I absolutely love this movie! I was inspired! Takes place right before the attack on Ft. Wagner.

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Robert's POV

The salty dusk air licked my face while the sounds of exploding shells fill the back round. Flashes of bright light hover on the edges of my vision. Sea spray leaps up and brushes the tips of my boots. I look out at the blue abyss in front of me. Gulls skim the tops of the crescent waves, screeching in response to the falling shells.

To be a bird! Flying free, with no worries to hold you down. Skating over the water tops, looping through the sky. No wars to fight, or men to lead. No threats from higher officers, no disobedience from the men. No riots over pay, no soldiers to punish. But I'm not a bird.

I am a man. The Colonel of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts. I have a war to fight and men to lead. I received threats from higher officers and had men disobey me. I had a riot over three less dollars and have had to whip my own men. We aren't birds. We are men.

Men that might die for our country. Even though, some of us are black. Like Thomas, who was treated fairly his entire life. Like Tripp, who was a slave. Like Sergeant Major Rawlins, who earned the right to lead. From free to fugitive, we all have chosen to stand and fight. And I have chosen to lead the fight. I can't turn away now.

I dismount my steed and set him free. Maybe he can lead a better life than I. I, who did not know the meaning of life until I led the 54th. It's time. It is time to be a man. As I make my way through the soldiers, I know only one thing. We are all men here. And not all men survive.

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