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Hinata was up in the stands of the basketball game, it was basketball season now. It was the first home game of the season, and everyone was there to support their team. But the members of the football team, and Ino's nerd boyfriend, were there to support their girlfriends and friends.

As Hinata did her dance routine in the stands, she couldn't help but lay eyes on Kiba. Kiba had his eyes stuck on Hinata and her movements. This shocked Hinata because just a few feet away, on either side of her, Sakura and Karin were doing the same routine, and they were much prettier and much better dancers than her.

But still, as Hinata danced, she noticed Kiba's staring more and more. Ever since they got back from their Winter Break trip, of which Shikamaru and Temari finally started their much prolonged relationship, Kiba had been treating her differently. She wasn't sure why, but he wouldn't talk to her very much, and if she asked him a question in Pre Calculus, he'd just shrug it off.

It was such a relief to see the handsome football player in the stands, staring at her. The thought crossed Hinata's mind that maybe he was staring at her because she was way behind the other girls on the dance, but as she looked around, she was completely on beat.

Hinata's heart sank as Kiba talked to Sasuke and they laughed at some kind of shared joke. True, Sasuke had been treated as an anathema for a while because of what he did to Ino, but after he followed down the winding road of redemption, he was eventually accepted into the cheerleader and football player group once more. Even Ino forgave him, although he had wronged her the most. And likewise, Rock Lee, Ino's nerdy boyfriend, forgave him too. The Uchiha boy had proved himself worthy of being a member of their social group once more.

The song ended and the cheerleaders jumped and yelled their school's name, then ran off to cheer on the sidelines with just as much enthusiasm.

"So I saw Kiba staring at you," Tenten wriggled her eyebrows. Hinata brought a hand up to her face and tried to turn away to hide a blush. Tenten just laughed heartily, which caught the attention of the rest of the cheer team.

"Kiba taking a liking to you now?" Karin pried. Hinata looked at the ground but said nothing; she felt her cheeks heating up once more.

"So he does like her!" Sakura declared. She jumped in joy and joined the growing crowd around Hinata.

"Wait, so the rumor's true?" Ino asked. Everyone looked to Ino, who in return looked at everyone like they were missing something.

"There's a rumor going around that Kiba likes Hinata?" Temari piped in. Ino looked to her and gave her the same look that she gave the others.

"What's the rumor Ino?" Hinata quietly asked. She had to try hard to conceal her excitement.

"The rumor is that Kiba has liked Hinata since we got back from the ski trip. But I'm not sure if it's true, Lee and Naruto told me this. Don't get me wrong, I trust Lee, just not Naruto," she shared. Everyone fell silent and most looked to Ino gaping.

Temari clapped her hands together, "Alright, works for me. So how do we get them together?" Temari asked. She was always one to jump the gun and get things moving into action.

"N-No Temari! We're not even sure if the rumor's true!" Hinata urged. Everyone just looked at Hinata in question. Hinata slunk back and decided not to speak again, in fear of giving out any more information.

"Well if Rock Lee told Ino, then it has to be true. Lee doesn't tell lies, he's a good guy," Tenten assured everyone. And to add to that assurance, Ino nodded quickly.

"Let's just not do anything, okay guys? He doesn't really talk to me anymore so I don't want to jump to conclusions if he's trying to break away from me," Hinata ordered everyone. Temari and Karin rolled their eyes, they were the doers of the group, but everyone else nodded sympathetically and let it go.

As they were cheering from the sidelines and getting excited as their school's team scored a basket, Temari seized this opportunity to talk to Karin.

"I'll ask Shikamaru to talk to Kiba," Temari told Karin.

Karin nodded, "But they're not that close. What if Kiba knows about us investigating?" Karin wondered.

"Then maybe we'll actually get something done in record time," Temari smiled slyly. Karin giggled and continued acting excited.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the group of cheerleaders, Sakura was talking to Hinata.

"Do you like him?" Sakura pressed.

Hinata blushed and nodded quickly, which it took all of her confidence to do so because she wasn't used to confessing her feelings for a guy, not to anyone.

"Then what's the hold up? Just call him and ask him on a date," Sakura suggested.

Hinata shook her head rapidly, "No, I can't do that. He's been ignoring me lately, so I'm not going to do anything. And I don't want you do anything either,"

"Fine," Sakura finally gave in. "I'll let this go on for a week, but if you don't do anything about it, I will." She resolved. Hinata looked at her in shock and horror, and prayed, although she wasn't religion, to God for something to happen during the span of this week. It was Saturday that night, so she had until Monday to prepare herself for the possibilites.