Title: hide and seek

Characters: Victoire and Hugo Weasley.

Notes: Gah! This update is so late, it's already died and been reincarnated as a squirrel. Oh well. I sincerely hope you enjoy, and I promise, the next one will be a lot quicker! Thank you!

(Ready or not?)

Hugo; you're simply the baby boy of the family.

Coddled and adored and

"Aww, isn't he sweet?"

He's the boy we played hide and seek with.


But you're planning our deaths, baby doll,

and baby Hugo doesn't know morality

from... insanity.

Death is a new game for you,

and we're just puppets;

toys for you to wind up and watch dance.

You think you're so innocent,

with your baby blue eyes

(that watched innocent people die)

and that adorable smile

(that smirked when they did)

and the fact

that you're a Weasley.

You honestly think we don't know who you are,

but there's a rare few

who got close enough

to see.


Al's the Slytherin prince, love,

and his throne is adjourned with gems and secrets,

so did you think you could trick him?

Lily's the Slytherin princess,

and Veritaserum is just so easy to /slip/

into your morning pumpkin juice.

Lucy's never been stupid,

and Molly?

Do you think she actually missed something?

You've got to be kidding,


I thought you knew us better than that.

James just loves being


and Rosie's your sister.

She may be your girl-next-door,

but she made sure her door was soundproof.

Dominique would die

if she missed out on this gossip,

and Freddie, don't you know he lives to

defy expectations?

Louis' pedestal would be crushed,

Roxanne would be heart-broken,

and me?

Well, Hughie, nothing hides from me forever.

Not even you.


(10, 9, 8, 7, 6...)

You think you've got it all figured out -

the spider hiding at the centre of the web,

twisting and scultping,

turning the world into your own personal fairground.

Well, the merry-go-round's stopped


and guess what, babe?

(5, 4, 3, 2, 1...)

This ghost train stopped

at the wrong end of busted!

One day,

your web's going to snap,

and you'll just be left in the middle

of a world that's crumbling around you.

The candy floss will be sour,

and the ferris wheel will stop at the top,

and drop you.



Do you remember, Hugo,

when we used to be just cousins?

When we were Weasley&Weasley,

not Gryffindor&Hufflepuff,



locked in war we can't escape.

Remember when we danced in the rain,

and sang Christmas carols,

and joked about Aunties and Uncles,

and they're so silly, aren't they,


Remember when we stole icing off of the birthday cake,

and played hide and seek

when no one was watching.

Remember, Hugo?

I do.

- look at me being all sentimental -


You're the Hufflepuff who's just a little bit too cunning

and a little bit too reckless

and more than a little bit...


Helga Hufflepuff said she'd take the r/e/s/t;

but you're the whole lot.

You've got them

twisted 'round your little finger,

while your other fingers are curled around the trigger.

You're a loaded gun, cock it and pull it.

You've got a complex, underground criminal system

that specializes in blowing stuff


You think you're so special, so sly,

but you're hiding,

Hugo dear,

and don't you know the point of hide and seek?

You get found.

(Here I come!)