Title: china doll

Character: Victoire and Bill Weasley.

Notes: This is going to be a freeverse series from the point of view of Victoire, looking at all the different NextGen characters. Some will be happy, some will be sad, and some you won't know what the hell to do with - I hope you enjoy!

You know, Daddy,

I think you passed on a few of your more

vicious genes

onto me, don't you?

(China doll? You wish.)

Just a b.i.t.e, you said;

didn't even h/u/r/t, did it?

What, do you think I'm stupid or something,

father dear?

Don't tell me it didn't h/u/r/t

as if I don't know pain.

I'm vain,


but I'm sure as hell not stupid.


You think I'm just like Mama;

pretty, and perfect,

and empty.

A china doll of the finest detail.

Lovely Fleur, beautiful Fleur,

charming Fleur,

oh, darling Fleur's daughter -

What if I don't want to be?

What if I want to be



I'm not gonna bre/ak

if you touch me;

so reach out,


comfort me,

like I'm not an ornament

that must be m-a-i-n-t-a-i-n-e-d,

kept in a box;

a {china doll} to be admired,

but never played with.


I'm not some freaking pretty

ChInA dOlL

for you to p/a/t/c/h up and |paint over|

I'm not some damn dolly

made of porcelain,

but that doesn't mean

I'm not as



Go on, Daddy,

protect me.

Say nothing'll ever cause me agony;

(lie to my face)

why don't you?

Tell me china dolls are just un/break\able.

Set me up for heartbreak and remember;

it won't be your


I'll fall into, Dad.