It was now Wednesday and it was lunch time at Konoha High School. Of course word had gotten out that Hinata and Sasuke broke up, and most girls whom had a crush on Sasuke were in a rush to try to "console" the boy in hopes of scoring a date with him. This was something that Sakura eagerly took part of, but Karin on the other hand refrained from.

Karin was walking with Hinata to lunch, the latter of the two looked sleep deprived and had bloodshot eyes like she had been crying.

"Don't worry about Sasuke, okay?" Karin told Hinata. Hinata just nodded sadly and stared at her feet, hoping that this would prevent her from seeing Sasuke's face.

"You know what? Come with me in the lunch line, I'll buy my lunch, and you and I can go sit somewhere else where we can't see Sasuke and we won't even be near him," Karin suggested. Hinata just nodded once more, staying silent.

Karin finally sighed, "You want him back don't you?" she looked at Hinata.

Hinata lifted her gaze from her feet to look at Karin, "How did you know?" she asked.

Karin just smiled, "I'd want a guy like that back too if we broke up. I just can't believe that you didn't shove Kiba off once he kissed you, Sasuke wouldn't even had known if you would've done that!" Karin chastised.

"Well, I was in shock. I didn't know what to do," Hinata lied. But secretly, it was because she wanted to feel what Kiba tasted like.

Karin sighed once more, "Well whatever the reason is, you want him back now. And I think that I have just the idea," she smirked.

Hinata looked up at her friend wide eyed, "What idea is that? Do you think it'll work?"

Karin laughed, "Of course it will! I haven't had a party in forever, and my parents are off on some business trip this weekend until Sunday night, so I'll be home alone in my house. I'm thinking I'll have a party this Friday, even though it's short notice. But you know how everyone loves my parties, I'll invite Sasuke and he'll come, probably for the booze, but he'll come. I'll talk to him in History next period," Karin suggested.

Hinata smiled at her friend and then gave her a big hug, "Thanks so much Karin, for everything, I really mean it. You're a great friend!" she gushed.

Karin laughed and they walked through the doors of the lunch room, "I know, I know. What would you do without me?" Hinata was about to say something until she met the cold and sad gaze of Sasuke. Their eyes locked accidently and she stared into his onyx eyes, Sasuke stared at her pale lavender eyes for as long as he could before he averted his gaze and went to sit by Naruto and Kankuro, completely avoiding Kiba.

"Whoa, that was awkward," Karin joked, looking at where Hinata was looking. "Cheer up Hinata, it will all work out in the end," she reassured her. Hinata just nodded and followed Hinata into the lunch line.

The next few days went by lightning fast, but of course, time flies by when you're plotting to get your ex boyfriend back.

Soon Hinata was at Karin's door and it was Friday night, the party sounded like it was in full swing. Karin had advised Hinata to come in later so that Sasuke wouldn't see her with the girls getting ready and freak out and leave. But this was better for Hinata this way, she could spend time thinking of what to say and she could get herself ready.

She had her long amethyst hair in big, loose curls and she wore white skinny jeans, a purple v-neck shirt, and a pair of black ballet flats. She was ready to find Sasuke and tell him everything and how sorry she was, maybe, if she was lucky, he was drunk enough to believe her without questioning anything. Or maybe he would be more honest with her, and admit that he was just as upset about the break up as she was. But whatever the outcome, Hinata had to try.

"Hi Hinata," Karin greeted as she opened the door. Help the door open while Hinata stepped in. "Sasuke is in the dining room," she whispered to Hinata. Hinata nodded and went directly into Karin's living room, which was packed with grinding bodies.

Hinata braved the crowd of people and she squeezed her way past everyone, being very cautious that beer could be spilt on her white jeans and easily ruin her whole outfit—and her chances—for the night. Once Hinata made it out of the crowd and into Karin's cramped dining room, she searched frantically for the blue haired boy that she once dated.

Her head was on a swivel, and when she finally found Sasuke, he was talking to another girl and they were sitting at the dining room table. It was Ami, whom was one of Sasuke's many admirers and had been in elementary school with them.

