A/N: My first Makorra (and, incidentally, my first LoK) fic! Asami may be OOC, for which I apologize profusely. I just really like Makorra, and I didn't think this fic would work unless Asami was that prissy rich girl we all thought she was. Also, I apologize if it isn't very good. I haven't written in a while (too long!), so I'm just trying to get back into the groove of it. Pre-episode 7.

Mako had been shopping with Asami - his lovely, gorgeous, supportive girlfriend - several times. Sometimes they went shopping for new practice gear, sometimes to update Asami's ever-growing wardrobe, and sometimes to get Mako and Bolin new clothes (for when they were invited to attend a fancy, high-society event with the Satos). But one thing remained the same for all of their shopping trips…they bought clothes. Clothes were nice, he had to admit, but he was tired of shopping for them.

So when Korra invited him on an excursion to buy Bolin's birthday gift (after all, who knew the Earthbender better than his brother?), Mako was not looking forward to it. Not. At. All. But who was he to deny someone who wanted to give his little brother a near-perfect present. He reluctantly agreed, and started thinking of gifts that would be easy to find, in order to minimize the trip's length.

But when the next morning dawned, and the firebender and waterbender met at the beginning of Republic City's largest marketplace, Mako was surprised to find his teammate gravitating towards the book vendors, rather than the clothing stalls that scattered the lane. He'd known that Korra wasn't exactly your 'average girl' (and not just because she was the Avatar, but also because he'd seen too many of her and Bolin's belching contests), but he'd never taken her for a reader.

He followed her to the little shop, and smiled slightly when he saw her holding a familiar book. "Have you ever read that before?" he asked. She shook her head, and his smile grew a bit bigger. "It's one of my favorites. I've read it at least a half-dozen times."

Korra smiled back in response. "Then I guess I'll have to get it, and we can discuss it when I'm done." Mako nodded, and the two began to scour the rest of the stand, in silent agreement to recommend books to each other. By the time they remembered that they were on a quest for Bolin's birthday present, they had several books apiece.

"Do you think Bolin would like a book?" Korra asked, still searching through the various piles. She heard Mako reply - from who-knows-where -, "Probably." But their search seemed pointless. Korra was almost ready to give up, when she saw a book called Animalia: Past and Present. The cover was green with a picture of a fire ferret. She knew that it'd be perfect, and she dashed towards it.

Just as she was reaching for it, she saw another hand approaching it. Her hand and the other collided, and she jumped back when she felts electricity course through her body. She turned her head, and saw Mako standing next to her, blushing and cradling his hand.

Korra blushed, too, and an awkward silence descended for several seconds before Mako spoke. "Um…this looks perfect, don't you think?"

Yes, you do look perfect. Korra thought as she gazed at her friend, before she clapped her hands over her mouth. What are you thinking, Korra? Mako's dating Asami! Mako gave her an odd look, and she realized that she'd yet to answer his question.

"Y-yeah. I'm sure he'll l-love it." She snatched up the book, added it to the top of her pile, and rushed to pay. Mako shrugged and followed her, carrying his own pile of books.

After paying, the two walked together for a bit, not saying a word, until they reached the point where they would part. Korra was bound for Air Temple Island, and Mako for the Sato residence. They mumbled brief goodbyes, and Korra watched the firebender walk away. I wish he wasn't going back to her. I wish he was staying with me.