. They both looked shocked and scared. Elena could see tears forming in her little sister's big, blue eyes similar to her own. Elena dropped the knife, and threw an arm around her aunt, relief soaring through her body while she nuzzled Margaret's blonde head with the other.

"Okay, what is going on?" asked aunt Judith suspiciously, as if it was Elena that had been doing something strange or outrageous, or was just plain crazy.

"I-I saw blood" Elena answered, stuttering. "I thought something might had happened to you. Worst case scenario, I thought you were dead" she finished, swallowing.

Aunt Judith's eyes softened as she watched her niece's eyes fill. She put an arm around her, gently caressing Elena's back. "You poor baby" Judith muttered. "Don't you remember that it's Halloween today? Margaret and I were up early to decorate. The blood isn't real. Though it does look a lot like real blood and the scent of it is very iron-y. It's very authentic and it cost a fortune, but Maggie, here, insisted. By the way, how come you're up so early?"

"Bad dream. Wait, its Halloween? But isn't that in, like, a month?" Elena felt confused, and she looked at the clock hanging over the kitchen door. It was only six-thirty am. Her aunt and Margaret must have been up real early.

"Sweetie, we're in October, remember?" For a second, Elena thought her aunt was teasing her, but aunt Judith looked genuinely worried. Though it wore off, when Elena shrugged and smiled reassuringly. How come she didn't remember it being October? "But, you still have to go to school," aunt Judith continued, preoccupied with something else. "Oh and there's a party at the school tonight. It says to wear costumes," she finished.

"So, what was the bad dream about?" asked Meredith as they walked down the hallway, heading for their lockers. The day had started out with PE. They'd had a very hunky-looking substitute teacher – even Elena had to admit that he was hot, and she hung out with the two hottest guys in Fell's Church, and one of them was her boyfriend. Elena had scored four goals in basketball. Later, they'd had Mr. Mathers in math, and now they were about to have their last period for today: History with Mr. Tanner. This was going to be torture. Elena and Meredith shut their lockers closed, having gotten the books they needed.

"Well" Elena said, realizing how long it had taken for her to answer Meredith's question. "I don't know to be honest. Usually, I remember a feeling or a few glimpses of my dreams, but... nothing."

"Then how do you know it was a bad dream, not a good one?" Meredith always asked such difficult questions. She was Elena's own, personal shrink.

"It must have been" Elena said, nearly whispering, speaking more to herself than Meredith. "Why else would I have woken up so suddenly?"

They steered into their classroom, stopped dead. Everyone was sitting by their tables, looking at them as they walked in the door. Had they been waiting for them?

"How courteous of you to join us, miss Sulez, miss Gilbert." He looked at them, his black eyes willing them to sit down. "Please, no hurry, we can wait all day if you want" he exclaimed, voice dripping with sarcasm. Elena grimaced, but found a place to sit, two seats from Matt, and next to Meredith. Elena looked at Meredith, and they exchanged a look that said 'What an ass'.

"So" Mr. Tanner said loudly, practically yelled. "Are we ready to begin, or do you all need five more minutes to finish your little chit-chats?" Mr. Tanner looked at his terrified student, who all stopped talking. You could tell that he wanted someone to say something incredibly stupid, only so that he could make some evil comment and completely humiliate the student. No, wait. Destroy the student. Mr. Tanner was the Devil himself.

"Didn't think so. Anyways," he continued. "You probably all know that it is Halloween tonight, and I am sure that all of you have picked very cool costumes. Superman, perhaps?" Someone at the back of the room said 'Yeah', and everybody laughed, except of course Mr. Tanner, who just gave an evil glare.

"You might as well forget your choice of costume. Save them for next year. Yada, yada, yada. Because all of you," he gestured at them "are going to wear something that is meaningful to history. Something," he raised his voice, and pointed at the superman-boy in the back of the room "that has actually happened. Which of course means no superman, no robot or things within the 21st Century."

Elena sighed. This was only to be expected when you had Mr. Tanner as a history teacher, but couldn't he at least have told them a week or two ago. Now, all Mr. Tanner's students had to find new costumes in less than five hours.

As Elena had predicted, class was torture. But on the bright side, Elena had gotten a brilliant costume-idea. Her mother had had a very old, very beautiful renaissance-dress from one of her ancestors, lying at the ceiling, waiting for someone to wear it. As soon as the bell rang, Elena hurried out the door, forgetting something important, though apparently, not important enough.

Damon's POV

I'd been drinking bourbon all day. I knew it was a poor substitute for blood, but for some reason, I had promised my perfect little brother only to drink from one human a day, and I already had.

My victim had been on her way to school when I'd found her. She'd had blonde hair, nearly the same shade as Hers. But the girl's eyes had been a boring green with a hint of shitty brown, and if I hadn't been so freaking thirsty, it would probably had ruined the whole meal.

The girl's name had been Sabrina. I'd called her Sabrina the Ugly Substitute, and she had looked strangely at me, hurt in away. But who cares? My perfect little brother St. Stefan, that's who. At least he would've, if he'd been here. I smiled evilly to myself, remembering the girl telling me of a Halloween-party that would be going down at her school tonight. The same school Elena goes to...