Seeing Sasuke talk and flirt with the purple haired girl frustrated her, it enraged her so much that she knew that she had to stomp over to Sasuke and demand his attention. And that's what she did, she didn't know what came over her, but she knew that she had to talk to him.

"Um, hi Ami," Hinata started shyly. Ami and Sasuke looked up at her like she didn't belong there, like she was intruding. "I need to borrow Sasuke for just a quick moment, it won't take long I promise. I just have a message for him from his History teacher. She talked to me after school because she thought that you and I were still dating, isn't that funny Sasuke? Well, let's step out on the back porch, I don't want to announce it here," she lied. She felt satisfied with her ability to lie on a whim, and Ami totally bought it.

"Well, grades are important I guess," Ami wriggled in her chair. Sasuke looked up at Hinata and studied her face, before getting up. "Hurry back hottie," she winked. Sasuke smirked in her direction, and Hinata shot the girl a glare. If Hinata wasn't so shy, she would've kicked the girl in her dang face by now.

Sasuke followed Hinata out to the back porch; he was clearly about two or three drinks into his night of drinking and partying because he smelled of beer already. Hinata leaned over the rail, waiting for Sasuke to close the door and come out to where she was. He slowly joined her in leaning on the railing and looking out into Karin's dark backyard.

"My history teacher really didn't ask you to tell me something, did she?" Sasuke asked after a moment of silence. Hinata shook her head.

"I kind of figured that, but it was a good lie. Ami totally fell for it," Sasuke told her. Hinata nodded, trying to rack her mind for the words to say.

"I know what you want to talk to me about," Sasuke informed her. Hinata turned her head to look at him, but he didn't return her gaze, instead he kept staring out at the dark yard. "So until you find the words to say, I'll just stand here,"

Hinata sighed and opened her mouth, "I'm really sorry about Tuesday, Kiba just kissed me and—" Sasuke held up his hand in a gesture for her to be silent.

"I know, Kiba already told me. He liked you, and you said that you didn't like him, and he was so upset that he just finally kissed you. I know, already. But why didn't you try to explain it to me instead of Kiba explaining it to me?" Sasuke gave her a side ways gaze.

"I tried !" Hinata protested. "I tried to call you right after it happened, but you didn't want to pick up. So I figured that you were mad and I was upset so I thought that I'd figure out what to do later, when I was thinking clearly," Hinata rushed. She never thought that she could find the words to say, especially a sentence as perfect as that.

Sasuke shrugged, "Well I was pretty upset," he confessed. Hinata gave him a look as if to say, "see? I told you so!" but Sasuke just ignored it and kept staring at the darkness.

Hinata put her hand on Sasuke's arm and he looked up at her. Her expression grew suddenly very solemn and somber, "I'm really sorry Sasuke. I screwed up didn't I?" she whispered.

Sasuke, as if in reply, didn't say anything, but he just grabbed her shoulders and leaned down and planted a big kiss on her lips. It was exactly the most romantic of make ups, but it was perfect for Sasuke's aloof personality and Hinata's shy demeanor.

Meanwhile, while Sasuke and Hinata began to kiss even more out on the porch and Sasuke lifted Hinata so that she was sitting on the wooden railing of the porch, Kiba looked out and watched them.

He couldn't believe that the girl he ignored at first, then began to grow feelings for, was outside making out with one of his close friends. Kiba felt a hand clasp around his shoulder, and the person who belonged to the hand stepped out beside him.

"Don't worry yourself about it Kiba," Sakura told him. "Come on, let's stop watching this and let's go find some of our friends to talk to," she suggested.

Kiba swallowed and nodded, slowly turning out of Sakura's grasp and following her to where she was leading. But, he allowed himself one last look at the plum haired girl before following.

He pulled his gaze away from the couple and he followed Sakura, all the while staying silent and thinking about how he could give someone as amazing as Hinata up, for an airhead like Sakura. He had been wrong and confused all along.

The End.

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